News On Morrison, DDP, Lawler & More

Vince McMahon felt that the name ‘Johnny Nitro’ was not serious enough now that he was meant to be one of WWE’s main champions. Out of all the new suggestions made by the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Dave Lagana, Jen Hunt and others, Vince decided to go for ‘John Morrison’.

Diamond Dallas Page has reached an undisclosed settlement with Jay-Z over the lawsuit DDP lodged over the use of the ‘Diamond Cutter’ hand signal.

Court Bauer, member of the Smackdown writing team, has been released after clashing with head writer Michael Hayes one time too many.

Jerry Lawler is due to appear in court on the 1st August over the assault charges being pressed by Sal Corrente.

Ronnie Gosset, who worked as a heel manager in the USWA during the ’90s, passed away last night after a lengthy battle with colon cancer.

WWE will be giving away a month of WWE 24/7 during September for anyone who orders a new subscription.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 25 July 2007 (click here for subscription information)

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