Random Reality: Big Brother 8 – Episode 9

We get a recap of the nomination ceremony from Sunday, which I covered as well. Dick runs down why he nominated Kail and Jen, etc. Dick explains to us that they both wanted to get him out of the house. That’s why they are both up for eviction. Kail says if she stays another week you will see another week. Jen says it was an obvious choice for Dick to put her up. Dick then informs Jen that Kail is his target right now. Kail wants Dustin to think of a gameplan to save her this week.

Dick calls Kail and Jen out, despite saying he is not. Kail hopes to change up things in the house. Jen says that everyone hates her, so she could go home easily. Dick tells Jen that he is not playing the game on a personal level. That doesn’t make a lot of sense, but whatever.

Truth or dare time! Zach gets naked and runs to the pool! Yowza! Everyone else steals his towel and then locks him out of the house. They also make fun of him. Three cheers for Zach!

Whoa! Jen’s hair looks completely blonde in the night vision camera. Hmm.. SHe talks with Kail. Kail attempts to tell Jen to not pick Mike, Nick, or Zach to play in the veto competition. Kail tells Jen that they could win and that won’t be good for either one of them. Mike interrupts them and tells Jen and Kail that he would help either of them win the veto. Mike says he is loyal.

Dick then comes in and talks to Kail. He tells her that she is not a very good player of this game. Kail says tha she doesn’t have anybody on her side. Dick doesn’t believe her. Kail then tries to turn things on Jen. She tells Dick that Jen has been going after Daniele, but yet Dick wants to keep her around now. That is true, but Dick can’t trust her he says. She is gone unless she gets the veto says Dick.

Time for the next “America’s Player” question to be revealed. She has to vandalize someone’s stuff. I said he had to steal someone’s stuff on Sunday night, but I was wrong. Mark it down kids. That will be the last time I say that. Anyways, America picks Jen. So Eric goes into her room and squirts mustard all over one of her “Jenth Degree..Jensa Member” t-shirts! HA! Jen also needs to pull up pants. I’m only complaining, because there is giant BLUR there. Jen is not upset. She just thinks it’s juvenile. Jen asks everyone who might have done it. She accuses everyone. Eric tries to make jokes about it to cover himself up. Eric completed the mission nonetheless.

Time to pick players for the veto competition! Dick, Kail, and Jen are in for sure. The others are picked by random draw. The other people who will be competing in the veto competition are Zach, Nick, and Jessica. Kail says she is all alone now. Worst case scenario for her. Eric is the host of this competition. Dick decides to play more mind games with Kail before the competition. Dick then tells Jen that Kail has been trying to throw her out of the house, so she better not try and save Kail. Kail says she didn’t do that, but she lies. Dick doesn’t lie, which I like. He is upfront and honest and it actually works..for now. Dick tells Jen that Kail needs to go home. Dick definitely did what he wanted to do. Kail is shaking. That was funny!

Time for the veto competition! Everyone gets dressed in crazy costumes. Mad Hatter costumes to be exact. It’s Alice in Wonderland. It’s like the “tea cup” scene with the Mad Hatter in that movie. Well that IS the theme of this season. The houseguests have to stand on a stool with a cup on her head. They have to last the longest to win the veto. Kail is out IMMEDIATELY and she is upset! She goes in to cry. Dick is smiling, but the competition continues. Oh good lord! Now the other houseguests come out to make fun of the veto contestants. They are dressed so goofy! Daniele wants her dad to win this. Jessica is the next one out. Nick is the next one off. Zach is out now. Down to Dick and Jen. Kail comes back out to cheer on Jen. Dick yells back at Kail. He then tries to talk Jen in giving up. She won’t do it, though. Despite what Dick says to her AND despite everyone in the house trying to distract Jen and get her to fall. Mike attempts to get Dick to laugh, but he is not doing a very good job. Kail and Mike try everything, but they really do suck at getting Dick to laugh. Dick then tells Mike that if Jen wins, Mike would be put in her place. He knows that he is a target anyways. Mike says he is loyal. Mike says it doesn’t matter to him. It’s just a game. So Dick jumps down and Jen wins the veto by default! Mike says he was trying to prove that he is loyal to everyone in the house and they can trust him. What he really did was put himself up for eviction. Dick is putting him up for sure.

Now Kail is the one crying. Basically she says that whatever happens to her is in God’s hands. It’s not in Dick’s hands. She hopes people will really see who she is and not who Dick says she is. Dick has a shirt on that says “I’m mean, because you’re stupid!” HA! I say that only because there is about to be a big blowup in five seconds. Apparently he doesn’t like people hanging out in his HOH room without him in it. They must be talking about him in his own room. That is just wrong. He yells at Zach about it and now he goes and gets Nick. Actually he is mad that Zach and Jen were up in the room with Nick. Dick thinks that Zach and Jen is in an alliance with Nick and he doesn’t like that.

Time for the blowup. Here is the conversation:

Dick: *****. I’m ***** furious!

Nick: At me!

D: The situation!

N: I kicked them out though!

D: That pisses me off. They’re not going to use my motherf***ing room for scheming.

N: I told you I was going up there. Dustin was there

D: Then Dustin left!

N: And I told them to go

D: I am not going to discuss this in front of ***** Kail

N: 15 minutes of ***** silence! You can look at the ***** tapes!

D: I don’t trust you

N: Don’t trust me? I don’t give a *****! If that compromises me? I don’t care! I’m ***** pissed

D: I’m pissed!

N: I don’t want this ***** idiot to follow me!

D: What the ***** is she up there in my room?

N: I don’t know! She’s following me too!

D: I don’t want all of those people up there. I don’t know what to think

N: I told you flat out I like your daughter. I’m ***** perturbed. I am getting away from people because I want to think. It blows! I am going to be a bad *****. If I have to do be like you. I told you man to man I’m looking out for your daughter.

D: You have to understand. We’re not outside. There is no one I trust 100% including my daughter

N: I don’t give a ***** if I win! I did not come on here to be Boogie guy! I don’t want my parents to have my parents say “you’re a bad kid.” I’ll go on the block next week. I don’t give a *****!

D: This is no threat!

N: I am not taking it as a threat! I have to put up a front [to hang around people I don’t like]. I like your daughter, but she has a boyfriend and I can’t do a thing about it.

In the middle on the conversation, Danielle opens the sliding glass door and tells Dick that she wants to talk to him. Dick tells her he is in the middle of something and will talk to her later. Dick tells Nick that he isn’t leaving the HOH room key out anymore and that Daniele’s game would be easier if he wasn’t there, but Nick doesn’t agree. Daniele comes out again and tries to get Dick to talk to her, but he says he is busy. Danielle throws a little hissy fit and slams the door. Dick is upset at how badly Danielle treats him. Nick told Dick that he isn’t in an alliance with Zach and Jen.

Dick and Daniele finally have that conversation. There is a lot of yelling.

Dick: [You always get defensive when we talk about him] You always see his positive side

Dani: I don’t want to talk about that

Dick: We can’t just talk about what you want to talk about. This relationship with Nick makes our game more complicated

Dani: Okay I won’t hang out with him then!

Dick: I’m not being a dick, I’m just talking to you. I’m not blaming you. I don’t want to fight with you. I know this is hard, I understand this

Dani: You don’t ask. You assume that I like Nick soo much that I trust him so much. You don’t ask me if I saw [what you see] you just tell me. I notice

Dick: You get upset to me! You talk down to me!

Dani: You talk down to me! That’s what upsets me!

Dick: This is what causes big problems in our relationship because we have trouble talking to each other.

Dick: There was a time we were close…how can I approach you. What would make you happy? How can I tell you when I see something going on.

Dani: Everytime you talk to me about Nick, you say ‘you will probably get upset about this’ or ‘you will probably roll your eyes at this’ Don’t talk to me like that!

Dick: How do you want me to approach you?

Dani: If I came up to you…

Dick: I will ask you. I asked you ten times in a row. HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO APPROACH YOU!?!

Dani: You frustrate me so much! You always talk to me like this!

Dani storms out of HOH and Dick goes out into the backyard. By the way, Daniele acted like a complete baby and a brat at the same time during that conversation! Dick then talks to everyone else about Nick. Dick doesn’t trust Nick. Dick thinks Nick is playing Daniele, etc. Could Dick actually put up Nick instead? Probably not, but he may be a target later down the road.

It’s time for the veto meeting. Jen is obviously using the veto on herself. She does give Kail the chance to say why she should use it on her instead. But Kail says she should use it on herself. Jen then tells herself why she should use the veto on herself. That is not shocking to Dick. Dick then replaces Jen with Mike. It’s all part of the game, but you can tell that he wanted to hint at Nick being a target to scare Daniele and Nick. Mike is not shocked that he was picked, though. Dick calls Mike an idiot. Kail thinks it’s horrible that she is up against her friend, Mike. Kail is not giving up yet, though. Nick says that he likes Dick, but he is pissing other people off. He better watch out.

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