Great-ing Gimmicks of the Past: Goldylocks, Contract Collector

Great-ing Gimmicks of the Past: Goldylocks, Contract Collector – TNA, 2004


Goldylocks had had a storied career in TNA. She had begun as a cage dancer who had emerged as Erik Watts’s girlfriend. At the end of January, Goldylocks had broken up with Watts by costing him a loser leaves town match against Don Callis.

As months went by, Goldy became more and more psychotic. She had also begun managing Abyss. Still, she needed a new hobby. After getting a briefcase full of Erik Watts’s money, she’d figured it out.

On the June 9th PPV, Goldy made Erik Watts a challenge – if he could beat Abyss, he got his money back. If he lost, she got his contract.

A week later, Goldy was watching Abyss and Monty Brown team up against America’s Most Wanted. Suddenly Scott Hudson appeared, said she was needed backstage, and pulled her to the back.

After the match (which ended in a DQ for Abyss and Brown after the Naturals attacked AMW), we saw Goldy and Watts in a screaming match backstage. Finally Abyss arrived and attacked Watts with Goldy cheering him on.

Sure enough, two weeks later we had the match. Before the match, Goldy talked about how much Watts loved her, even to the point of stalking her. Goldy finally promised to shred Watts’s contract after he lost so he would never be seen again.

Watts soon got distracted by Goldy and dragged her into the ring. She scratched his eyes to get away which gave Abyss the opening he needed to hit the Black Hole Slam and get the win. After the match, Watts’s wife jumped the guardrail and hit the ring to go after Goldy.

A week later, Goldy was still giddy after her win. She told Scott Hudson that she was going to go out and buy a wrestler. We would soon see the arrival of her Baby Bear, Alex Shelley.

The next PPV saw Alex Shelley and Abyss joining forces to take on Sabu and Sonjay Dutt. The lights went out during the match and Raven continued his mind games with Sabu. After Raven finished, Abyss put Sabu through a table for the win.

The following show saw Goldy bragging about how good it felt to have Shelley’s contract as well. She put up all of her money in a challenge for a wrestler’s contract. D-Ray 3000 wandered in and accepted.

The next week saw Abyss and Shelley taking on Shark Boy and D-Ray as Goldy continued to make it clear that Shelley was her favorite of the team. Shelley and Abyss won to give Goldy two more contracts. After the match, Desire attacked her.

Later in the night Goldy said that she knew Watts’s wife was behind the attack. Sonny Siaki and Desire came in and he said that he would put his contract up against her money.

On August 4th, we saw Goldy and her entourage arriving. Their limo pulled up and D-Ray climbed out to ask Hudson where the Asylum was. Hudson informed D-Ray that they’d arrived. Shark Boy passed a tray of shrimp through the window only for Shelley to climb out and yell at him about how Goldy hated tails on her shrimp. She climbed out and told D-Ray to get her bags. He opened the trunk and Abyss climbed out, causing D-Ray to run away.

That brought us to the Abyss/Siaki match. Siaki was in firm control as he grabbed the briefcase and clocked Abyss with it. Desire then ran in to attack Goldy. That was Shelley’s cue to help her, which distracted Siaki. That gave Abyss the opening he needed to hit the Shock Treatment for the win.

The next week we found Goldy in her own private locker room. Siaki was giving her a foot rub and she was using Shark Boy as a footstool. She told Siaki to get on his knees and rub her feet and he refused. D-Ray then came out of the bathroom complaining after eating prunes earlier. Goldy told him not to do it again or he was fired. Shelley then defeated Ekmo Fatu to win his contract.

A week later Desire promised to bring in a mystery wrestler to face either Shelley or Abyss. Goldy ran in and told Desire that if they defeated her wrestler, then she would own Desire’s contract as well.

Shelley was set to take on Desire’s mystery wrestler on the August 25th PPV. The wrestler was revealed as LA Park. Park defeated Shelley easily and then unmasked to reveal Erik Watts. Watts said that his contract had expired on the 20th, so he was no longer bound to her. He then promised to free all of Goldy’s contract holders with the help of Sonny Siaki.

The next PPV saw Watts and Siaki taking on Abyss and Shelley. Goldy soon neutralized Desire by macing her. However, Watts’s wife took advantage of the referee’s distraction and hit a low blow on Shelley. Siaki quickly pinned him and just like that Shark Boy and D-Ray were free.

The next week Siaki, Watts, and Desire teamed up to take on Abyss, Shelley, and Goldy. Watts’s wife again interjected by hitting the apron to keep Abyss from hurting Desire. Goldy slapped him which caused him to release Desire and hit a backbreaker on her. Desire then covered Goldy for the win.

That was the end of the weekly PPVs, and also the end of the angle.


We’ve seen wrestlers forced into stables before, and it’s worked – most notably in Raven’s Flock back in WCW. The Flock also grabbed wrestlers with less name value in the company and plugged them into something that made people sit up and notice. For example, no one noticed bland Billy Kidman until he was recruited by the Flock and started scratching himself all the time.

Goldy’s group failed and was forgotten for several reasons. First, when wrestlers were inducted into the Flock, they underwent personality and apparel changes. Shark Boy and D-Ray were the same guys they always were with the exception of now having Goldylocks as a manager.

Another failure was with Goldy herself. Raven practically had charisma dripping off of him. Goldy was not as natural on the microphone. Her promos came off stilted (and let’s face it, with Erik Watts on the other side of the fence she didn’t have much to work with) and the entire angle never really took flight.

In the end, the angle was scrapped before Impact became TNA’s only TV broadcast and was forgotten.

Where are they now?

Erik Watts began feuding with Raven after the feud with Goldylocks wrapped up and he left TNA in early 2005. He has since competed on the independent circuit, primarily in the Georgia area.

Goldylocks left TNA soon thereafter and also left the world of wrestling. She has since returned to her primary love – music. Her albums are available from her website –

Abyss remains with TNA today. He has gone on to win the NWA World Heavyweight title from Sting and is currently embroiled in a feud with his former manager James Mitchell.

Alex Shelley is also still with TNA. He has recently begun tagging with Chris Sabin in TNA, bringing the independent tag team the Motor City Machine Guns to a national audience.

D-Ray 3000 left TNA soon thereafter and returned to the indy scene. He has since made scattered appearances for both TNA (as part of the Kevin Nash Open Invitational X-Division Gauntlet Battle Royal) and WWE (as Ethiopian Heavyweight Champion Vito Vatamongo who recently lost to MVP on Smackdown).

Shark Boy remains with TNA today and also competes on the independent scene.

Ekmo Fatu did not return to TNA after Goldy won his contract. Today he is the WWE’s Intercontinental champion Umaga.

Sonny Siaki left TNA at the end of 2005 and signed a developmental deal with the WWE which saw him reassigned to Deep South Wrestling. After Deep South closed, Siaki was moved to Florida Championship Wrestling, where he remains today.

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