In Hindsight: Canadian Idol – July 24 (Results)

Murtz is going to party in the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of dawn, sipping mojitos and eating Cuban sandwiches, so instead of getting his thoughts from downtown T.O., you’re getting… me.

First off, I want to say that I don’t share Murtz’ enthusiasm for Rihanna. A pretty girl, no doubt, but clearly, her singing career is a case of quantity over quality. Vocally, she most resembles Shakira – not very good, yet somehow she can command a song. As for Umbrella being the best song of 2007 – hardly. Her second single, “Shut Up and Drive” is a much better song. Personally, I think that Lily Allen’s “LDN” and Joss Stone’s “Tell Me About It” are better singles released by women in 2007, but they’ve received little to no airplay in North America. That’s just my opinion though, and let’s be honest, my Sirius receiver is generally dialed to Lithium, The Pulse, Shuffle, ESPN Radio or BBC Radio One, so Top 40 music is obviously not always to my liking.

But I digress. Murtz predicted Khalila would be eliminated, with Martha and Dwight joining her, so let’s see if he’s right. By the way, did you see Murtz scribbling away during Ben’s “Comfort Zone” plug?

Anyway, the show starts as usual with Ben, the Judges, and a recap of last night’s festivities.

Now if we can be serious for a moment, the Finalists head out to the Ronald Macdonald House in London, ON to visit the families staying there. This year, Canadian Idol is raising money to build a family retreat on Vancouver Island. And in fact, the proceeds from the group song they’re singing (“I Believe in You” by Amanda Marshall) will go towards this fund.

A Major Food and Beverage Company is sponsoring a “behind the scenes look” at the Idols in the Idol mansion. A sneak peek shows us a “candid” look at the finalists around the kitchen island counter eating Name Brand flavoured gelatin and talking about the Idol Experience. I was hoping to hear a story from Greg starting with “well, when I was here last year…”, but no dice.

OK, to the results:

Martha… Bottom 3

Dwight and Matt… Safe!

Tara… Safe!

Greg, Khalila and Carly Rae… Greg is Safe! Carly Rae is Safe! Khalila… not so much. She’s in the Bottom 3.

That leaves Brian and J.D., and Brian is… in the Bottom 3, meaning that J.D. is Safe!

Bottom 3:
Martha, Khalila and Brian.

Now some questions for the judges.

Ben asks Zack why these three are in the bottom 3, and Zack says that none of the three had the “wow” last night.

Farley is asked who should go home, and he says it should be Martha.

Sass is asked who should feel lucky that they’re not in the bottom three, and she notes that noone should.

Finally, Ben asks Jake what the Top 8 should bring next week, and Jake says “intense emotion” similar to how John Cena said “ruthless aggression” in his WWE debut.

In a rare Adrianna “Costa”-like blunder, Ben announces a commercial break when he’s supposed to send someone back to the couches. But we do get to see Martha sent back, where she cries.

After the break, Martha is still crying, and Khalila is sent home. We get the usual video package, and next week – Canadian Idol goes Unplugged and has Enrique Iglesias (a.k.a. Mr. Anna Kornikova) as a mentor. Khalila sings us out with “Natural Woman”.

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