ROH Video Wire for 7/25/07

Ring of Honor has posted the latest episode of its Video Wire on and, featuring footage from their recent shows in Japan (Tokyo on the 16th of July, Osaka on the 17th).

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This video wire started with some clips from the streets and cities and Japan. ROH wrestlers in coaches, Japanese fans and ROH and NOAH wrestlers at merchandise tables are shown. All this feels really special to a passionate ROH fan, as it truly feels ROH has taken it to the next level in its international exposure.

Next, some awesome wrestling clips are shown from one match in Osaka, that match being Dragon Kid, Ryo Saito and Matt Sydal vs Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino and Delirious. Ring of Honor’s booker, Gabe Sapolsky himself stated this match was on par with the previous 6 man tag matches involving Dragon Gate wrestlers that have taken place in ROH before.

After that, clips are shown from Bryan Danielson vs Go Shiozaki, which took place in Tokyo. They have a few big strike exchanges, with Danielson taking chops, a superkick and a lariat, and Go taking forearm strikes, a backdrop driver and a roaring forearm. The video wire skips to after the match, where Danielson is on the mic, saying that he wants a title shot. He shakes Go’s hand and leaves, high 5ing some Japanese fans on his way out.

Some text comes up on the screen, advertising ROH’s ‘Race to the Top’ tournament this weekend. It is accompanied by some generic ROH video wire music and wrestling clips from recent shows in the background.

The video wire goes into the ‘New at’ section, advertising ROH’s Supercard of Honor 2 show.

Clips from Osaka are shown next. The No Remorse Corps (Davey Richards, Rocky Romero and Roderick Strong) are beating down CIMA, while he is welcoming the fans to the show. Bryan Danielson makes the save for him, but is later outnumbered by the NRC. Naomichi Marufuji comes down making the save for Danielson and CIMA, running off the NRC in the process. Dragon gets on the mic and forms a 3 man alliance with CIMA and ‘Fuji, to fight the NRC later tonight. CIMA and ‘Fuji shake each other’s hands, which is pretty significant, since both are from different promotions in Japan (CIMA for Dragon Gate, ‘Fuji for Pro Wrestling NOAH). Cool highlights are then shown from that match.

After that, highlights are shown from the stiff Takeshi Morishima vs Nigel McGuiness ROH world title match. It cuts to after the match, with Danielson pointing at the belt and saying “This is my belt!” He then slaps Morishima in the face! When he turns around though, he is met with a European uppercut from Nigel McGuiness! He bails, as Nigel (holding the ROH World Title) says to Morishima “This is your belt”. He hands the title to ‘Shima, as the final graphic of the video wire comes on screen, saying “To Be Continued”.