The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Second Season – DVD Review

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Studio: Universal Studios
Release Date: July 17, 2007
Number of Discs: 5
Number of Episodes: 23
Running Time: 1,114 Minutes
MSRP: $39.98


Kenneth Johnson


Lou Ferrigno .The Incredible Hulk
Bill Bixby. Dr. David Bruce Banner
Jack Colvin. Jack McGee

The show:

“Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” An infamous quote that most people know whether they watched the show or not.

I have to admit I was a bit reluctant when taking on this review. I know I enjoyed The Hulk when I was a kid, but how well would it hold up? If it didn’t, then I’d be stuck watching 23 crappy episodes, and that wouldn’t be any fun at all.

Well, as it turns out, the show is pretty bad. However, at the same time it is still very entertaining. Forget that stupid CGI Hulk it’s all about the Bixby/Ferrigno change over. Let me walk you through it: 1) Bixby. 2) Bixby with contact lenses. 3) Ripped shirt revealing green skin. 4) Bixby with contacts and green skin. 5) And finally we have Lou Ferrigno in all his Hulk glory! Not to mention Hulk in his cut offs to make it look like he’s that much taller. That’s where it’s at!

As one watches episodes of this show one thing becomes apparently clear: these shows follow a very specific formula. David Banner arrives in a new town, sometimes in hopes of finding a cure for his problem, or just to make a few bucks before moving on to the next town. No matter where he shows up there is some jerk looking to hurt somebody and Banner and the Hulk end up saving the day. The Hulk change happens twice per episode and while Banner is scared that the ragging Hulk might someday kill someone, the Hulk ends up saving someone’s lives than he hurts. And who can forget that wonderfully sorrowful piano theme that plays at the end of every episode as Banner makes his way to the next city.

The only consistent “villain” in the show is Jack McGee; an investigative reported looking to bring the Hulk down. However, McGee is painted as an honest reported who just wants to get a good story and make sure no one gets hurt. Which is really makes sense. He’s a very sympathetic character who is actually very likable.

The Incredible Hulk is an extremely cheesy, dated show that has a lot of nostalgia value for anyone who grew up watching it. For someone who’s never seen the show I’m not sure how they’d feel about it. No matter what you’re history with the show, it’s fun and entertaining. At the very least it will make you laugh.

Bixby/Ferrigno the original Hulk.


Disc One:


In this gripping two-hour season premiere, David travels to Hawaii, where he meets a beautiful psychiatrist who agrees to take him on as a hypnosis patient—and then as a husband after they fall in love.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk picks up this sleazy 70’s dude by his chest hair and throws him up to the second floor of his apartment. “Far out, man.”

The Antowuk Horror

After getting a glimpse of the Hulk, the citizens of a struggling resort town invent their own replica Hulk as a way of increasing tourist business.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk punches a boulder rolling at him in half and saves a little girls life to boot.


Both David and the Hulk go the distance for a mentally challenged young man who is goaded into driving a defective car in a demolition derby.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk teaches a soda machine not to rip people off then Ricky teaches Hulk how to open a soda can.

Disc Two:

Rainbow’s End

Hoping to tame the Hulk, David works at a racetrack and seeks out a trainer who has successfully used a vitamin formula to calm a troubled horse.

Best Hulk Moment: The more sensitive side of Hulk shines through as he saves a bunch of horses from a burning barn.

A Child In Need

Taking a break from is search for a cure, David finds refuge in the great outdoors when he works as a school gardener and befriends a 10-year-old who is either accident prone or the victim of child abuse.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk gives a child abusing father a taste of his own medicine.

Another Path

In San Francisco, David meets Li Sung, a Chinese philosopher who suggests that controlling the autonomic nervous system may be a way to subdue the Hulk

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk lifts a karate guy up by a bamboo pole and pins him to the ceiling. He then goes on to beat the crap out of a bunch of other karate dudes.

Alice In Disco Land

David takes a job in a disco, where he meets a troubled dancer, Alice, and soon realizes that she is a remnant of his past.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk rescues Alice when she tries to jump off building.

Killer Instinct

It’s not all fun and games for David when he comes an assistant football trainer, because the team’s physician is studying aggressive behavior.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk rushes a football field with troubled football player over his shoulder. Once in the end zone, he bends the goal posts over to keep the other players away.

Disc Three:

Stop The Presses

The ABCs of tabloid reporting spell trouble when a newspaper story on the Hulk includes a photograph that could expose David.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk invokes the episodes title in wonderful Hulk fashion.

Escape From Los Santos

A recently widowed woman and David find themselves on the wrong side of jail bars when they are framed for the murder of her crime-fighting husband.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk pets a deer!


The oilrig on which David is working is set ablaze by a saboteur who soon finds himself face-to-face with the Hulk.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk peels the top off the top of a truck like a tin can then is mesmerized by the car radio while the bad guy gets away.

A Solitary Place

Hoping to avoid the situations that lead to his transformation into the Hulk, David seeks isolation in a remote camping spot, but his tranquil existence is disturbed by the arrival of a beautiful female fugitive.

Best Hulk Moment: Ever the nature lover, Hulk rescues a rabbit from a hunters trap and pets it.

Like A Brother

David finds himself involved in a battle between a drug dealer and the crusading preacher who is determined to stop him.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk destroys the drug dealers pimpin’ ride from the inside out. Then throws the engine at him.

Disc Four:

The Haunted

A young woman returning to her family home-the scene of a childhood tragedy-hires David to help her make the move, and the two realize that history will repeat itself unless they can intervene in time.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk takes his aggressions out on a watermill and manages to save a woman’s life at the same time.

Mystery Man (part 1)

David, who is suffering from amnesia caused by an earlier accident, and his nemesis, Jack McGee, are the only survivors of a violent plane crash, and David struggles to carry the injured man to civilization.

Best Hulk Moment: As McGee relays the Hulks story from his perspective we get a kind of greatest hits of past Hulk moments.

Mystery Man (part 2)

The action hearts up when a forest fire surrounds David and McGee on their quest to find help after the plane crash.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk saves his arch enemy McGee’s life twice!

The Disciple

Returning to Li Sung for guidance, David helps a struggling police officer (Rick Springfield!) to see the blind philosopher’s wisdom.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk runs amuck through Chinatown.

No Escape

The Hulk unwittingly helps a dangerous criminal escape from the authorities, and David works to correct his alter ego’s mistake.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk gets mesmerized by a dry in a Laundromat until the buzzer goes off and he destroys it.

Disc Five:

Kindred Spirits

David joins an archaeological expedition that has uncovered artifacts indicating the existence of a prehistoric Hulk-like creature.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk rescues a young Kim Cattrall from a cave in.

The Confession

Much to his annoyance, McGee is assigned an apprentice reporter to help him pursue the Hulk, and the two head to a medical center where a timid man claims to be the creature’s alter ego.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk terrorizes a bowling alley and tosses one himself obliterating the pins with the ball.

The Quiet Room

After discovering that a doctor is performing operations that allow him to control his patients’ minds, David reports the man and then finds that his own life is in danger.

Best Hulk Moment: Probably the finest Hulk transformation as David has been tied up in a straight jacket and strapped to a bed.

Vendetta Road

A young couple blow up a gas station owned by the oil company they believe is responsible for a family member’s death, and David tries to convince hem to put their faith in the justice system.

Best Hulk Moment: Hulk drink moonshine! Hulk get angry! Hulk fight stupid hicks!

The DVD:

VIDEO: How does it look?
(Presented with a 1.33:1 full screen aspect ratio)

The quality of the show varies not only from episode to episode but from shot to shot. They use a lot of stock footage and all that is very grainy and doesn’t match very well.

AUDIO: How does it sound?
(Dolby Stereo)

The sound in this show is pretty good for an 80’s show. At times the dialog can be a little muddy, although mostly it’s nice and clear. The dialog is oft times poorly dubbed, especially when it comes to the Hulks growls.


Audio Commentary: Producer Kenneth Johnson talks about the season premier. This is a pretty run of the mill commentary. Not totally boring but not all that interesting either. Kenneth does know what he’s talking about, which is a plus. This is only for the hardest of the core fans.

Intro by Kenneth Johnson: The creator of this show talks about it’s initial conception and how he wanted to take it as far away from the comic as possible. He even tried to make the Hulk red since red is the color of anger. What is he, green with envy? This is pretty interesting stuff if you like the show.

Bonus Episode: Included on the last disc is one episode from season three “Homecoming” Which will become completely moot once the third season is released.

The DVD Lounge’s Ratings for The Incredible Hulk: Season 2
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The Inside Pulse
The Hulk is a ridiculously campy cheesy show with high entertainment value if it’s your thing. The special features, sadly, are very weak. If you like the show or are curious I highly recommend renting a disc or two. Disc 3 is particularly entertaining.