[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feeds Recap – Day 21 (7/25/07)

BB wakes up all the houseguests at 9 am with a half hour wakeup call. When they come back, everyone was going about their morning activities before an outside lockdown was called. Dustin, Amber, Daniele and Jameka played volleyball for a bit and everyone else watched. Amber began calling Dick a psychopath and complaining about him to Jameka. Jameka mmhmm-ed her way through the conversation.

Dustin and Kail talked on the couches outside and it seemed as though Dustin would vote to keep Kail. But a bit later, Mike asks if he can talk to Dustin today. Zach confesses to Dustin that he wants to win HOH this week and to start playing the game. He notices that some of the chess pieces are missing and both he and Dustin think it is part of a future competition, however Eric hid them in HOH last night as a prank.

Dustin tells Daniele that he wants to be honest with Zach because its so early in the game but Daniele tells him to act like he is on the fence “Just don’t confirm nor deny anything” because everyone is sketched out by Zach.

Mike tells Dustin that it is hard to campaign against Kail because of their alliance, but he played up his values and loyalties to try and get Dustin to keep him. Mike explained that he would use a point system depending on what people do around the house to decide who gets put on the block if he were HOH. Dustin told him that he doesn’t know how he is voting. Conversation ended with a friendly handshake and Dustin promptly went and told Nick about the conversation. Nick said that Mike hasn’t played the game because he has been mute and makes it clear he is voting to evict Mike. Dustin and Nick continued to talk about who people would put up on the block if they won HOH.

Jen plans on voting with the house for evictions when Kail asks her. Kail then tells Jen that Dick thinks that the mustarding event was done by Jen for more attention.

Mike goes hunting for votes again. This time to Eric who he tells that he doesn’t want to campaign against Kail, but that he wants to stay and repeats what he had said to Dustin earlier.

Dick starts taking pictures with the HOH camera. Amber gets upset that Dick wouldn’t let her take pictures and starts off on him about his relationship with Daniele. He puts her in her place saying that Amber has known Daniele for 2 weeks, he has had 22 years and tells her to quit calling him out in front of people.

Kail began to work her magic on Eric without realizing that America has decided his vote to evict Kail. Mike began to work on Daniele. Both Kail and Mike seem to be repeating themselves to everyone. In order to screw over Dick, Amber discussed voting Kail out. Zach told Nick that Kail will nominate Daniele and Nick, so Nick should vote her out. Zach later told Mike that he is definitely voting to evict Kail. Nick decided to wait to see how the group votes. Kail told Eric that she only likes Amber, Dustin, Eric and Jameka now, because Jen has starting to act differently to her.

Eric made a sales pitch in HOH to Dick, Dustin, and Jameka about voting Kail out (part of AC). Dick disagreed, but Jameka swayed back and forth, first agreeing with Eric and then saying they aren’t sure where Mike stands but they do with Kail. Eric mentioned that Nick is still a threat and Jameka told the group that Nick had a few temper tantrums. Eric told the group that both Mike and Kail said that the rift between Nick and Zach is fake. Everyone in HOH plotted to get rid of Nick or Zach next week. Dustin wants to put up Kail and Nick and backdoor Zach and to continue using Kail as a pawn. Amber and Daniele joined the group in HOH and Amber said she wants Mike out because he is secretive and sneaky. After all the discussion, no complete consensus was made. Eric then filled Jessica in on the discussion.

Everyone sat down for a nice “family” dinner. Afterwards, Nick and Zach went outside to play tether ball and Nick said that people are rubbing him the wrong way today. Amber was upset with Dick because Dick said that he would put his dog down before spending over $10K on it and offended Amber. She continued to complain to anyone who will listen- mostly Jameka and Dustin.

**After Midnight**
Amber dyed Dicks hair. They say that Nick is obsessed with Daniele and he is now freaking out about it.

Jessica told Kail straight up that she is voting for Mike to stay. Kail offended Dick saying that Daniele must be a liar because Dick is a liar, and that Dicks son must be a cheater. Dick got upset because “as a parent, she should know that you don’t bring your children into it.”

Dick, Amber, Eric, Jessica, Jameka and Dustin went to HOH to discuss who to vote out. They all seemed to agree on Mike being evicted. They then went on to discuss how weird Nick was acting. They think he is still in an alliance with Zach and Jen. Jameka thinks Jen will have to be backdoored.

Eric and Dick were the only two left in HOH around 5 am and said that Dustin is trying to save face with Kail. They could see Dustin and Amber going to Kails side when she stays. Dick boasted that he got information out of the Mrs. Robinson alliance that no one else did. Eric joined in saying he gets information from people too. They seemed to be tooting their own horns about their gameplay. Once their heads got sufficiently large, Eric headed to bed and Dick began washing dishes before going to bed.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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