MTV Mix – Volume 45

I was out of town last weekend, so this week you get another infamous “double-stuffed” edition of the “MTV Mix”. Once again we have a very limited schedule for the next few weeks. But last week there was the debut of a new show. Add that to the two other shows that I cover here for now and that brings the total to three. That’s not a lot, but you do get two episodes of each this week. So that should be enough to hold you over for another week. Look for the return of The Real World: Sydney and The Hills to spark things up around here in the next few weeks and stay tuned for some extra special “features” and “surprises” exclusively for you, my “loyal” readers and fellow MTV junkies. For now, on with the show…



Making the Band 4

Last week, the new guys and the old guys try to mingle inside the house, but the old guys don’t seem willing to help the new guys out. Why can’t we all get along? Before that, though, Robert breaks up with his girlfriend, June. Basically, she was stressing him out too much and he says if he has to break up with her to stay focused on the competition, then he will. So he does and that’s that. It was pretty funny to see him hang up on her.

Diddy wants everyone to get along now. They are forced into groups together. They have to sing some songs and harmonize. Group 1 is Eric, DeAngelo, Andrae, and Brian A. Brian A. likes their chances. Group 2 is Jeremy, Qwanell, Brian H., and Julius. Group 3 is Donnie, Jonathan, Willie, and Curtiss. Curtiss can’t believe they are bonding. Group 4 is Carlos, Armando, Devin, and Michael. Group 5 is Dyshon, Robert, Jeremic, and Dan. Dyshon doesn’t like his group as he thinks they are all very different. He thinks Robert is negative and distracting. All goes back to that girlfriend that he just broke up with. Jeremic is not pleased with Robert either.

Michael is supposed to lose some weight according to Diddy. He ate three grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast. He says he has motivation, but all we see is him laying around and doing very little. Michael Bivins calls the house and tells Brian A. that he wants everyone in the house to run 5 miles. He wants to make sure Michael wants to make it to the end. A lot of the other guys are not happy either. Everyone must finish. They start running and some guys are tired a half a mile into the run. Robert says that this is not Road Rules. Why they have to run so much? Michael keeps falling behind. Everyone slows down to help him through it. They finish the run together with Michael even sprinting across the finish line. They feel reunited now.

Back to practice singing in their groups. All the groups seem like a happy unit now. That is except for Robert’s group. He keeps getting phone calls from June. His girlfriend apologizes for acting retarded, but she is now hurting him by holding up his group. His team members are pissed. Robert and Dyshon continue to fight in their group. Jeremic is now really pissed off, so he goes and calls his fiancee, Rikki, to bring him back down to earth and remain focus. He complains about being put in a group with “two of the biggest idiots in the house.”

Funny moment occurs when everyone all goes out to eat and everyone is getting pancakes, sausage, french toast, eggs, etc. while Michael has to get nothing but grilled chicken. After that, the guys have to go back and sing what they have so far in front of Michael Bivins. As expected, group 5 sucked with Robert, Dyshon, Jeremic, and Dan. They get yelled at for not rehearsing enough.

The guys go back to check their weight. Dan is losing weight, and surprise Michael has lost 11 pounds as well. Their trainer is shocked that he lost that much. Group 5 seems to be working together now. It’s time for Diddy to be the judge of that, though. He reminds them that everything they do from now is a group thing. It’s not how well they do individually. It’s all about how they fit into a group. All the groups perform well in front of Diddy, even group 5. Diddy says he can’t eliminate anybody based on those performances tonight.

They guys are excited about that. They want to celebrate so about five guys decide to REALLY screw up and go to a strip club into the wee hours of the morning. The other guys are not happy about that. Diddy amd Harve Pierre, President of Bad Boy Records, now come in to decide who to eliminate this week. Diddy decides to let 6 guys help him make the decision. He picks Robert, Willie, Donnie, Dyshon, DeAngelo, and Dan to help him decide who gets eliminated. He thinks they have been the most consistent singers. No one likes that decision, but they do what they must do.

The final verdict is in. Two people will be going home thanks to the other guys. Jeremic and Devin are eliminated! They are both new guys, so they think that’s why they were eliminated. Dan explains that they went to the strip club and didn’t stay focused. That’s why they are going home.

The rest of the new guys confront the old guys about their decision. Now the house seems divided again, which doesn’t make a lot of sense since there are only a handful of new guys left. But the heat is on as people are going home!

This week, Diddy turns up the competiton. First, he makes everyone play basketball against each other. The first one to two points wins each round. Curtiss vs. Dan is a surprise. Dan wins! Andrae beats Brian H. in another easy one. Brian says he can’t play basketball. Willie beats Robert in a close one. The losing three then have to run until the the remaining games are finished! Michael beats Eric next. Qwanell and Jonathan embarrass themselves as neither one can play basketball. HA! This is sad really. Qwanell finally wins. Jonathan is not really running, though. Look out for Diddy!

That whole thing was about endurance. If you can’t run, you can sing and dance with Diddy for a hour or more. Qwanell has a crush on Laurie Ann. When the guys get there to practice dancing, they find a boxing ring instead. They now have to fight their basketball opponents in the ring. Curtiss beats the pulp out of Dan this time. Armando is worried about his face as he battles Carlos. Donnie gets the snot beaten out of him by Jeremy. Donnie’s mom is now going to beat up Jeremy. Brian A. and Julius is a close one. Jonathan can’t box either.
Michael is a heavyweight in every sense of the word. Eric feels the pain. Willie has boxing experience, which Robert doesn’t like at all. He’s basically a punching bag. Qwanell apparently forgets what Jonathan told him to do. Jonathan wanted to take it slow, but Qwanell goes crazy on Jonathan. Qwanell actually makes Jonathan’s nose bloody. Jonathan gets a wakeup call. Apparently he wants to go home now.

Time for everyone to sing in front of Diddy again. Everyone did great before, but only Dan does that great right now. Apparently Laurie Ann likes Dan a little too much for Diddy’s liking. Diddy tells her to “not get beside herself” or something like that. This leads to Laurie Ann walking on the performances after Diddy tells her to leave.

Then something strange happens. Jonathan is dancing with the other guys with Laurie Ann. Jonathan then decides to just quit right there. He says he can’t do this. This derails the rest of the guys for a second. They are in shock, but Laurie Ann tells them “one guy don’t stop no show” or something like that. Laurie Ann is seriously disappointed in their performances now. Dan says the routine is too hard for them, though. Julius apparently tries too hard to impress Laurie Ann. He has to go to the hospital. He sprained a ligament in his knee.

Diddy comes in to watch the guys dance now. He doesn’t like what he sees so far. The first 8 guys can’t dance according to Diddy. Dan and Eric seem to be the only ones that can “maybe dance”. Donnie says “really?” when Diddy says he can’t dance. Dan says that spells trouble. Donnie tries to defend himself, but it’s time to move on. Four more down in the “can’t dance” group. Time for Diddy and Laurie Ann to argue about their dancing. Diddy says he can’t make a cut on guys who only had one day to learn a routine. Diddy plays the “power card”. This is his show and he told Laurie Ann to do one thing and she didn’t do it apparently. Big blow up time. Diddy tells her to leave and she says gladly. WOW, this is like kids watching their parents fight. Everyone is in shock.

Time for the aftermath now. Diddy tells us that Laurie Ann was a positive aspect on the show, but he didn’t like the way she handled things there. But all entertainers are crazy. Apparently she has quit the show! She is no longer the choreographer. No hard feelings, though. Diddy informs the guys that Laurie Ann is not their teacher anymore and none of them can dance. Diddy bases this cut decision on everything that happened during this episode. Diddy says that Qwanell has grown a lot and he has potential to make the bad. Michael needs to lose some more weight, but he is in for now. Curtiss has a great voice, but he is the first one cut from the hous. Andrae is the next one to go. Jeremy was almost gone, but he stays another week. Dyshon, Willie, and Robert are safe as well. Eric is gone too. He is better off as a solo artist according to Diddy. DeAngelo, Brian H., and Brian A. are safe as well. Carlos needs to work on his range, but he is in. Armando is gone as well. Diddy talks to Donnie, but he is still in the house. Dan is the surprise cut this week! He works hard, but it’s not good enough. Julius is hurt, but he is still in the house for now. So all in all Curtiss, Andrae, Armando, Dan, Eric, and Jonathan all go home this week. We are down to 12!


Room 401

Last week, there was a start of another new show on MTV. This is an interesting one. Some people were calling this show a “horror” show before it aired. I would say that horror is not exactly the word to use here. This show is creepy, but it’s not really that scary to watc. No doubt the people in this show may be scared out of their mind, but we know what it’s all about so this show can’t be that scary to the audience.

Here is the basic premise to the show. They find regular people and decide to let some illusionists perform their “magic” on these people, who have no idea what they are actually seeing. They do some really freaky stuff in front of the victims, who freak out, of course. The audience at home knows it’s not real, but it certainly looks completely real. No CGI effects here, just some great illusionists performing illusions.

The first episode featured a guy eating at a sushi place. He is eating crabs in front of some women. Soon REAL crabs actually jump out of his chest. That was pretty freaky. The next “scare” was pretty funny. This guy sticks his hand through some glass, without breaking it, of a game machine to grab a toy for a girl that wanted it. That freaked out her boyfriend, especially when the toy turned into a real rat. The third scare is just okay. Basically, a guy creates a “ghost” of himself and rises above his own body as another guy looks on. The last scare had a guy “deep frying” his hand and having it become deform. Only moments later it is back to normal, though.

I would call this show a cross between Punk’d and Criss Angel: Mindfreak. This show is actually funny in some parts. That’s the Punk’d element to the show. It shouldn’t shock you that Ashton Kutcher is the executive producer of this show too. Although, there is no big reveal that is was all a shock. The people on the show are left thinking that what they saw was real.

I really don’t know how much I can recap about this show. It’s another one of those MTV shows that fall into the category of “you have to see it to believe it” or “you have to see it to appreciate it.” This fits in well with the show that follows it on Tuesday nights now, Scarred. I won’t be covering that show, though, as really the video tells the story. No words can do it justice. I think the same thing will apply to this show, Room 401. But I will give it a go for awhile. At least until some more shows start debuting.

This week, we had some more interesting illusions. Here is a quick rundown on them. First, a guy got sawed in half. That almost seems too fake, but too real at the same time. Next, there is a talking head in a jar. Not that scary really. The next one has a creepy guy flying up in the air. This was probably the best one. The last one has a guy take his head off his body literally on a bus. Okay, that was the best one so far. Creepy!


Wild N’ Out

Last week’s guest was Swiss Beatz. He’s a rapper. He also leads the black team, which consists of Taran Killam, Corey Holcomb, Mikey Day, Spanky Hayes, and Rasika Mathur. The red team is Nick Cannon along with Affion Crockett, Brandon T. Jackson, Shawty, Biz Markie, and Leonard Robinson.

The first round is called “So Fly”. Team members will explain to us why their team captains are “so fly” or basically better than the other captain. Pretty even, but I give the edge to the red team with the winner being Affion Crockett

The second round is called “What Had Happened Was”. Team members are given a sticky situation regarding a celebrity. They have to come up with excuses to get that celebrity out of trouble. Another close one, but once again I have to go with the red team again and the winner is Affion Crockett again. Mikey Day almost won it for the black team, but it wasn’t enough.

The third round is called “Remix”. This is one of my favorites. Teams take a classic nursery rhyme and have to “remix” them into a rap. I have no clue what the red team’s nursery rhyme is. Something called “Camptown Races”. They don’t either until they hear the song. The black team get “Jack Be Nimble”. They go first and break out into a Beastie Boys rap. Not too bad really. This was alright, but I think I have to give it to the black team this round. The winner is probably the combo of Mikey Day and Taran Killam. It should be noted that I have gone the complete opposite as far as winners go than what DJ D-Wrek has done.

The final round is “WildStyle”. Both teams freestyle rap against each other as you should know by now. I really have to give this round to the red team and Biz Markie as the winner. So this show goes to the Red Team! The MVP goes to Affion Crockett. He was solid as usual.

This week’s guest is Young Buck. He is a rapper and a member of G-Unit. He also leads the black team, which consists of Spanky Hayes, Mikey Day, Leonard Robinson, Taran Killam, and Kevin Hart. Kevin is a newbie, but he is A LOT funnier than Shawty! The red team is Nick Cannon along with Affion Crockett, Deray Davis, Shawty, Corey Holcomb, and Randall Park.

The first round is called “So Fly”. We just saw this one last week. Once again team members will explain to us why their team captains are “so fly”. This was pretty weak to begin with. I have to give the win to Randall Park in a surprise as he and Affion come through for the red team over Mikey Day. Kevin Hart didn’t fare too well this round.

The second round is called “Home Jeeves”. Team members have to pretend to be celebrities in the back of a limo. Team captains have to figure out who the celebrities are. I have to call this round a tie. Both Deray Davis and Kevin Hart pulled out the best performances here.

The third round is called “Remix”. Did they just copy the last episode? They have to “remix” some nursery rhymes. Black team gets “Rock-A-Bye Baby”. That was pretty good. The red team gets “When the Saints Come Marching In”. This version is when the “haters” come marching in. I will give it to the black team and the winner is Young Buck.

The final round is “WildStyle”. Both teams freestyle rap against each other as you should know by now. This was really tight, Mikey Day almost saved it for the black team, but he can’t win alone. So I really have to give this round to the red team and Nick Cannon as the winner. Randall Park once again surprised and stepped up with Affion. So this show goes to the Red Team! The MVP of the show goes to a very solid Randall Park!

And that ends the 45th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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