Misc News Update

Jim Ross has his latest blog entry up here, discussing, amongst other things, Magnum T.A., Sting going to WWE, Edge’s medical bills and the WWE’s tour schedule.

TNA’s website confirms that, as we mentioned last week, Bound For Glory 2007 will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. The show will be at the Gwinnett Civic Centre on the 14th October.

Check out the trailer for Dark Rising, a cheesy horror flick starring Christian Cage:

According to his blog, Eric Bischoff’s next ambition in life is to become an astronaut.

Teddy Hart, Nattie Neidhart and Harry Smith have all started wearing matching ring gear in OVW, as WWE begins the build to the New Hart Foundation. What, no New High Energy? For shame. Give Lashley some baggy neon shellsuit bottoms and a parrot and he’d be grand.

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