Captains Log: Big Brother 8 – Episode 10

A recap of what has been going on is rundown and Kail and Mike tried to do nothing but help each other during the Power Of Veto competition to get Jen off the block, but it backfired. Dick saw right through their little plan and decided to make things even harder on Kail by putting her up against the only person left in the house who seems to be her ally, Mike.

Up For Eviction
Kail and Mike


Kail and Mike are completely bummed to be up against one another, but Zach doesn’t have a problem with it since he says his vote is to take Kail out. Dick shows remorse to Mike and says he feels bad about the whole thing right, OK!

Nick and Dick are talking in the HOH room and Nick is being a little too cooperative lately. Ever since he told Daniele about the Mrs. Robinson alliance, he has just been up her and Dick’s ass as if he is already a part of the family. Nick keeps trying to convince ED that he really likes his daughter and will do whatever they want him to do and they want Mike out. So do Jameka and Dustin.

Jen is playing Mike and Kail, although I think her vote is swinging more to get Mike gone. She is not happy she didn’t know about the alliance yet it seemed like she was on the inside with them. She may not be nearly as dumb as everyone thinks she is. Ok, she probably really is but she isn’t showing it in her Jenth Degree tank top. Oy! And Nick campaigns his “I’m with Daniele and Dick, let’s vote out Mike” thing with everyone else.

America’s Player Eric heads to the Diary Room and finds out whom everyone in the country wants him to take out and it is TA-DA Kail. Wow, honestly didn’t see that one coming. He is now trying to convince the house to take her out, not happening. Although Evil Dick begins coming to Eric’s defense and also saying how Kail has her connections and will campaign to get anyone out. Interesting.

The houseguests are dressed up and hanging out waiting for the vote as we see replay from earlier in the week of Zach streaking through the backyard into the pool. Jameka likes the personalities that CBS has put into the house cheap plug.

And it is time to meet Kris who happens to be Daniele’s boyfriend back home. He is very confident that their two years together mean a lot to them and everything Daniele is doing with Nick is simply strategy. “Sure some things hurt, but it’s all about trust,” he says as clips of Daniele and Nick making out in bed are shown. Sounds gross when they let you hear the slurping noises. Dick chimes in on the subject to Julie and is happy things with his daughter are going well even to the point where he got his first hug in two years. But he still doesn’t trust Nick (who looks a five year old in a mariachi band).

Jen’s stupidity is put on the spot again and once more it seems she is not nearly as dumb as she appears to be. Her mom says she made a bad first impression, but her friend encouraged her to act dumb. It’s working.

Mike’s “save me” speech is about morals, spirituality, and runs too damn long. Kail’s is all about friendship and the special bonds she has made in the house. Both of them sounded incredibly stupid, but by a vote of 7 2, the next person evicted is:


Mike gets his goodbye messages and there are quite a few positive ones for him although Dustin seems hateful because he got to know nothing about Mike in three weeks and Dick thinks he is just stupid. Julie also lets him known that many on the internet are calling Mike’s blatant taunting of Dick during the POV competition “the dumbest move in Big Brother history.” I would have to go as far as to agree. Talk all you like about loyalty and integrity brotha; people may like and respect that but in the end, it’s all still a game.

HOH time and tonight’s game is called “Eliminator.” Every question will have an answer of Carol, Joe, Mike, or none of the above. The rules are buzz-in style for each question and if you get it wrong, you’re out. Get it right and you get to pick another houseguest to eliminate from the game. And with the first four questions Jen, Zach, Kail, and Nick are gone taking out any chance their little alliance will get the big room again. But ironically enough thanks to a question about Joe, our new HOH is:


Dustin is very excited he won and also happy Joe is gone. He says he can finally be himself and doesn’t feel as if he needs to defend himself to everyone. Dick tells him to enjoy but to keep a low profile. Kail feels blessed. My God woman, that howdy doody crap is not going to fly long with the type of people you are living with.

That’s it for this week; make sure to be back on Sunday as Josh Clinton covers the next episode which will let us know just who Dustin is putting up on the chopping block. But stay with Reality Dish everyday for coverage of Showtime After Dark and the 24/7 online coverage. Til next Thursday, this is your Captain speaking and I am outta here!

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