Kace’s Countdown – TNA Impact 7/26/2006

Kace’s Countdown – TNA Impact 7/26/2007

Yeah, I missed a week and suddenly things are all screwy and different. Figures. But I have a reason!!! It’s a reason that’ll impact the Prime Time Pulse section of Inside Pulse pretty soon.


Rene Dupree’s been released by WWE, which I guess sucks in one way, but not so much in another. Rene was one of the few reasons to watch the Early Era of the New ECW (well, for me anyway…). Hopefully he can wind up in TNA or some place else and go back to being his wonderfully charming, Adonislike self. So long as he doesn’t readopt the Johnny B. Badd look.

The NWA’s getting closer to crowning its new World Champion and all participants remaining in the Tournament have some sorta ROH tie. I’d hate for the NWA get another Shane Douglas Moment, but maybe that’s just my paranoia kicking in.

Some Indy wrestler killed himself. He apparently idolized Chris Benoit, but went out like Renegade.


The latest Versus should be up soon, featuring Yours Truly probably being beaten soundly by Rob Blatt. I would put the link here, but as of the time I’m posting this, it ain’t up yet. So when it’s up, read it. And all that.

Pulse Glazer Modestly Responds with the list of Contenders for Morishima’s ROH World Title. Since I apparently don’t know jack shit about whether or not Morishima’s talented, I’ll just have to shrug and take Aaron’s word for it. And you should, too.

Scott Keith takes us back to October, 1985, which for me would be 3rd Grade for WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event. Ahhh, 3rd Grade. Fun times.

Top 5 Moments – TNA Impact 7/26/2007

Also Ran Moments & Thoughts

It seems the overall theme for this week’s Impact was centered around the notion that some of the current roster used to mean something years ago elsewhere. We had Dustin Rhodes talking about Goldust. We had three different tag teams talking about success from years ago elsewhere. We had Sting, whose look is still stuck in 1997, unaware that the whole Crow thing went out of style the moment their movies started going straight to video. Eh well…none of the wrestlers have killed their wife and child, so they got that goin’ for ’em. Now if only they would bring in Nora Greenwald…

Dustin Rhodes seems to still be suffering the effects of that episode of Raw where he was zarkt’d.

#5 – The Latin American Xchange Defeat The Motor City Machine Guns

I like Homicide, but I’m really starting to dig Hotstuff Hernandez more and more. He’s a big fella who can move around like crazy. As someone who was a major fan of Mike Awesome, I can appreciate that. Kevin Nash was notable in his absence at ringside, which would be explained later. LAX gets the win with the GringoBANG!!! The celebration is short lived however as Team 3D arrives (to a chorus of boos from the audience…okay, I really missed something last week). Team 3D’s already dealt with LAX and want them out of the ring, so they can call out Rick & Scott Steiner. How soon they forget who it was that assaulted their family in the first place. LAX leave…for now.

#4 – Sting Defeats Robert Roode, Eric Young Celebrates

The ultra nice Roode Vs Young feud continues as Eric decides to interfere on Sting’s behalf. Well it’s only fair, I suppose. After all, Robert had the assitance of Traci Brooks at ringside, slapping Sting and getting in the way. So Eric counteracts and assists Sting. One Scorpion Deathdrop later and it’s over. Eric, rockin’ the Sting facepaint enters the ring and celebrates with a perplexed Sting. If this whole thing ends up as nothing more than an elaborate ploy for Eric to beat up Sting and cast his lot in with Roode anyway, I may have to kick my television.

#3 – Tanning Bed

Kurt Angle talks about how great he is and the problems he has to deal with from others as a result. It’s revealed here that all along, his therapy session was in a tanning salon and his hope for guidance? Oz. Who’s in a speedo. MINE EYES!!!! Dear God, the horror!!!

#2 – From Under The Ring

Things were going great for Sting and Abyss. Abyss was taking it to his opponent, AJ Styles in a No Disqualification Match. Sting was helping Abyss take down Travis Tomko and Robert Roode. All that was needed now was a big ol’ bag of goodies to place in the ring for not-so-safe slamming. Abyss reaches under the ring and gets a bag, but is then grabbed by some mysterious being underneath the ring. Abyss is dragged under, reemerging shortly after covered in blood. Christian Cage and his happy funtime guards arrive to watch over the proceedings. Sting is eliminated as he slammed upon glass by Tomko. Thumbtacks are laid out along with the glass for Abyss to be slammed through. Styles gets the pin on Abyss and the crowd boos as Christian’s Coalition stand triumphant in the ring over their fallen adversaries, Abyss and Sting. The funny part involves the interactions between Roode and Styles. I’m sensing a budding rivalry here within the group that should provide for quality entertainment.

#1 – 1990s Tag Team Dominance Revisited

Team 3D stands in the ring, their sudden heel turn progressing well. Rick & Scott Steiner, the team that T3D have called out arrive and are cheered. So now it’s time to cement the Steiners’ face turn, which Scott does by thanking the fans for supporting him while he was in the hospital. Scott then puts over Puerto Rico for saving his life (no thanks to Gran Apolo, of course). Brother Ray gives Scott Hell and anguish over, “a scratch,” as they talk about their dominance over the Tag Team scene. Scott reminds Ray of the Steiners’ success in WCW, which oh by the way was the best promotion in the World or something like that, according to Scott. With all this talk about Greatest Ever going on, the former New Age Outlaws arrive with BG James reminding everyone they were on top of the WWF when the Pro Wrestling was in its Late 1990s hotstreak of popularity. The fans, who had for no really good reason I can recall were starting to get behind the Voodoo Kin Mafia in their war against Christy Hemme, were suddenly cooling on them. Why? They were verbally sparring with Scott Steiner. And in Orlando, ya just don’t do that. The Impact Zone fans should become a study for some college group. Anyway, this all leads to the WWF and ECW legend teams jumping the WCW legend teams, just to drive home the point that TNA is basically the WWE branded WCW, or at least the closest thing to it. The Latin American Xchange arrive and assist the Steiners and now we have ourselves a nice 4-team rivalry in its early stages. Too bad the TNA World Tag Team Titles are in Angle Vs. Joe wasteland right now.

And that’s it for this week! I’ll see you again next week for TNA Impact and also for something nice at the Prime Time Pulse section.