[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feeds Recap – Day 23 (7/27/07)

Kail was the first one up today at 9 am. She cleaned up and waited for the others to wake up. Her first conversation was with Dustin who told her she probably was going up asa pawn. Kail says she trusts Dustin that he has the votes and they are working as a TEAM and that she isn’t his target

Dustin: If you win POV, would you take yourself off? He says that he has no enemies in this house and he doesn’t want any targets on him.

Kail: what are you thinking?

Dustin sounds like he is either making a deal with Kail or just a very good liar going with her as a pawn. She is mentioning Dick or Zack.

Kail: You are making everyone happy because you are going after me, Zach, & Nick.

Dustin: there is always the concept of putting up the others and back dooring. Kail is offering all sorts of suggestions like she is right back into her scheming ways and working with Dustin.

Kail: Nicks going to win. I don’t see anyone putting him up. That’s Amber’s boy. If you put up Nick and Daniele, one of them wins the pov, then you put me up as the pawn, then I’m going home.

Kail tells him that Dani and Dick are always conspiring and talking game, that they are family and need to be broken up. She said that he should not want Dick in the final two, she said that Jen forced herself into her alliance by sleeping in the HOH room with her, that she rarely talks strategy with her and that she only strategy with Dustin and Amber

By 11:00 a.m. BB woke everyone up for the day.

The food competition starts at 11:30 a.m.. They come back at 12:30 p.m. with Amber dressed as the Queen of hearts. The competition was some kind of egg puzzle that had to be assembled. It seems that Jen, Kail, Dick, Nick, and Zack will be on slop this week. Everyone else can eat.
Amber, Dustin and Dick were in the HOH, Dustin was talking about his conversation with Kail this morning before the food competition. Amber and Dick had a confrontation:

Amber tries to leave and Dick tells her to wait him wants to talk to her.
Amber is offended that Dick is ignoring her.

Dick: I am not going to ignore you,

Amber: You ***** with me all day. You sprayed me with the hose 5 times, you gave me 3 wet willies!

Dick: Why don’t you tell me?

Amber: It’s only when it’s convenient for you!

Dick: I’m grumpy in the morning

Amber: So am I!

Dick: I think you’ve been a real bitch the last few days

Amber: That’s because you pick on me like this

Dick: We don’t have to ignore each other. We can avoid each other

Amber: It’s like that with nobody else with me. So I don’t know. You ***** with me too much. I like to joke…

Dick: I said we’ll leave it alone for a few days.

Amber: It’s fine it’s fine

Amber storms out of the HOH

Dustin: Don’t ignore her, but don’t ***** with her so much. Just find a balance….I told her don’t put me in the middle of it.

Dustin tells Dick that he is a man of extremes and he should find that balance to play in the game.

Dick: I think I’m okay with everybody except for the one’s I’m not.

Dustin then tells Dick that he is putting up Kail and Jen with Kail as the pawn. Dick suggests not telling Kail about her being the pawn.

Amber found Jameka and cried and cried on her shoulder for close to an hour. Jameka mmmmmm her a lot and told her how great she was and that she could handle Dick.

Dustin got a bit upset with Amber when he found out that she told Nick that if POV is used that Zach would be the target. He told her that Nick would just bring that information back to Zach and that she had to be careful. Amber thinks that Nick would eb a vote for either of them if they made the final two and he is on the jury. Dustin said he can’t think that right now, that too much information is getting leaked and it always points back to him. He said he is only playing the game with her and watching out for himself and her and no one else.

Jen talks to Dustin. They talked about the 7-2 vote. Dustin asked her if she voted for Kail to stay. She said no, that it must have been the same person that put mustard on her shirt. Dustin replied” It is not like someone from outside came in and voted for Kail and put mustard on your shirt”.

Dick and Eric have a conversation in the back yard. Eric tells him that he is sick of Amber and all the girls whispering. That Amber is a mess and hates when he hangs out with Jess. Dick commented that Amber just sits and stares at him with daggers in her eyes. That once Zach leaves the girls will out number the guys and start knocking them off. Dick agreed.

The nomination ceremony started at 5:30 pm. once they return we see Jen crying and holding hands with Kail. Kail talking to Jen saying that there will be no hard feelings.

Dustin meets with Kail,, tells her that she has the votes to stay if nominations remain the same and if either her or Jen gets the POV that Zach will go up. Kail said that she has no ill feelings about him and will not put him up if she gets HOH.

Meanwhile, Jen talks to Nick and tells him she is in shock. That she would never have put Dustin up. That she was not crying because she was put up, that shews crying because it was weird. She then said I would rather Dustin go home now, at least other people are upfront about it. Amber sees Nick comforting Jen and runs to the HOH to tell Dustin. Dustin replies “See I told you”. Amber said maybe WE should backdoor Nick now. Dustin said ya we will see. Amber said that she thinks Nick is in an alliance with Jen. Dustin then said I gave her 3 opportunities for her to tell me Nick was the informant and she wouldn’t do it!! I want Jen and Nick outta here before Kail or anyone else.

Dustin talks to Nick, and Nick said that Zach was a loner and that Zach had told him that he has a deal with Dustin and Amber since week 1. Dustin denies it and said that he is just not on his radar at this time.

Jen comes up to talk to Dustin, Dustin said that he nominated her so that that she could change a negative into a positive and that she was not the actual target that she just hangs out with some questionable people. That both her and Kail hang out with the same people. Dustin then said he does not have a lot of enemies in the house and didn’t’ want to create any and that Jen is not her best friend in the house. Jen said that she wished she had a heads up before being nominated, that she got emotional. She said that people think she is aligned with Zach and Nick but it was not true. That they were the first to console her after noms because everyone left. Dustin thene said that if he wins POV he might change it up that they will have to wait and see. Jen then said that the next POV will be inside and that she just wants to make it to sequester so she can party on the beach.

Jen and Kail talk awhile later. Kail said that no ifs and buts they have to get POV. Jen said she feels bad for Kail that she is on the block and on slop. Jen then said that they are picking POV players tonight; Kail responded that she did not know that and we immediately get the blue swirl on the feeds. Jen then said that Nick and Zach were the first to come up to her after the noms and that she feels they were trying to set her up and make it look like they were aligned with her. Kail then lies and said that Dustin said that if he won POV he wants to take Jen off not her because she (Kail) is a guarantee vote for her (Jen). Jen said that she thinks that they are noms and that Dustin is using them so he can back door someone.

We then are once again treated to the blue swirl and get blocked. When the feeds return we get Eric and Jess talking. Jess was commenting on how she had to get to bed early because she was in the POV competition and Eric said he was the host. Jameka is also playing in the POV, Jen pulled her ball. Jameka said she was going to play hard and would throw it to Jen because that was God’s will. Jameka then is heard telling Dick that she would pull Jen off the block if she won it because that would be God’s will. Jameka then told Dustin the same thing that her ball was pulled for a reason and that she has to play because God wants her to play hard for that person no matter about her game play.

Dick and Jen talk and Dick explains to Jen that people did not vote for Kail to stay, they voted for Mike to leave. That if the noms stayed the same she would be safe.

Dustin tells everyone in the late night crew that he wants to change the noms if POV is won. That he wants to get either Nick or Zach out so let the POV players win. He said he really wants Zach to go and did not want to give him a chance to play for the POV. Dani and Jess said they are competing to win tomorrow.

Houseguests speculate that they will be locked out of the house tomorrow all day. That they were told that the lock out begins at 8 am. That the producers also told then to go to bed early because they had a surprise for them tomorrow too.

Jameka talks to Dustin, Dick, Eric, Jess and Dani about her decision to take Jen off the block if she won. She told them that she told Kail that too so she would stop following her around. She said that she thought that is what they decided to do is remove one so Dustin could put up Zach. Eric said that putting Zach up against Kail could divide the house and that they had to stay together as a unit. Jess and Dani both said they rather Kail gone then Zach but would vote with the house. Dani then said she would try to win but not use it. That both nominees don’t like her so she would leave them as is.

Everyone but Dick heads to bed around 3 am. Dick talks to himself in the late night show with Dick. Hesaid that Eric threw HOH and that Eric can’t stand Amber and Dustin and is just going along with them this week. He also said that he would like to take out Dustin himself. He said that Jameka was starting to sound like Kail with her reasoning. He also thinks Jess is totally loyal to him. He heads to bed around 3:30 a.m..

Who will win the POV tomorrow? Will Dustin change his noms and nominate Nick for eviction? Will Amber save Nick from Dustin? Can Dick shut up for one minute and maybe save himself? Tomorrows POV should be a good one, we know Kail, Jen, Dustin, Jess, Jameka and Dani are the players, all said they want it but only Dani said that if she got it she wouldn’t use it! Tomorrow will tell!

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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