ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series 7.27.07

ShoXC kicks off with Mauro Ranallo saying “Yo, yo, yo, and away we go!” and I’m immediately pissed. How’s this for a rhyme: Roses are red, violets are blue; Ranallo’s a douche and Quadros is too. The Douche Crew runs down the format of the show, fighters unknown to most MMA fans trying to make a name for themselves. This show is in conjunction with King of the Cage and that’s why they are fighting in the super small cage tonight.

Edson Berto vs. KJ Noons (Lightweight)
Referee: Jason Herzog

Berto comes out quickly with his striking but grabs Noons by the foot and trips him down to the mat. Berto gets on top but quickly bails into a heel hook. The two go through a death roll and Noons escapes. The two stand up and Noons backs Berto up with a combination. Berto lunges in yet Noons ends up on top as they go to the ground. Nothing happens and they get back up. Noons sprawls and kicks Berto as he misses his takedown attempt. Noons stops another takedown and lands a combo as the first round ends.

The second round begins with Berto scrambling for takedowns as Noons scrambles right back up when he gets it. Berto sucks at takedowns for a guy that needs the fight to be on the ground. He’s basically dropping to his knees and then grabbing Noons at the waist. Berto can’t generate any power from his legs when he’s down on his knees and therefore cannot drive Noons to the mat. The Douche Crew make it seems like Noons has great defense but it’s moreso that Berto sucks at takedowns. Berto looks weak. He’s absolutely gassed and Noons is by far the fresher man. Noons is firing away on Berto, using his boxing skills to pick Berto apart. Berto didn’t throw a kick or punch for the last two minutes of the round. He just ran and watched the clock, waiting for it to be over.

The third round picks up where the second round left off. Noons is rocking Berto whenever he wants. It’s a really disappointing performance from Berto. More backpedaling from Berto. He decides to mix it up with another telegraphed takedown attempt set up by absolutely nothing. Noons’ knee meets Berto’s face as he lazily shoots in and that’s the end of the fight. Noons by KO at 0:45 of round 3.

Jaime Jara vs. Jeremiah Metcalf (Middleweight)
Referee: Cecil Peoples

Jara is the Gladiator Challenge Middleweight Champion. Metcalf is the GC Welterweight Champion. Jara’s title is on the line. It was meant to be Metcalf vs. Aaron Witherspoon in a welterweight unification match but Witherspoon pulled out. Jara stepped in on short notice AND put his title on the line. That’s a real fighter.

The fight begins and they get into a clinch. Metcalf goes for what must be the most irritating move in MMA, the foot stomp. More clinching leads to a wild ten second slugfest before Jara initiates another clinch. They break up and circle the cage. Jara pushes off and lands a left hook that floors Metcalf. Another clean left to a prone Metcalf forces Ref Peoples to stop the fight. Jara by KO at 4:15 of round 1.

Televised Undercard

– Muhsin Corbbrey outslugged Lee Gibson to a unanimous decision in a lightweight bout.

– Aaron Rosa pounded out a TKO of light heavyweight Jefferson Silva when the fight was stopped after the first round due to a cut over Silva’s eye.

– Scott Jorgensen beat Chris David by unanimous decision in a bantamweight contest fought at 135 lbs.