Random Reality: Big Brother 8 – Episode 11

Mike was the third person evicted from the house on Thursday. We get that recap to start off with. Kail says that prayer works and she is save. She really is dumb. Zach knew that Mike was gone, but still voted for him to stay. Dick says that Mike was the one that was supposed to leave. Dick says that Kail is still on the list and not to get comfortable. Dick honestly thinks Jen voted for Kail to go out. It was Eric, of course, since America told him to. That’s funny. Dick is so sure it was Jen. Everyone has their guesses on the second vote now. No one will ever know until the end, though. Everyone is throwing each other under the bus. Eric is loving this.

Jen now tells Dick that she knew everyone was voting to keep Kail in. Dick now tries to find out who told Jen, because no one was supposed to tell her. Dick thinks it’s Nick and Dick thinks he should go this week. Dick is so clueless!

We see the recap of Dustin winning the HOH competition. He’s excited. Amber is crying, of course. Bloody hell! She has to be the most over-sensitive person I have ever seen. Dustin says he has four targets right now. Kail, Jen, Nick, and Zach. So pretty much like Dick then. Kail is still worried. She doesn’t cry thankfully.

Dustin gets the key to his HOH room and everyone goes to see them. There are pictures up of his family. Kail says that his family accepts him for who he is. He has a letter from his brother. Apparently it will be emotional. Yep, he cries like Amber when he reads it.

Jen makes a comment about her “having a baby tonight” after she ate too much. Dick doesn’t like people who think that their pets are like their children. Dick can’t believe that someone would think their kids and their dogs would be on the same level. Amber does think that, though. Dick thinks that is even more odd since she has both. It’s a retarded argument and Dick keeps egging her own until she gets upset, of course. She doesn’t cry. She just gets angry!

Dick informs us that he stays up late, because it’s his “Dick at Night” show. He likes to play pranks on everyone while they sleep. She rigs up the water faucet to spray on whoever goes to turn it on. It happens to be Daniele. She is not that happy.

Zach tells a weird story of a comic book convention with crazy people dressed up and beaten or something. It’s odd. Jameka doesn’t like Zach. Dustin doesn’t either. He calls Zach Eyore. Zach feels like the outsider. No one wants to talk to him. Daniele really doesn’t want to talk to him.

Dick wants to talk to Daniele, though. Her little whiny girl routine is getting old fast. She doesn’t think respects her. Apparently they both said things to each other that hurt each other and Daniele won’t forget what he said to her, etc. Oh, this is brutal. Basically Daniele thinks Dick doesn’t really know her. She cries, he cries, we all cry, they both say they are going to try and start acting like a father and a daughter.

The next flirty “showmance” could be Jessica and Eric. Eric says that they are playful and they are forming a bond. The Mouse and America’s Player, a match made in heaven! I will say their antics are quite funny to watch on the live feeds. So check that out!

Time for the next food competition! Everyone gets partners. Amber and Jen are together. Kail and Dick are together. Eric and Zach are partners. Daniele and Nick are partners. Jessica and Jameka round out our pairs. They all get in medevial attire. It’s “Humpty Dumpty” themed. They have to find all the pieces to build up the egg man. The first team to put it together first will get food for the week. Jameka and Jessica win this competition! So now they have to pick five people to be on slop this week. They pick Dick, Zach, Kail, Nick, and Jen. Jen is happy to be on slop. She wants to lose weight apparently. Pretty much all of the targets this week are on slop with Dick being there since he hasn’t had slop yet.

Dick asks Jen if she has fake breasts? She doesn’t answer, so Dick thinks so. Jen won’t admit it. Jen says she will not confirm or deny whether she has or not. That’s probably a yes, though. Jen just shakes her head at Dick.

Dustin and Kail chat about targets. Kail wants to be put up as a pawn this week. Kail admits it’s risky. Dustin just thinks she is weak and desperate. Jen comes and talks to Dustin now. Dustin wants to know what she thinks of Kail. The second vote and the mustard bandit are the same person, which is what they talk about in a round about way. Dustin thinks Zach could be a threat to him.

Time for the next “America’s Choice” question for Eric. America wants Eric to try and get Jen put for eviction AGAIN this week. He is pleased once again. Good choice America. Dustin tells Eric, Amber, Jessica, Jameka, Danielle, and Dick about the two options for evictions. It’s either Zach and Kail or Jen and Kail. Jameka goes with Zach and Kail. Dick likes Nick and Kail. He doesn’t think Zach is a threat without Nick. Eric tries for Jen and Zach, of course. Dick loves Eric’s perspective on things.

We get the next question for America to decide. Eric is going to start a catch phrase in the house. “Which catch phrase should Eric start in the house?” The choices are “sweet chicken!”, “booyakah!”, or “I’d do that for a dollar!” The easy one would be booyakah! But it would be more funny to have Eric say “I’d do that for a dollar!”, so I go with that one. America, vote for #3!!

Time for the “nomination ceremony”! Jen doesn’t think Dustin would nominate her since she sent Joe, his enemy home. Zach doesn’t think so. If he does, he will open up a can of “whoop ass” if he wins POV. Kail thinks she could be used as a pawn. Dustin says being the HOH is a risky spot to be in. He will make some enemies now. Nick thinks he is safe for sure. Dustin pulls the first key and it belongs to Amber. Amber pulls Jessica. Jessica pulls Dick. Dick pulls Jameka. Jameka pulls Nick. Nick pulls Zach. Zach pulls Daniele. Daniele finally pulls Eric. So that means Kail and Jen are going up for eviction ONCE AGAIN this week! So no surprises there.

Dustin says Jen is a strong player in the house and everyone knows it. Dustin says that Kail has had questionable behavior over the past week. Kail still thinks she could be a pawn, but is still worried. Dustin says he would like to see Kail go home this week. The pawn thing is not going to fly. Jen is more upset about being put this week than last week. She actually cries, since she didn’t think Dustin would put her up. Find out how the POV competition is sure to change things on Tuesday!

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