Pulse Wrestling WWE Raw Report

Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Raw Report
Live from Tucson, Az.

Recap of Randy Orton being named the #1 contender for the WWE Title.

John Cena comes down to start the show. Cena says that Orton is the #1 contender, and he really should’ve seen it coming. He then says that the end result will be the same as it’s has been since September, and says ‘THE CHAMP IS HERE’. Carlito interrupts, he says that Cena is the first guest on the New & Improved Carlito’s Cabana. The crew comes out and sets the Cabana up in the ring. Carlito then reminds us all that in his first match, he beat Cena for the US Title on SD. Cena remembers this, and reminds Carlito that he needed a whole gang to beat him. Carlito then says that he has Cena’s number. Mr. Kennedy comes out, and gets in Carlito’s face, making fun of him for running away from Lashley. Cena gets out of the ring as they argue, and he says that Randy Orton is the #1 contender because he deserves it. He does not agree with some of Orton’s actions, but he did what he needed to do to get a title shot. He then ropes Kennedy into challenging Bobby Lashley, and then sets up Cena vs. Carlito as our main event.


WWE Rewind: Santino cheating to help Maria win last week.

Beth Phoenix, Melina Perez & Jillian Hall vs. Mickie James, Candice Michelle, & Maria (w/ Santino Marella)
Beth & Maria start. Maria arm wrenches Beth, and tags in Mickie, who drops a hammer across her arm. Beth gets to her corner, and tags in Melina, but Mickie battles out of the heels corner. This match breaks down really quick. Melina & Jillian hit a double team bulldog on Maria, while the ref is distracted, and Melina scores the pin.
Winners – Jillian/Beth/Melina

Santino has no idea what happened, as he was attending to Candice on the outside.


We come back, and Santino gets on the mic, and is complaining about the refs. Umaga comes down, and Santino doesn’t understand why he is there. The ref, who is disgruntled over what Santino just said, takes his mic, and says ‘Ring the Bell’, and Umaga kicks Santino’s teeth down his throat. HAHA.

Santino Marella vs. Umaga
Ya, Umaga kills him. Ass run to face, Samoan Spike, Catatonic, pin.
Winner – Umaga

Todd with King Booker & Queen Sharmell. King Booker rags on King Lawler for a bit.


Cody Rhodes comes into Coach’s office. Coach says that he was shocked to see what happened last week to his dad, Dusty Rhodes. They show a recap of Orton punting Dusty’s head off. Coach tells Cody to stay away from Orton, and don’t get any revenge, or else he will be pulled from Raw. Coach then tells Cody that he is now 0-2 on Raw, and he needs to win tonight to stay on the roster.

Todd with Randy Orton. Orton says that SummerSlam will be a repeat of history, because that is where he won his first Title. Orton says that he is dressed to compete, but no one wants to get in the ring with him. This brings in Sgt. Slaughter, who calls him a maggot a lot, and accepts his challenge to a match.


Daivari is in the ring when we come back, and he is screaming Farsi. Cody’s music plays.

Cody Rhodes vs. Daivari
In a match that I bet would be really good if given any sort of time, Cody defeats Daivari with a DDT to keep his job.
Winner – Cody Rhodes

Lashley WALKS!!!


Mr. Kennedy vs. Bobby Lashley
Lashley dominates the beginning of the match, and hits a stalling vertical suplex. Lashley lines up for a spear, but Kennedy sees its coming and ducks out of the ring. Outside, Kennedy slams Lashley’s head into the ring steps, and then kicks Lashley’s shoulder into the steps. Back in the ring, Kennedy works on Lashley’s shoulder. Lashley lines up for another spear, but Kennedy puts his knee up, and it looks like he got Lashley right in his tender shoulder, and Kennedy scores the pin.
Winner – Kennedy


During the break, medics & refs help Lashley to the back.

Jerry Lawler is getting ready for his match, so JR is alone, and he recaps the Lawler/Booker feud.


King Booker (w/ Queen Sharmell) vs. Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler
They go toe to toe for a while, and Lawler tries to pound away, but Booker fights back, and goes for a Scissors Kick, but Lawler dodges it, and hits a back elbow. Booker nails a Superkick, and then continues to pound Lawler in the corner. The ref calls for the bell, and awards the DQ win to Lawler.
Winner – Lawler

Booker walking up the ramp, and Lawler attacks him.


Cryme Tyme vs. John Nathan & Brandon Gatson
They nail their finisher very quick on, I think Nathan.
Winners – Cryme Tyme

They get on the mic..and they beat the jobber down some more, and take his boots, and sell them to the crowd, after autographing them.

Orton WALKS!


Randy Orton vs. Sgt. Slaughter
Orton pummels Sarge. Orton locks in a choke hold, but Sarge gets out, and locks on the Cobra Clutch!! Orton reverses it, and flattens Sarge with an RKO for the pin.
Winner – Orton

Sarge is trying to get back up, but Orton punts his head.


Randy Orton stays at ringside for the main event, sitting near the announce table.

Carlito vs. John Cena
Cena seems to toy with Carlito to start, but Carlito bucks up and pounds Cena into the corner. Cena fights back, hits a bulldog out of the corner. Cena with a back elbow knocks Carlito to the floor, and Cena follows. Back in the ring, Carlito takes over on the entering Cena. Cena with a big back body drop on Carlito, and then the Throwback (which JR calls the Boston Blockbuster). Cena keeps looking over at Orton by the announce table. Cena this the falling powerbomb thingy, and then goes for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Orton distracts him when he hits the ropes, and Carlito gets up, and nails the Backstabber on Cena for the win!
Winner – Carlito

After the match, Carlito gets his apple, and spits it in Cena’s face.

Show over.


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