[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feeds Recap – Day 24 (7/28/07)

Houseguests were woken up around 7 am and sent outside for a long outdoor lockdown. Dustin comforted Kail and told her that she is just being used as the pawn so that Jen goes out. When they are outside, Kail and Jen were talking on the double lounger and Kail said that her gut tells her to throw the POV to Jen in order to keep both of them in. Jameka said the previous night after the balls were chosen that she would use it on Jen if she were to win, because Jen pulled Jameka’s name. The two nominees talk about what Dustin would do if one of them were to use the POV. Kail thought that Dustin would backdoor Dick or Daniele. Overall, the morning was full of houseguests laying on the couches, lounges and the hammock while BB was inside putting the Veto Competition together.

At 1 pm, houseguests were called in for POV competition. When feeds come back around 3 pm, we find out that Jameka has won the POV because Dick is calling Jen out because Jen threw it to Jameka knowing that she would use it to save Jen. Jen won prizes instead of the veto. Dustin also won $5000 and a trip to Barbados, which upset Amber because he didn’t fight for the veto.

Jameka and Amber have a discussion about God and how Jameka has to use the veto because that is what He wants her to do. Jameka reads the bible and explains it to Amber saying that He is “gangsta.” Dustin explained his gameplay in the veto because the Late Night Crew said that there were 4 targets in the game (Nick, Zach, Kail and Jen) and he might as well win prizes when he knew one of those four were going to go home in the end. He also tells Eric that he made a deal with Kail that she is just being used as a pawn, that way she’ll owe him in the future.

Dick and Dustin discuss who to put up on the block in Jen’s place. Dick said that if Zach goes up, there is a chance Kail will go home because of what happened during POV. Kail and Jen think that they might be able to convince Dustin to put up Daniele because she almost won this POV and that would be three competitions that she would have won.

Jess and Eric played Beer Pong using bottle caps. Eric ended up winning by one cup. Dustin and Nick play. Dustin is drinking wine, Nick is using water. Nick wins. Dick and Daniele find each other in the bathroom and they mention that if Jameka uses the veto, they need to get Kail out. They think that Dustin packed his bags by taking the prizes and not trying for the veto.

Eric revealed to Dustin and Jessica that he was the one to put mustard on Jen’s pillow. The Late Night Crew begins to talk outside and Jen comes out so they all leave and head up to HOH. Jameka is adamant that she is using the POV. Their two options are Zack and Nick. After going back and forth, thinking of sequester and who they feel most comfortable with, Amber says that even though she is close to Nick that she thinks it’s his time to go. Daniele gets upset because she feels uncomfortable. Nick is her best friend in her house and she’ll vote him out to go with the group but she would rather Zach. Both her and Amber start crying about it. The HGs left in HOH (Jameka, Eric, Amber, Dustin) think that Nick is going to go crazy once he knows he is going home and that they shouldn’t tell him he is going up on the block until it happens. Daniele told them all that she is going to tell him that he’ll be going home. Eric and Dick end up complimenting all the other members of the Late Night Crew for their good debate and openness. Dick tells Daniele that he thinks it’ll be best for her in the game and in her personal life because he can’t think that this is good for her relationship with her boyfriend. He tells her this will be the hardest thing she has to do in this game and that everything will be easier after this.

No Dick at Night show because he goes into the DR for an hour and a half before heading to bed.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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