[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feeds Recap – Day 25 (7/29/07)

7:00 am 1 pm
Kail is the first one up at 10 AM. Jen follows and they lay out in the backyard. They both seem pretty confident that one of them will be winning the POV and they discuss who the replacement nomination should be. Zach is the choice of the day. Talk turns to strategy and their opinions on everyone in the house. Kail doesn’t think that Jessica will ever win a competition. Jen comments that Jessica wants to go into modeling and acting and that if she screws her over she won’t help her. Jen feels that she is safe with Jessica because of her modeling aspirations. Jen wonders why they haven’t done an America’s Choice yet, and discusses working for Vanna White’s. Discussion is all over the place. They think that Dick has money since Danielle and Vincent went to a private Christian school. This general chit-chat lasts for a long time.

1 pm 4 pm
Finally, other HG’s are awake! Danielle and Nick are up. Danielle’s eyes are puffy from crying the night before. Nick and Danielle are in the kitchen, and Nick fills her in that Zach thinks he is going on the block. Dustin and Zach are also up, and Zach appears to be pouting. Danielle said “Good Morning Zach” and he ignored her.

Kail and Jen are still lying out in the backyard. They discuss sequester is only a week away and they wonder if they are allowed to call home. They think that they get monitored phone calls.

Danielle and Dustin are scheming right in front of Nick. Danielle has told Nick that she doesn’t know what Jameka is going to do with the POV, but in reality she knows. Danielle whispers to Dustin that after the POV, she is going to tell Nick that he is going home on Thursday because she thinks he will only be mad for a little while. Dustin is ok with the plan.

Talk turns to dreams and The Matrix movie. Nick dreamt he was like Neo in the movie, but he didn’t understand the end of his dream. Everyone is having general chit-chat about random things like diet pills and movies. Nick and Dustin talk game in the HOH room. Dustin tells Nick that he is pretty sure that Jameka will use the POV since she has already said she was using it. Nick is trying to get information out of Dustin as to who he will replace, but Dustin keeps changing the subject.

Eric, Jen, and Kail talk in the back yard. Jen says that being in the BB house is going to mess her up for a year. Danielle joins them and Eric tries to talk her out of telling Nick he is being voted out.

Dustin and Zach talk in the HOH room. Dustin tells Zach that if Jameka uses the POV then he will replace them with either Zach, Danielle, Dick, or Nick. Zach pulls out the “I won’t respect you if you do that because we had a deal” card. Zach throws Dick under the bus and thinks that he and Nick have a strong relationship. They talk about the POV competition. Dustin thinks he damaged his relationships with Amber and Jameka as a result of the competition. Dustin isn’t budging on his decision of a replacement nominee, try as Zach might.

4 pm 6 pm
Danielle and Jessica discuss the previous nights Late Night Crew meeting and her confrontation with Amber. Amber is telling Jameka what was said in the HOH room between Dustin and Zach. Jameka is surprised that Zach is throwing everyone under the bus.

All HG’s play “Which of the House Guests” game in the backyard. Everyone is laughing and having a good time. Eric wishes is Mother a Happy Birthday with a toast to the camera.

6 pm 7 pm
Jen and Dustin talk about the POV competition. Dustin lied to Jen and said that the whole LNC meeting was about him telling Dick off (which didn’t happen) and that he doesn’t know who he is going to put in Jen’s place if POV is used. They both agree that Dick has tried to form an alliance with everyone else in the house and that at least one of them (Dick and Danielle) needs to go home before sequester starts so that won’t have the others vote. Jen keeps pushing to put Dick up, but he isn’t buying into it. She tells him that she wasn’t the 2nd vote against Kail.

7 pm 8 pm
Dustin and Amber talk in the HOH room. They talk about the POV competition and how Amber thinks that Dustin is selfish. She claims that she never said it, but Dustin knows that she thinks that way. Amber says that she would have played for the POV and wouldn’t have taken the money. She is disappointed in him and says it will take a while to get over it.

Danielle and Nick do the normal flirt-thing. Nick wants to know what is wrong, and she says nothing. He acts silly to try and cheer her up. He is trying to convince her to come to Minnesota to ride horses, and telling her about his parents while she gives him a manicure.

Jameka interrupts Amber and Dustin’s conversation, and talk moves to potential replacement nominations. They all laugh at Zach’s expense. Dustin and Jameka discuss their speeches. Jameka says she will try not to keep them waiting on her too long, and Dustin says he will stick to voting the most dangerous person out of the house (Nick) based on alliances. They agree not to practice possible HOH questions around Zach, since he doesn’t know any of the answers. Amber takes all the credit for getting everyone to want to remove Dick from the house. Dustin congratulates her on finally standing up for herself with Dick. Amber starts trashing Dick AGAIN.

8 pm 10 pm
Dick and Danielle talk about pranking Jen. He wants to use a bleach pen to write something mean on her red unitard (she is wearing it again) and then tell her that it is something nice so she will continue to wear it.

Amber and Dustin are working out. They laugh about Nick telling everyone that he found evidence that Dustin “got off” and Dustin jokes that he will say that is why he is being nominated.

All HG’s move to the kitchen and talk about cooking and taking lunches. Dustin is very thrifty- he buys all his clothes at Thrift Stores and saves his empty peanut butter containers to freeze left-overs for lunches.

Eric got pranked by Dick. Apparently, Dick put flour in his sheets.

Jessica is retrieving various things from the SR for those who are cooking (Jameka, Eric, and Danielle). Dick joins Nick at the dining room table, and they discuss everyone pictures on the wall. The non-slop eaters eat, while Zach sits and stares at them.

Dick messed up the kitchen faucet again and got Danielle a second time.

Nothing much happening after dinner. Jameka and Amber talk about Danielle telling Nick he is going home and the other HG’s wander around inside and outside the house.

BB gave them beer and they are playing beer pong.

10 pm 12 am
Jameka and Amber continue to trash talk Danielle, which then turns into a preaching session led by Jameka, with Kail joining in. Dustin, Eric, Zach, and Jessica continue to play beer pong. Apparently they are playing Dare Beer Pong, because Jessica lost round 1 and is wearing a pair of Eric’s boxers and Eric had to take a bite out of the hedge bunnies. The loser of the third round has to wear Jen’s unitard for the rest of the night. Everyone except Nick (he is in the HOH room listening to music) is watching the game.

Dick starts talking to himself and complaining about the other HG’s. He says that Dustin and Amber are the gayest think he has ever seen. He thinks they are all a bunch of idiots, and is really trashing Amber.

Jessica loses round 3 and has to wear the unitard after she finishes all five cups of beer. She puts the unitard on and her and Eric are dancing around and being silly.

12 am 1 am
Kail and Dustin talk at the hot tub about Amber and the POV competition. Danielle asked Amber why she is mad at her, but Amber doesn’t want to talk about it so Danielle left, saying “I tried”.

Everyone is outside in various groups. Amber, Jameka and Jen are waiting on Dustin to start the abs class. Eric and Jessica have a pillow fight (Jessica wins). Nick and Danielle spoon on the bed.

Jessica isn’t as stupid as some might believe. Eric, Jessica, and Dick are joking around. Eric asks them if they think there will be a twist this season, and Jessica says “yeah, it’s you (to Eric)”. They also joke about someone being underage, and again Jessica points out that is why Danielle doesn’t drink. Dick just laughs it off, and says that Danielle is really 16. Talk then turns to Dustin and Amber. They agree that Dustin is a smart player and needs to go soon.

1 am 5am
The LNC is in the living room tonight. Eric says that he is tired of Amber’s saying and is going to start saying “I’d do that for a dollar” until the whole house is saying it. Everyone is talking about general stuff and saying how shocked Nick is going to be when he is nominated.

Dustin goes over his nomination speech again.

Around 3:45 am everyone except Dick is getting ready for bed. Dick does his usual nighttime cleaning and moving of the bunnies. He even cleans the shower stall floors before going to bed at 5:20 AM.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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