NBA Stars Being Targeted By Thieves

Two NBA players were bound with duct tape and robbed of their cash and jewelry by masked gunmen in two separate hold-ups in the Chicago area.

Miami Heat star Antoine Walker was robbed first at his townhouse in Chicago’s exclusive River North section. He and a relative were tied up and then robbed of their possessions.

Eddy Curry of the Knicks was hit second at his mansion in suburban Burr Ridge. He, his wife, and an employee were tied up and then robbed.

Neither incident resulted in any injuries to anyone, but police believe that the criminals knew exactly who they were robbing. There were three gunmen in the Curry case and two in Walker’s. Curry is a former Chicago Bull and Walker was born in Chicago and played basketball on the city’s South side in high school.

No word yet on what was taken from Curry, but Walker had quite a bit taken from him including a $55,000 watch and his Mercedes-Benz sports car which was later recovered. Some of Walker’s jewelry was found on a woman a few days later during a traffic stop, but she is not believed to be involved in the robberies. No distinct connections have been made between the two crimes yet, but they could possibly be related and have caused problems already.

Walker is not sure he can ever return to his home in Chicago. “I don’t feel safe. I feel violated a little bit. And now it’s all over the news, so everybody knows where I live. I think it would be best for me to move on,” he said

Curry also has no immediate plans to return to his “dream house.” Curry’s agent Lamont Carter said, “He feels violated. He’s relieved and happy that his family’s OK. He’s just relieved to be living.”

Credit: Yahoo Sports