Former Champ Out of Action

In its recap of Kennedy’s upset win over Lashley last night on RAW, wrote that “WWE physician Dr. Ferdinand Rios told that Lashley suffered a possible rotator cuff tear from Kennedy’s kick to his left shoulder. Further updates will be available Tuesday at as soon as more information is made available.” (Full Story) later wrote that “either he had suffered the injury over the past week and worked the match tonight to explain it, or it’s a late angle to cover for plans changing.” has since confirmed the injury, saying that “He was actually already injured going into the match last night.” also said that according to two of its sources, Lashley was in pain going into TV, and the angle was written to give him some time to get checked out by physicians. Lashley had shoulder problems back in May following the Backlash PPV, but has continued to wrestle.

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