Updates on Hardy, HHH’s Return and More


Following up on its earlier story, PWInsider.com has clarified that Jeff Hardy gave WWE notice that he wouldn’t be at RAW. You can read more here. We haven’t heard any reason why he wasn’t at the show, although Dave Meltzer at WrestlingObserver.com has written that “Jeff Hardy was sent home by the promotion. We don’t have any other details, but his program with Umaga was dropped and Umaga appears to be going face.”

UPDATE (00:14 GMT): Tamran at JeffNeroHardy.com and TheHardyShow.com has posted the following on the THS message board: “Jeff sustained neck and back injuries from his fall on last weeks RAW (7/23/07). They (WWE) are giving him time off to heal.”

In other news:

– Meltzer has also reported that Marcus Cor Von wasn’t scheduled to be on TV today as of a few days ago.

– Kurt Angle was interviewed by InsideBayArea.com, which you can read here. In the piece, he talks about getting into pro wrestling from Olympic-style wrestling, Chris Benoit, drug use in wrestling and more. On the hot topic, he says “WWE did not kill Chris’ family. Chris decided to do that on his own. I decided to become addicted to pain killers on my own. WWE didn’t do it, I did it. I took responsibility for what I went through … We’re all independent contractors and we all take responsibility for our own actions … If our job is affecting our lives, and it’s going to drive us crazy, quit.”

– Former TNA star Andy Douglas’ post about having a WWE tryout was removed from his MySpace account. Meltzer reported today that The Naturals will get a WWE tryout at the September 17 RAW taping.

– According to PWInsider.com, Chris Kanyon was interviewed for two hours last week by CNN, which has been reaching out to Atlanta-based wrestlers for a long piece on wrestling scheduled for the Fall.

– HHH is expected to return on the August 13 tapings for RAW and Saturday Night’s Main Event, according to PWInsider.com. The shows tape at Madison Square Garden in New York City, which is the same venue HHH returned to after his quad tear approximately six years ago.

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