Star Not at RAW Last Night & More Notes

Reported initially today by Dave Scherer at and confirmed by Dave Meltzer, Jeff Hardy was not at last night’s RAW. This of course explains why he was no where to be seen during the Umaga segment (and why WWE may end up turning Umaga face, based on the reaction he received last night, if his program with Hardy is over). According to Scherer, Hardy not being there and Lashley’s injury (the former ECW Champion will be meeting with Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, AL, tomorrow to have his shoulder checked out) led to much of RAW having to be re-written.

In other RAW-related news, Greg DeMarco of Rising Phoenix Wrestling sent word that “The two men that faced Cryme Tyme on RAW were announced as John Mason & Brandon Gatson. They are Johnny Dynamite and Brandon Nitro from Rising Phoenix Wrestling in Arizona and the Empire Wrestling Federation in California. Brandon Gatson is also the brother of Olympic gymnast Jason Gatson.”

Also, RAW Diva Beth Phoenix was interviewed by her hometown upstate New York paper here.

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