[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 26 (7/30/07)

09:30 AM
Kail is up first followed by Nick. Kail asked if Zach thinks he will be sitting next to her as nominee today. Nick said “Yes”.

Daniel’s up. Nick says “Hey sleepy”. Shortly after Nick crawls into Dani’s bed.

11:00 AM
BB: Good morning house guests, the veto meeting will begin in 2 hours.

11:30 AM
All houseguests are awake and either sitting around talking or getting ready for the Veto meeting. We learn that Nick and Eric were allowed to watch a PPV (Pay Per View) in sequester (Not together).

Dustin and Kail talking about Veto meeting. Kail asks what she should say to Jameka. Kail asks if Dustin is worried. He says no cause the person I am putting up is going home. The only thing I could be worried about is Jen using this against me in the future. Kail says she will talk to Jen. Dustin says don’t talk to her until she is in a position of power.

Zach’s shirt says Delphincrash. Jessica’s shirt says Kansas. Nick’s shirt says Citadel Football. Dick’s shirt says “Every great idea I have gets me in trouble.”

1:30 PM
Dani and Dustin in the HOH. Dani is having trouble not telling Nick he will be nominated. She says Nick knows something is wrong but she can’t talk to him about it so he’s getting the wrong idea. Dustin tells her it will be a tough week, but it will be good for you inside the house and outside the house. They hug and Dustin gives her her space.

2:00 – Outside lockdown
BB calls an outside lockdown and calls Jameka to the Diary room.
To pass the time Zack asks everyone if they could go anywhere in the world for two weeks, paid expenses and they could take one person with them, who would they take, where would they go and why?

Dick would go to Norway for the hot chicks.

Amber would go to Turkey because her dad is from there and she wants to see
Kail said she doesn’t really want to go anywhere but stay at home.

BB urgently interrupts. A non-recorded female voice says “Houseguests this is a lock down. I need everyone to go inside the house immediately. I need to see everyone going inside the house immediately”. I think it was Dani that speculated a Banner Plane was coming. After a couple FOTHs it appears the houseguests were herded to the HOH room prior to the Veto meeting.

03:15 PM Feeds back after Veto meeting – Jameka took Jen off and Dustin put up Nick

We see Dick and Eric doing damage control with Nick. He was saying he’s not going to act like a pussy about it. He wants to know if it was a whole house consensus. Eric tells him he heard lots of names. Overall Nick is confused since he was expecting that Zach was going up but taking it in stride. He wants Eric and Dick to shave his head instead of Dustin because he doesn’t trust him now.

Amber is crying big time in the big bed room, I think by herself for a long time.

Feeds switch to Kail who goes to HOH with Dustin. Kail tells him Amber is crying. Dustin says that her relationship with Nick has to end. Jen joins the HOH. Kail says she is in shock. Jen says she isn’t. Dustin says you can’t walk out of HOH being best friends with anybody. Jen replies “Except me and Kail!” Later Dustin observes “Why wouldn’t Amber be a wreck. She would have been a wreck for Zach for God’s sake!” After a little advice to Kail to let the dust settle before she starts campaigning, they all head downstairs.

Kail and Nick meet up in the kitchen and she tells him “I’m sorry, I didn’t know”. (Hugs Nick) Nick says “That’s ok. I’m impressed that Dustin did this. It’s impressive.”

03:30 PM
Nick comforting Amber who is sobbing and saying “I can’t get myself together right now”. Amber is clutching Nick’s leg as they sit in a big bed.

BB calls Daniele to the Diary Room

Nick asks Amber if she knew it would happen. Amber says that she knew the possibility was him or Zach but Dustin never told her.

The day takes an abrupt turn when Dick takes it upon himself to go off on Jen yet again about the Veto competition and throwing it to Jameka. He was relentless and vulgar. He called her a scumbag and compared her to Saddam Hussein. The rest of it was unfit for print. Jen stays composed and simply responds that she’s not a bad person.

4:00 PM
Eric and Dani in the bathroom. Eric tells Dani that Amber’s crying. Dani’s response “I don’t think she does it on purpose to get attention, but have some self-respect.” They speculate that Dustin is mad at Jameka. Something she said in her speech he said made him feel like an idiot. Jen comes in bathroom. Jen tells Danielle she’s sorry she has had to deal with Dick her whole life. She must be a really strong person. Nick comes in and Dani leaves. Eric says “I missed another Dick show You watch the show and have ideas of what you’re going to do but you can never imagine how insane other people will be…. nothing you say can be taken as straight forward [in the house].”

Jen is looking in the BB rules for a way to get Dick out after the argument. Eric tells her to put that rule book away…you read that every time it happens. He won’t be thrown out. Jen says “Just one more time.” “Serious physical threats and intimidation are unacceptable. As is physical violence.” “If he punched me in the face, it could ruin my career for the rest of my life.”

Jen goes out to the backyard. Dick says “don’t come out here now, I might have to start part B.” Jen, “what am I supposed to do? Stay inside all day?”

Nick questions Dani about his nomination in the bathroom…she’s not naming names and he’s upset. She does clue him in that everybody thinks he was the notorious second vote for Kail’s eviction last week. She also admitted she knew that he was being put up. He was not pleased.

Dustin and Amber chat in the big bedroom. Amber says she and Dustin made a really good move (nominating Nick). She wants to tell Nick the truth and then Nick will apologize. Dustin said it’s the best move since Nick would probably come after Dustin and Amber.

Nick has started shaving his head and finds Dustin to help him finish. The end result is the Mohawk. Dustin explains he wanted to tell Nick about putting him up but it was in his best interest not to. Nick says he knows, they were probably worried about him punching a wall or something. He says he told everyone he was fine going up.

5:30 PM
Dustin now cutting Zach’s hair in HOH. Zach asks Dustin who he would like to see go. Dustin says I would like to see Nick stay.

Jen and Kail in Round bed under covers together talking about how mean Dick is and how verbal abuse is worse than physical abuse and they are probably reviewing the tapes now to see if they can kick Dick out. Kail is upset and has tears in her eyes.

Nick is walking around BY alone. Dick comes out and gives him a suicidal tendencies shirt.

6:00 PM
Dick and Jameka in BY talking about if everything is shown on the feeds. Dick says “Believe me, right now every word we say is being typed into a message board by some crazy person.”

Eric’s turn with the razor. Dustin and Amber are cutting his hair into a sad looking Mohawk. He leaves to let everyone take a look at it.

Jen comes out of the DR (with rule book in hand). Dick is called to DR.
Shortly after Dick walks past Jen in the kitchen. He says to her on the way outside “you can look at me as hard as you want. You aren’t going to get me out that way; you are going to have to actually perform in a competition to get me out.” Jen says “um, ok….”

7:00 PM
Eric, Amber, Dustin and Jameka are in the HOH bathroom. Dustin says that Dick’s rant today was the worst ever. Jameka says that Kail thought Dick should go home. Jameka says that everyone is telling her that Dick took things too far today. Amber describes all the foulness and four plus letter words that Dick used toward Jen.

Jameka is wondering who did the extra vote and who did the mustard trick. She implies that Dick is doing this stuff to keep the drama up. Eric says there will probably be an extra vote all the time until the numbers get smaller and they can’t get away with it.

Nick went up to HOH to tell Dustin he wasn’t the second vote against Kail. Nick says he even told Jen how to vote. After Nick leaves, Dustin told Jameka, Eric, and Amber that he thinks that Jen and Nick have a secret alliance because Nick told her how to vote.

Eric says Dani is the souped up version of Janelle. Slightly younger, slightly better looking, slightly better at competitions. Jameka says she was acting very cocky in the veto comp. She started to have steam coming out of her ears when she started losing. Dustin agrees she was beyond control.

8:00 PM
Nick and Daniele make their way to the Storage Room. Nick trying to paint a picture for Daniele of what life with him would be like. He is being very cute.

Dick goes off on Jen again saying Vanna is embarrassed and will kick Jen to the curb. Dick does a version of the Wheel of Fortune: “Is there an F? Is there an I? Is there an R? Is there an E? How about a D? YES, it’s FIRED!” He follows this up with more vulgarities and personal attacks on Jen. After taking a pot shot at Dani, Jen says “Whatever”.

Dick goes outside and Dani takes her turn at Jen. Says she has been nothing but nice to Jen and Jen is always mean to her. She even uses her Dad’s tactic to cut off Jen anytime Jen starts to say anything.

Nick walks in and gets in on the act. Among other things, he tells Jen to just leave. About this time Dick and Zack come in and Dick picks right up where he left off with Jen. This time punctuating his point by pouring a glass of tea over Jen’s head.

9:00 PM
Jen goes up to the HOH and recounts her version of the tea’ing to Jameka and Eric. The mood of the house gets even more intense.

Dani has a meltdown on the couch in the backyard. Dick is there trying to console and advise her, at one point taking off his shirt so she can wipe her eyes and blow her nose. A very touching father/daughter moment.
They talk about trying to flip the vote to keep Nick, but it would cause the group to go nuts, so Dick will not suggest it. (Little do they know the whole house is going nuts and thinks they’ll try it anyway).

Dick has a chat with Amber. Tries to convince her to be Dani’s friend. Amber says she’s tried. Amber said she wants time with Nick to tell him everything that’s happened including to group decision to vote him out. After more conversation, Dick asks Amber to make sure Nick is OK. Amber says she can’t because Nick hates her right now.

10:00 PM
Everybody is off recounting their versions of the evening to anyone that will listen. Dick tells Jessica that Jen will be doing a DR begging for him to be booted. Dustin comes out and joins them and gets Dick’s version. They start singing “Oh what a night, late December back in 63”. Then to further lighten the mood Dustin starts rolling around the backyard without his microphone. He realizes it and rolls back across the yard and grabs the mic. Oh, in case you were wondering, abs class was cancelled on account of drama (seriously).

Nick hops in the bed with Daniele, spooning and whispering ensue.

Various folks are gathering at the hot tub. It smells so Jen checks the chemicals. Dick takes the opportunity to berate her yet again. I highly recommend checking out a few of the clips in the Media Forum. I am not doing these encounters justice here. You really need to hear them for yourself.

It seems BB has declined to provide alcohol to the houseguests tonight.

Dick is called to the Diary Room. He knows he’s in for a lashing.

11:00 PM
Dick comes out of the Diary Room after about 50 minutes. Nick and Dani had been speculating on how the producers are handling the situations. Dick goes in their room and tells them no lines were crossed and everything was fine. That’s all he can say. He leans in to whisper to them and we hear the ever so familiar BB voice “Houseguests, you are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room sessions with other Houseguests”. He later mentions that everything is fine but he won’t be dumping anymore tea.

Elsewhere Dustin tells a disturbing story about having mono in high school and a contest to see who could infect the most people. (not sure how much it was true).

Dick is in HOH with Jameka and Amber, telling his version again that differs somewhat from Amber’s version. None the less, Jameka brings it all back around to tell him he was out of line.

Dick leaves the HOH, and Eric, Dustin and Jen go in. At some point Amber throws up in the bathroom. Everyone gives her her space during this moment.

Dustin asked Jen to leave so he could speak to Amber and Jameka. He wants to hear their versions of the evening and he is becoming increasingly upset at Dick’s actions and exclaims “He is fracturing the group!” Dustin still reiterates sticking to the plan of getting Nick, Jen, and Kail out first though.

A little while later Dick and Jen go to the HOH room together. Dustin, Jameka, Eric, and Amber are already there and we get Funnel. While we are all speculating on the conversation that is occurring in there, let me point out that somewhere during the day it would seem that Dustin gave himself a buzz haircut.

When the feeds come back it appears that there is some kind of dye job being committed on Eric’s hair. Eric says “God I hope I look like an idiot!”

In a conversation with Jameka, Dani tells the casting people that she hates them for putting Jen in the house.

1:00 AM
Dick has a bashfest with Dani. Kail and Amber are the main targets. Dick says he will not be dumping tea on Jen anymore. Dani says she can’t believe he did that, says you know this is going to be on tomorrows show. Dick says the message boards are loving it.

Dick tells Jess if anyone flounders (about voting Nick out), let him know so he can jump on the bandwagon. Also says stick with the 7 until it gets down to the 7 and at that point all bets are off.

Dick makes a plea to BB to have someone throw down all the balls that have gone up onto the catwalk to help with the houseguest’s moods.

Jess: Happiness in the house is gone!

Dick: For tonight.

Jess: You think!?

2:00 AM
Most everybody is in the kitchen playing “guess this movie”.

It breaks up and Eric and Jen converse in the Bathroom. Eric tells her she was never the target and to try and lay low.

3:00 AM
Things seem to have wound down (finally). Jess and Eric play a bit for us.

4:00 AM
Eric and Jess in Jess’s bed. Jameka in Amber’s and Dick standing by doing the FUPA Dance.

5:00 AM
Jen just yelled at Jameka, Jessica, Dick and Eric because they are laughing. They all continue laughing and say that Jen sounded like a man.

Dick goes to the backyard but the Dick at night show is cut short. He says “I’m getting tired, it’s been a long and drama filled day!”

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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