Richly Deserved: Big Brother 8 – Episode 12

First of all, thanks to Josh for standing in for me last week while I was winging it to Florida for sun, sand, and Survivors. And also major props for his daily updates from the live feeds otherwise known as The Dick Show.

So it’s day 28 in the house. Dick loves the nominations. Kail was still unsettled even if she’s up as a pawn but was totally fine. Dustin grabbed the opportunity to use her if she wanted to be used that way. Jen is crying, a little more shocked at this nomination than at last week’s.

Dustin admits to Kail that Zach is his real target and if it doesn’t work out, Jen is the one to go. Dustin really doesn’t care which one goes home, though.

Nick goes to comfort Jen as does Kail. Kail tells her they’re the toughest girls in the house and to be strong.

Amber doesn’t buy the tears at all (guess she’s the expert, eh?). She feels Jen is in an alliance with Zach and Nick.

Time to choose players for the veto competition. Dustin picks Danielle. Jen picks Jameka (who wants to win it for Jen). Kail picks Jessica. Eric will host.

Jameka tells Kail she wants to work hard for Amber. Jameka told Jen that she was ‘chosen’ to play for Jen (she’s pouring on the faith thing real thick, not that there’s anything wrong with that). She also tells Dustin and Dick. She believes that if her ball was pulled, it was pulled for a reason. Dick is befuddled. I really think if Jameka just follows God around, it’s a great thing in life but could lead to a poor game in the Big Brother house. Dick asks if God has nothing better to do than guide her in the house.

Eric signals them to the veto competition. They all wear artists outfits and go into the house to find an art gallery complete with wine and cheese. Jessica wants to keep the nominees the same. The art pieces are to decipher the pictures with Big Brother phrases and terms.

The first puzzle ($500 Big Brother bucks): Danielle gets “Head of Household” right.

Next: ($500) Danielle “Memory Wall”

Next: ($750) Kail “Diary Room”

Next: ($750) Danielle “Veto” is wrong “Power of Veto” was the correct answer. Danielle is eliminated.

Items up for bid are next. Dustin wins a six-night trip to Barbados for his $750 Big Brother Bucks. Jessica was angry. Dustin said he and his girlfriend will enjoy the trip.

Next puzzle: ($1,000) Kail “Need to know basis” is wrong, “Nominee” is correct. Kail is out.

Next one: ($1,000) Jameka “Alliance”

Next: ($1,000) Dustin “Julie Chen”

Next: ($1,500) Dustin “Chopping Block” Dustin has $2,750 BB bucks.

The next item to buy for $1,500 is $5,000 cash. Dustin takes it. Dick is dumbfounded. Amber cries in diary room.

Last one, Jameka leads with $2,000. This is worth ($2,000). Jen answers “safety”. The correct answer is “The power is up for grabs”.

Jameka wins the veto. Jen is happy. Jameka thought Jen threw that last question and Jameka wasn’t pleased with that.

Dick questions Dustin about his taking of the trip and the cash. Dick tells him it was selfish. Dustin said everyone hates him right now. Amber told Jameka not to take Jen off the block. Jameka said she has to stay true to her word (as church music plays in the background). Amber said she said a side of Dustin she didn’t care for. Amber tells Jameka she’s a beautiful person.

Dick told Danielle that Dustin is freaking out now. Dustin tried to justify his actions to Eric who said in the diary room that Dustin lost the trust of all his allies.

Dick told Jen he put all the pressure on Jameka. He accused her of throwing the last question. Jen is not phased. Dick said he’s never seen Jen apologize for everything. Dick said he just says what everyone thinks but when Kail told him he’s not talking for her, he tells Kail her opinion is irrelevant. (Has there EVER been a more polarizing individual in the history of this show?)

Eric gets his catch phrase, “I’d do that for a dollar”. He said that to Jessica. Dustin and Dick take him out in a bag and they spin them around. He then tells Dick he came up with his own catch phrase “I’d do that for a dollar”. He said he’ll use that for the rest of the night. He starts to, say it to everyone. People have puzzled looks on their faces. He then jumps in the pool. (Is there ANYONE playing this game better than Eric? No one suspects anything about America’s Player).

The Late Night crew (everyone but Kail, Zach and Nick in the HOH room) gather. They decide Nick will be the one to be put up. Danielle again tried to convince Jameka not to use the veto in an attempt to keep Nick. Danielle leaves the room and cries alone in the bathroom. Jameka makes a case for Zach to leave because he’s shady. Dick explains they’re all shady.

Nick felt Zach was going home. Kail also felt Dustin should put up Zach. Jameka calls everyone in. Jen said Jameka should use the veto, saying she enjoys being there. Kail said she and Jen are friends and won’t ask her to use the veto on her at the expense of her friend.

Jameka said she a person of her word and saves Jen. Dustin said there have been people in the house playing all sides. He puts Nick up. Danielle is very upset. Dustin said the personal connections have to be cut. Nick said he’s being seen as a threat. Kail said the plan was to get rid of Zach not Nick so Kail is still worried. Jen calls Dustin a turd.

Hope you gave Eric your instructions. See you next week.