Health Update on Konnan & More

Archive reported today that Konnan had problems with his kidney replacement, as his body is rejecting the kidney, and was hospitalized in Tijuana yesterday. He is being kept for observation for at least another day, and is being treated with “anti-rejection drugs.” He is in our thoughts as he recovers from surgery and hopefully the kidney takes.

In another health-related item from, long-time wrestling writer and ovarian cancer survivor Georgiann Makropolus is raising money for Ovations for the Cure. Chris Jericho will be appearing on August 18 from 3 to 5pm at the event, which is being held at the McDonald’s in Canton, CT, and you can get discount tickets for $5 from Georgiann. Tickets can be redeemed on August 18 between 4 and 7pm, exchanged for a quarter pounder with cheese extra value meal, and the goal is 1,000 cards through the drive-thru between 5 and 6. For more info go to

On a different note, TNA Knockout Leticia Cline posted the following on her MySpace blog:

I can’t believe my luck over the last few days with making it to Maxim’s Hometown Hotties top 10 and then today my email from Playboy! You guys ready for this one?……….I just made cover of the September issue of the Sexy Girls Next Door! I will have a spread and interview (incase you buy the mag. for reading) as well as the freaking COVER??!!!! This is so crazy!
Thanks again for everything you guys have done for me along the way. I have worked very hard to get where I have gotten but it’s because of you all that I keep moving forward! So check it out this September! Hope you like!

For her earlier post on Maxim, click here.

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