More on WWE Financials, Including Recent PPV Numbers

From today’s financial announcements from WWE, according to Dave Meltzer at, here are buys for the last five PPVs (not counting Wrestlemania, buys are down 20% from last year):

– Wrestlemania: 1,188,000
– Backlash: 194,000
– Judgment Day: 242,000
– One Night Stand: 186,000
– Vengeance: 243,000

AP’s story on WWE’s financials is here. An article on tasteless companies, with multiple mentions of WWE, is over at, with the site writing another story, on WWE Films (and more) here.

WWE’s conference call was held yesterday. It included a statement from WWE CEO Linda McMahon about the Benoit family tragedy, how important WWE’s talent is to the company’s success, and how WWE will “work to maintain [its Wellness Program] as a state of the art program.” A webcast of the entire call — which included the statement mentioned above, as well as statements on and/or answers to questions about The Condemned not doing well and the future of WWE Films (more direct-to-video releases), declines in PPV buys, increased Web traffic, competition from UFC, injuries to big stars and more — can be found on the corporate section of (WVX file, opens in Windows Media Player), as can the full presentation (PDF file, opens in Adobe Acrobat Reader).