Johnny Quest Headed To The Big Screen

Credit: Hollywood Reporter

From the men who are bringing you the video game turned feature film Hitman comes an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon made into a live-action film.

Warner Bros. Pictures is hoping to take the old cartoon series Johnny Quest and turn it into a franchise of films. Dan Mazeau is writing the script for the film which will be produced by Daniel Alter and Adrian Askarieh. Askarieh originally approached the studio with the idea since he was a childhood fan of the show.

Originally broadcast in the sixties, Johnny Quest told stories of a young boy by the same name that went on thrilling adventures. He was joined by his scientist father, a pet bulldog, Quest’s adopted brother from Calcutta, and a government agent assigned to protect them.

The cartoon series was inspired by comic books and radio shows. Numerous attempts have been made to reinvent the show or create a film, but always fell through the cracks. No word yet on a director, any cast members, or possibly filming start dates but we’ll get you more as we know it.