Body Blows: Marquez/Vazquez II

The first fight between Israel Vazquez and Rafael Marquez in March of this year was outstanding. Given the status of Vazquez’ nose after the first fight, a rematch in August seemed too soon but Vazquez was having none of it and the two engaged in yet another classic battle.

Rafael Marquez vs. Israel Vazquez II

The fight was off to a shady start before it ever began. Marquez and his promoter Gary Shaw already filed a formal complaint prior to the fight about Vazquez skinning his gloves. The gloves were checked and ruled legal by the Texas State Athletic Commission, so suck on that Shaw. Unfortunately, Shaw would be in the midst of more controversy after the fight.

These two wasted no time picking up where they left off in March as the action was hot in the first round. Marquez was knocked back and stumbled to the ropes but recovered quickly. Vazquez wobbled Marquez in the third round with a left hook but Marquez fights back. Heavy punches are landing one after another from both fighters. This round is f*cking spectacular. Both guys are cut and bleeding by the end of the round and there is really no telling when or how it happened. Marquez is showing weak legs and Vazquez’ face looks like shit, even moreso than when he’s not fighting.

Marquez rips off two nasty combinations in the waning seconds of the fourth round. Vazquez is showing swelling around his eyes in addition to the cuts. Marquez is cut underneath his right eye. Vazquez lands a nice combo in the fifth as Marquez is on the ropes. Marquez responds with his own series of punches, as has been the case throughout the fight. Simultaneous combinations sees Vazquez go down to the mat but the ref rules it a slip. Tough call there. It could have been called a knockdown by rule but replays showed that Vazquez did indeed go down from a slip and not a punch. The ref made the right call. Vazquez is bleeding very heavily as he is cut over both eyes.

A right hook to the chin followed by left hook to the head puts Marquez down in the sixth round. Vazquez goes in for the kill, blood streaming from his face. Marquez staggers back against the ropes and Vazquez unloads on him. Marquez is in trouble, listlessly leaving his hands up to protect him. Marquez retreats as Vazquez continues punching and the ref stops the fight. Sixth round TKO victory for Israel Vazquez. Vazquez regained the WBC Super Bantamweight Title that he previously lost to Marquez.

Marquez and Gary Shaw are outraged at the stoppage. It may have been early but it is totally irrelevant in the outcome. There was still half of the round remaining and Marquez would not have survived it. I guess when you don’t lose for seven years, you don’t really know how to take it. A third fight was all but guaranteed immediately following the fight as both men posed for pictures flashing three fingers. This fight was every bit as awesome as the first and will most certainly go down as one of the most entertaining trilogies of all time. Even if you don’t like boxing, track down this fight and watch it.

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