Dynasty: The Second Season – DVD Review

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Studio: CBS DVD
Release Date: August 14, 2007
Number of Discs: 6
Number of Episodes: 22
Running Time: 1,058 Minutes
MSRP: $39.99


Esther Shapiro
Richard Shapiro


John Forsythe. Blake Carrington
Linda Evans. Krystle Carrington
Joan Collins. Alexis Carrington Colby
Pamela Sue Martin. Fallon Carrington Colby
John James. Jeff Colby
Al Corley. Steven Carrington
Heather Locklear. Sammy Jo Dean Carrington
Pamela Bellwood. Claudia Blaisdel

The show:

Travel with me back to 1981, back to the world of Dynasty. A world of deception and double crosses. A world where everyone is out to stab everyone else in the back. A world where on good day you get a catfight.

For those who remember it, Dynasty was the show. Running all through the 80’s this over-the-top melodramatic show enthralled a nation. Now, more than 25 years later it’s found its way to DVD and the big question is: Does it still hold up?

Well this show that was once a great drama has now become a great comedy. The absurd plots, the ridiculous dialogue and the big hair all come together to make a series so outlandish that it’s laughably entertaining.

Season 2 is when the show really came into its own. This was greatly helped by the introduction of Joan Collins as Blake Carrington’s ex-wife, Alexis, probably the most vile woman ever to grace the small screen. Not a word out of her mouth can be trusted or believed yet for some reason people do. The season also introduced the young, beautiful and incorrigible Sammy Jo, played by a very young Heather Locklear who spiced things up quite nicely.

This season on DVD offers everything one might want from a show like Dynasty. From marriages and affairs to pregnancies and miscarriages and not to mention, the first of several infamous catfights between Alexis and Krystle which ends with Krystle saying, “When you’re ready for a rematch just whistle, if you can.” If you enjoy preposterous over the top laugh out loud drama then this is the show for you.

The first infamous catfight.


Disc One:

Enter Alexis

Alexis testifies against Blake and proves that he can be a violent man. Claudia awakens in the hospital and discovers Matthew has run off with Lindsay.

The Verdict

Blake is sentenced to two years in prison. Alexis’ true colors show when she moves into her old studio on Blake’s property and their hatred for each other is evident. Tension rises as Blake tries to talk to Steven. Krystle discovers she’s pregnant.

Alexis’ Secret

After Claudia is released from the hospital, she attempts suicide. She’s saved by Blake’s friend Dr. Nick Toscanni, who has a secret vendetta against Blake. Fallon and Jeff Decide to have a baby, while Alexis confesses to Steven that Blake isn’t Fallon’s real father.

Fallon’s Father

Alexis confesses to Blake that he’s not Fallon’s father and urges him to reconcile with Steve. Blake also learns that his associates don’t like dealing with an accused murderer, and that Cecil Colby closed a deal without consulting him. Alexis reveals to Cecil that he is Fallon’s father. Meanwhile Steven is diagnosed with possible brain damage after a drunken fall in the family’s swimming in pool.

Disc Two:


As Steven recover at home, he and Blake Reconcile. Krystle’s ex-brother-in-law, race car driver Frank Dean, sends his stepdaughter, Sammy Jo, to stay with her. Alexis hires a private investigator to uncover Krystle’s past, while Cecil puts pressure on Blake to repay the $9 million loan he’s owed.

Viva Las Vegas

In order to repay the loan, Blake travels to Vegas and borrows the money from gangster Logan Rhinewood. Sammy Jo finds comfort in the arms of Steen, but it’s Claudia he asks to marry him. Fallon and Nick fin love together. While skeet shooting, Alexis spots Krystle on horseback. With a premeditated shot the frightened horse throws Krystle to the ground and she’s rushed to the hospital in fear of losing the baby.

The Miscarriage

Krystle is devastated after learning that she’s not only lost her baby, but she can no longer have children. Jeff quits his uncle Cecil’s business to join Denver-Carrington while Fallon continues her affair with Nick. Although Steven and Sammy Jo spend time away together in his cabin, he still asks Claudia to marry him. She declines, stating that she’s still in love with the husband who abandoned her. More trouble comes to Blake by the way of his attorney, Andrew Laird, regarding Middle Eastern oil leases.

The Mid-East Meeting

Blake and Jeff fly to the Middle East to try and meet with Rashid Ahmed to obtain his help with releasing their overseas oil tankers. Meanwhile, Alexis flies to Rome to meet with Ahmed, a former lover, under the guise of helping Blake. Fallon learns she’s pregnant, makes plans for an abortion, and asks Jeff for a divorce. He agrees only if she’ll keep the baby. Fallon confesses her love to Nick. Alexis persuades Blake to come to Rome under false pretenses.

Disc Three:

The Psychiatrist

Traveling to Rome, Blake hones a despondent Krystle in another attempt to get her to see psychiatrist Nick Toscanni. Consumed with jealousy over Krystle, Fallon tells Jeff their marriage was a business arrangement to benefit Blake and she only became pregnant to compete with Krystle. Krystle becomes shattered over suggestive photos that appear in a tabloid of Blake and Alexis together in Rome. Nick comforts Krystle, and passion soon ignites.

Sammy Jo And Steven Marry

Krystle stops Nick before they sleep together, but Nick confesses his love for her. She tells him she won’t cheer on her husband. Blake returns and explains the photos were not what they seem. Steven marries Sammy Jo and decides to be a race car driver.

The Cara Explosion

When Steven and Sammy Jo return home, they tell everyone of their marriage except Blake. Alexis goes out of her way to make Krystle believe that an affair happened in Rome. Nick persuades Krystle to leave Blake. To make matters worse, Ray Bonning, a representative for Rhinewood, interferes in the business. When a bomb is thrown at Blake from a speeding car, he becomes blind.

Blake’s Blindness

Convinced that Ray is behind the explosion, Blake sets into motion plans to exact revenge. Krystle decides to hold off on telling Blake about her divorce plans until he’s feeling better. Fallon tells Alexis about her affair with Nick and her feelings for him. Alexis promises to rid Krystle from their lives.

Disc Four:

The Hearing

After doing some research, Blake discovers that Nick’s brother, Giani, worked for Denver-Carrington, but was killed in the Mid East problems. Fallon tells Alexis that she doesn’t’ want her help in her problem with Krystle. An anonymous note is delivered to Blake suggesting Krystle is with Nick. Blake’s sight returns, but no one knows except Joseph, the butler.

The Iago Syndrome

Blake pretends to still be blind and has a talk with Nick about the death of his brother. Krystle ends things with Nick and decides to leave Denver but is convinced to stay by Blake. Sammy Jo takes advantage of being married to a Carrington and behaves like a spoiled rich housewife.

The Party

Blake finally tells everyone his sight is back. During a party to celebrate Steven and Sammy Jo, Sammy Jo becomes drunk and embarrasses the entire Carrington family. The truth about Cecil being Fallon’s real father is revealed. Afterward, Alexis and Fallon are in a car accident that leaves Fallon unconscious.

The Baby

At the hospital, Fallon gives birth to a son, who’s born so weak that his chances are slim for survival. Claudia sleeps with Jeff in order to steal a key to the archive in Blake’s office. Meanwhile, Sammy Jo leaves Steven. When Krystle discovers the truth surrounding he miscarriage, she and Alexis have a catfight in her studio.

Disc Five:

Mother And Son

After a surgery, Fallon’s baby recovers, but she and Jeff fight over custody. Jeff discovers that it’s Claudia who has been leaking information to Cecil about Denver-Carrington.

The Gun

Blake discovers, through a blood test, that his is Fallon’s real father. Steven follows Sammy Jo to Hollywood, where she’s been modeling at a sleazy studio. Claudia tries to shoot Cecil after learning that Matthew and Lindsay are dead, but in a struggle between them and Krystle, the gun fires.

The Fragment

Claudia is wounded by the gunshot, and the police suspect Krystle in the shooting. Claudia doesn’t remember the incident when she awakens. Blake gets a meeting, via microphone with the reclusive Logan Rhinewood.

The Shakedown

Steven is arrested for assault after beating up a con man who tries to blackmail him. Blake threatens Alexis when he learns of her involvement in Krystle’s miscarriage.

Disc Six:

The Two Princes

Little Blake Colby comes home from the hospital along with Susan, the nurse hired to look after him. Alexis accepts Cecil’s proposal of marriage and plans her wedding. Rashid Ahmed returns to conduct more business with Blake.

The Cliff

When Nick discovers that Blake was responsible for his brother’s death, a fight breaks out. Blake falls unconscious down a cliff and Nick leaves him there. Little Blake disappear, and Cecil suffers a heart attack while making love to Alexis,

The DVD:

VIDEO: How does it look?
(Presented with a 1.33:1 full screen aspect ratio)

For the most part the show looks pretty good but every once and a while there will be shot that just looks terrible and is really distracting. This only happens a couple times.

AUDIO: How does it sound?
(Dolby Stereo)

The sound is fairly solid. The score is as melodramatic as the show but that only adds to the humor.


Interactive Dynasty Season 2 Family Tree: Being the only extra in this set, it’s very lackluster. You can read a little bio about each character, however if you’ve seen more than one episode (which you would have at this point) it doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know.

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There is definitely a niche for a show like this. People love campy over the top ludicrousness like this. Now the only question you have to ask yourself is: Are you one of these people?