Countdown To The L Word Season 5 – Top 400 Moments #350-346


Today in the Countdown to Season 5, five moments consisting of performing, obstructing, informing, defunding and upchucking. Let’s check ’em out with moments #350-346!

#350 – Goldfrapp At The Planet (Literary License To Kill)

It’s a nice birthday surprise for Paige and the plan was devised by Shane and Jared, Paige’s girlfriend and son respectively. Paige and Jared arrive at the Planet on the pretext of Jared wanting to eat some food there. The place is packed and Kit tells Paige that the reason for that is that Goldfrapp (one of Paige’s favorites) is performing there tonight. Paige meets Shane, who wishes her a happy surprise birthday. But the surprises are just starting. Goldfrapp takes the stage and performs one of their songs, with the singer afterwards wishing Paige a happy birthday as well.

#349 – Tedious (Lacuna)

Bette and Tina arrive for a checkup at the medical center. Upon parking the car and getting out, they’re met by Helena who requests Tina to go with her somewhere instead. The entire situation can be described in a word that’s thrown out during the conflicting conversation between Bette & Tina and Helena. That word being, “tedious.” Tina blows Helena off and walks with Bette, holding hands towards the medical center. Helena, in a chiding manner claims that she’ll make sure the facility treats Tina well, pointing out that the center is named after one of Helena’s relatives. Bette and Tina roll their eyes and leave Helena behind.

#348 – Robin Tells Jenny About Marina (Life, Loss, Leaving)

Jenny and Marina had quite the affair in Season 1. It was life altering for both of them with Season 1 ending with Jenny pondering about what it is she’s looking for in life and Marina in total dismay. The level of that dismay reaches its apex during the time between Seasons 1 and 2 with Marina attempting suicide. Season 2 begins with several different versions of just how Marina leaves Los Angeles for her native Italy. Arguably the most accurate depiction of the events of Marina’s departure. Robin arrives at the diner where Jenny is working as a waitress. Jenny ignores the couple she’s serving and goes over to Robin. Robin informs her about Marina leaving and the circumstances therein. Robin knows the details of this due to the hospital calling her, as Marina still had Robin’s number with her. The news is a little much for Jenny to take as she calmly walks away from Robin and as it is later revealed, passes out in the back of the diner.

#347 – Peggy Does Something Radical (Left Hand Of The Goddess)

Helena’s a good soul for the most part. She’s had her troubles and her conflicts, but during the course of Season 3 she shows the kinder side of herself. With that kinder side comes the philanthropic part of her as she’s able to donate and spend money on behalf of the Peabody Foundation. Season 3 also showed Helena’s vulnerable side, which wound up being pounced upon by Danny Wilson through Dylan Moreland and in this episode by Gabe MacCutcheon. It all leads to the morning after the wedding fiasco of Shane & Carmen. Outside the hotel, Alice and Lara play cats in the cradle and talk. Lara has something important to tell Alice, but before she can say anything, Tina and Henry arrive. The four talk and as Helena, Peggy and Marilyn arrive, the news is shared that Gabe took off with a lot of money…money that had been given to him by Helena on the notion of Gabe buying Shane and Carmen a wedding gift. Instead, he pocketed the money and took off, serving as an embarrassment to the Peabodys. Peggy, Helena’s mother decides to do something, “completely radical.” She decides that it’s time for Helena to try and make friends and live through life without the benefit of a lot of money, so that people will know that she’s kindhearted, cash or no cash. She cuts Helena off from the Peabody estate, leaving Helena in a shocked and worried expression while Peggy leaves in a limo with Marilyn, which in itself completes an adventure involving the Chart that had started at the beginning of Season 3 and all the way to this moment at the end of Season 3.

#346 – Captain Seasick (Land Ahoy)

Alice and Dana dig roleplay. Here, they try once again to portray a couple of characters from The Love Boat. Things begin to get hot and heavy on the cruise ship between the two, the motion of the ocean eventually becomes a little too much for Dana, who gets seasick and winds up having to run off to the bathroom to vomit. Alice sighs and goes to the bathroom to help Dana.

Tomorrow, momennts #345-341!