[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 35 (8/08/07)

Everyone went to bed except Jessica who is working out at 6 am. Jen and Kail wake up around 9 am and there is very little interaction between the three ladies. BB wakes other HGs up around 10:45 am. Dustin plotted with Jessica about putting up Dick or Daniele if Jessica wins HOH. Dustin wants them gone and he is proud of himself for making Daniele cry the day prior.

Dustin and Eric talked outside and Dustin said that Zach may be Eric’s only hope to stay. When an indoor lockdown is called Amber went off on Eric and said that the fact that he was going to tell everyone about her story was messed up and that he’s going home and said that Nick should be the one in the house and not at home. She also said after going off on him that she swore on her daughter so she is voting to keep him. Amber is excited that she was able to get it all out. Eric is shocked as everyone left him alone in the living room.

Kail told Eric to hang tough and he congratulated her because she is staying. Eric wants to tell Kail everything and anything and wants everyone to target Dick and Daniele. He wants Kail, Dustin, Jessica or Jameka to win. Meanwhile, fired up Amber gave Eric’s picture on the memory wall the finger and Daniele took a picture. Eric went to the DR and everyone else took group pictures. Daniele planned to wait outside the DR door to get a picture of Eric when he comes out. Dustin and Jessica hypothesized that he is trying to DOR.

Eric came out, made some food and he and Daniele talked in HOH. He told Daniele that it has gone to a far too personal level. He lied to Daniele saying that he didn’t make those hinky votes. He said that he wasn’t the one that did the mustard thing. Daniele didn’t seem swayed by his arguments. Eric begged her not to let this become his legacy, and began crying. He thinks that no one will talk to him for the next 23 hours. He wanted to talk to Jessica, Dustin and Jameka and asked Daniele to tell them to go up to HOH to talk to him.

Daniele told Jessica that she wants him to have a nice last 24 hours and to be nice to him. Jessica headed up to HOH to talk to Eric and he told her that he has always been true with her and that he is crushed that his personal character has been destroyed and he truly cares what she thinks. He went on to tell her that regardless of what happens the six (Jameka, Dustin, Amber, Dick, Daniele and Jessica) aren’t going to be buddy buddy because Dick and Daniele are trying to control the game. Jessica told Eric that he has her vote and Jameka’s because she gave her word, but isn’t sure about Dustins. Eric again claimed that he didn’t cast those two votes. He then wanted Jessica to talk to Zach in order to keep Eric in the house.

Dustin called Daniele a “negative nancy” to Amber and Amber reminded him that they have a deal with Dick and Daniele. Amber also said that Jess needs to vote to evict Eric to be on the safe side with the votes.

Jameka went up to HOH to talk to Eric and he told her that he has always been real and genuine with her. Eric lied again saying that he wasn’t the one that cast those two votes or that he put the mustard on Jen’s pillow. He claimed Dick is making it out to be that Eric is the master manipulator. Jameka told him that she is voting to keep him, but that it is going to be very difficult to trust him moving forward. Eric then wanted Jameka to tell Dustin to come up but Jen comes up before he could. Eric told her that he won’t answer her questions if she is going to go and tell everyone else what he said.

Eric went out to the hammock to talk to Dustin. Eric rehashed everything and Dustin told him that he has the votes to stay. Dustin then went in and tells Amber not to change her vote to vote out Eric. She said that if Eric stays, she is done with the group. Dustin just told her that he just lied in the game because he told Eric his vote was secure. Dustin then told Kail that if it wasn’t for his vote change, she would be gone. Kail said that she has learned not to tell Dick anything because he remembers everything.

Everyone ate dinner as a big happy family. Jen and Kail didn’t eat and Eric was very quiet. They chatted about the past food competitions. Amber, Jameka and Dick cleaned up after everyone was done.

Amber and Daniele discussed their goodbye messages. Jen joined them and they talk about casting votes and how they are going to sit on the couches and questions that Julie will ask them. Daniele bet Amber and Jen that Julie asks her about Nick when she is upstairs. Meanwhile, Eric spills his game to Zach. Dick sees Eric and Zach talking and he is worried that Zach will switch his vote. Zach mentioned to Eric that he feels like he is being used, but it’s ok and he doesn’t mind. He then said that the only way he would think to change his vote to keep Eric would be if he had a guarantee that they were close, and that he doesn’t know what to do. Eric bragged about voting Nick out again saying that if he had thrown a vote to Nick, he’d be f-ed. Eric mentioned that it sucks being backdoored, because he didn’t even get to play veto and Zach quickly makes the comment that Nick didn’t either. Their conversation finally ends with Zach saying that he has a lot to digest and he’ll tell Eric how he’ll vote tomorrow.

Zach then goes to the hammock to talk to Kail. He asks about the votes and Kail tells him that Eric has 2 maybe 3 votes with Jess’. At the end of the rather brief conversation, Zach told Kail that she has his vote this week. Zach told Dick that Eric confirmed that he threw Nick under the bus and that was all he needed to hear. Zach and Dick start preparing for a quizzing HOH by going over some trivia.

Eric approached Jen giving the same information and saying that if Eric stays, Dick and Daniele are gone. She didn’t seem swayed. The houseguests feel a small earthquake. Amber told Jameka that the DR is trying to get her to keep Eric, before she gets yelled at by BB. Dustin successfully convinced Amber to keep Eric. Dustin kept telling her that it is a numbers game and that she isn’t on Eric radar, even after the blow up. Dustin told them “we have struggling with Eric not here or solidarity with him staying.” Jameka and Jessica agree. They are all planning to keep Eric now, but not to tell him until Thursday because he needs his sleep. Jameka, Jessica, Dustin and Amber all headed to bed.

Jen and Kail chatted about what Amber could have done and how Joe told Jen to trust Kail. They go over information about the competitions. Dick and Daniele talk in the backyard about what Daniele wants to do after BB8, and how Amber will be a better ally with Dustin gone and how Dick wouldn’t mind Kail staying around for a while longer because she’s been very pleasant. Dick gets upset at Daniele’s snappish remarks and she gets mad at him and goes to bed. He tells himself that being right is not as good as having a relationship with his daughter and then retreats to bed.

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