Former 3-Time Tag Champ Passes, Pacman Press, WWE Releases 2 & More

Archive has reported that Brian “Crush” Adams has passed away at age 43. A star in both the WWF and WCW, Adams was trained by Antonio Inoki in Japan, and was AJPW Unified World Tag Team Championship with Bryan Clark. Also with Clark as KroniK, Adams was WCW World Tag Team Champion twice, and as Demolition Crush, was WWF World Tag Team Champion with Smash. He was also NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion twice. His final appearance for the WWF was during 2001’s inVasion angle, where he and Clark as Kronik lost to The Undertaker and Kane at the Unforgiven PPV, after which Clark was released and Adams sent to the WWF’s developmental territory HWA in Cincinnati. He was released from his contract in November 2001, and aside from a short stint where he tried to start a career in boxing, hasn’t been in the public eye much since then. Pulse Wrestling’s thoughts go out to his family and other loved ones during this sad time.

In other news:

– Matt Hardy has accepted MVP’s challenge to a boxing match.

Jim Ross writes about Regal, Bischoff and more.

– Pacman Jones in TNA has gotten a lot of mainstream coverage, including on,,, and AP. From the FoxSports story, written by Alex Marvez:

The original Hard Justice script called for Jones to deliver the following lines: “I want to prove to the world that Pacman Jones is a team player regardless of the wrongful, negative allegations thrown my way. I just want to be part of the hottest team in pro wrestling — TNA.” Killings would then confront Jones in the ring and get hit before TNA security would separate the two.

“What I’m most disappointed in is the people who’ve worked with (Jones), they said he’s the most gifted professional athlete they’ve ever worked with in this genre and really could have turned some heads,” Carter said. “He would have been protected and the whole thing … It’s interesting. People say wrestling is fake. We’ve gone from being fake to hazardous.”

– WWE released Shantelle Taylor today (developmental in FCW, according to PWInsider) as well as Sylvain Grenier. Grenier was introduced in a major way in WWE as the evil Canadian referee at No Way Out 2003 (Rock vs. Hogan 2), and then on a permanent basis on RAW in April of that year as part of La Resistance with Rene Dupree and feuding with Scott Steiner and Test. Later on, Rob Conway was added to the group, and this year all three wrestlers have been released by WWE. Grenier won the WWE World Tag Team Championship once with Dupree and three times with Conway.

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