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Quickie MSG Report and SNME RESULTS

MSG was hoppin. Great crowd. Good mix of marks, smarts (ha!) and kiddie-poos.

Put it simply, the best wrestling show I’ve been to in a few years.

Here is the inside scoop:

Dark Match
D-Lo comes back and the Garden went nuts for him. He faced off against sum yun guy from Boston, and did all five of his finishing moves.

RAW is John Cena WAR
Essentially the crowd was split when it comes to John Cena. Personally, I find it disgusting when a 20-50 something year old slob is screaming at 7 year old kids that “Cena f*cking sucks.” I know wrestling ain’t that classy but let’s face it, neither is the audience. Anyway, in the beginning the anti-Cena crowd was full force but then they got drunk and tired, so half way through the Pro-Cena crowd got the better of them. Personally, I think it’s awesome that these kids are totally defending their hero.

Not sure how it came across on Television, but the show was very entertaining.

Biggest Pops
1) John Cena
2) HHH Video
3) Randy Orton
4) Umaga
5) Mr. Kennedy
6) Everyone else: Seriously, the crowd was hot for everyone and everything. The hall of famers, the legends, and Regal was very popular as well. Even Lillian Garcia got a huge pop. A little lull with the Rhodes/Haas match, but that was pretty much it.

Biggest Heat
1) King Booker (the one guy cheering for him, that was me)
2) John Cena
3) Vince McMahon
4) The guy who wrestled against D-LO
5) Stephanie McMahon (she got cheered when she walked to the ring and then she started talking and well you know what happens).

As for SNME, it too was a lot of fun and I’m sure it will come across very well on television. It was about as violent as a wrestling show on NBC can get. Here are some quickie spoilers.
First match was Batista and Kane vs. Finlay and Khali. Funny match especially when the Leprechaun gets involved and Batista uses him as a battering ram. The good guys won. Kane hurt his back when trying to lift Khali. Poor guy.

Cena vs. Carlito as the crowd chants “we just saw this.” Cena gets the STFU on Carlito and then Orton shows up and does the pre-ppv heel beatdown thing and tops it off with an RKO on a chair onto the floor thingee. It was quite cool actually. Funny moment: The Titantron showed a kid crying and when he realized he was on the Big Screen he started jumping up and down for joy. I’m sure they’ll edit it, but when you see the kid crying, remember what I told you.

Matt Hardy vs. Evander Holyfield in a boxing match yeah you read that right. Not as bad as it sounds. Hardy gets knocked around some and then MVP gives the Holy Man lip, so he knocks him out.

CM Punk (BIG POP) and Boogeyman vs. John Morrison and BDV. Punk and Morrison work well together. The rest is the rest. Punk gets another clean victory over Morrison.

Vinnie Mac and Coach come out and they do this thing where Coach has come up with several theories based on the research


Very quickly they were

1) Eugene
2) Balls Mahoney
3) Melina

Each one with its own little on-stage comedy routine.

And finally

4) Stone Cold Steve Austin
They have words, Austin kicks and then punches Vince where the sun don’t shine and then stuns Coach.

Austin came back and says its been forever since he’s been the garden and forces a paralyzed Vince to have a beer with him and then stuns him. Austin goes crazy, the crowd goes crazy, Jim Ross went crazy. This went on for a few minutes and then he made Vince and Coach sing “I left my heart in San Francisco.” Then he knocks their heads together and stuns Coach .again.

Hilarious stuff. Too bad you won’t see it.