Missing Links on The Missing Link, Deaths in Wrestling, Dr. Phil Astin, WWE’s Response to Congress & More


Some WWE-related links…

– On his personal blog, Jim Ross wrote a nice obit on the recnetly-passed Missing Link.

– On a lighter note, JR posted a blog entry saying that “The World Title championship belt featured on Smackdown is a derivative of the ‘Flair title’ that dates back to the Crockett era, as best I know,” while also writing about Jerry Lawler, Joey Styles, the low chances of Angle coming back to WWE, Lashley’s attitude, Candice’s hard work, War Games in WWE, D-Lo Brown’s tryout match, Benoit’s legacy, Big Show as a boxer, the upsides of Cade, Murdoch and Kenny & more.

– More on the Dr. Phil Astin case was reported in the Atlanta Journal Constitution this week.

– Michael Virtanen of the AP has a story up entitled “WWE Officials Meet With NY Prosecutors.” Also noted: Brian Adams was apparently a customer of Signature Pharmacy, which is part of a big NY steroid investigation.

– Every other wrestling Web site has said it, and I’ll repeat it: “Death Grip – Pro Wrestlers’ Grim Cycle: Pain, Drugs And Doom” written by the Washington Post‘s Paul Farhi is a must-read.

– WWE has posted the letter it sent to Congress in response to the recent request for info on its Wellness Program, and the entire letter can be seen here (PDF file, opens with Adobe Acrobat Reader).

– In not-as-serious news, WWE is doing an event in Venice Beach this Saturday starting at 11am. Matches announced on WWE.com are Chris Masters vs. Chuck Palumbo, Val Venis vs. Daivari and Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang.

Some TNA-related links…

– TNA has posted news and video coming out of last night’s iMPACT!, including the latest on Pacman Jones here. I have to say that I’m intrigued by this “no one can touch Pacman, but I’ve got a way to get around that” angle they are running with The Truth.

– The latest TNA Today is up, featuring exclusive post-show footage from yesterday’s iMPACT!

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– TNA is coming to NY, which you can read about here.

– If you were wondering who that man was with Karen Angle at the pay-per-view on Sunday, Jeremy Borash noted on last night’s iMPACT! that it was The Trademarc. Yep, John Cena’s cousin. PWInsider has reported that Trademarc also did Angle’s new music. His MySpace is here, including a new photo of him with Angle, with the caption “new alliance?” Ha.

– Finally, Leticia posted info on her involvement with Maxim’s “hometown hotties” on her MySpace blog.

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