[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 45 (8/18/07)

9:30 am
Everyone is sleeping when BB says, “Houseguests, it is time to get up for the day.” No one moved. Then we get several minutes of FOTH (BB probably playing their morning music). When we come back the houseguests are stirring doing morning routines.

10:30 am
Dani and Jess put their ears up to the windows to the back yards and hear workers setting up for the Veto competition. BB tells them to “Stop that!”

Amber tells Jameka she’s not taking anything for her cramps because she wants to be mad for the Veto competition.

Eric fills in Jessica about his talks with Amber and Jameka yesterday. He also tells her if Dick and Daniele insist on Jen going this week, they need get a deal that Zach goes next week.

Zack starts talking about the first song this morning being “Team America” and we get FOTH. When feeds return we learn that in addition to Jameka, Amber, and Dani that Zack, Jess, and Dick will be playing for Veto. Dani got ‘houseguest choice’ and chose Dick. Jen is not playing. Eric is hosting.

11:30 am
The houseguests have been told that 1st and 2nd place in the Veto comp will get something special. They don’t know what exactly, but it’s a trip out of the house. Some hope it’s a movie. Amber tells Jameka that GOD put them in this position so they can win and go away together. Zach and Dick go to another room to celebrate that Jen can’t play.

Jess and Eric start to quiz each other about their lives to see how well they know each other (family members, stuff like that). Zach, Dani, and Ed are in the kitchen and LR area and join in on the quizzing. Zach can hardly contain himself about possibly getting a trip.

2:00 pm – Feeds had been out for just over an hour.
When they return, we learn that Dani won the Veto. Amber came in 2nd. Dani and Amber get a trip, but we don’t know what or where yet.

Dani’s first reaction is not to use the Veto, “It would be stupid”. But after some discussion with Dick (that was hard to make out), it looks like they may go through with the plan to back door Jen.

We are able to figure out that the Veto competition was based on the CBS Pole Questions. House guests talked about 3 of the 5 questions asked in the comp:

36% thought Zach was the sexiest bunny,
19% thought Kail would make a good politician,
14% think being in the BB house is easy.

3:00 pm
There is more Veto chat, mostly Eric complaining about not getting to play again. Then he says, “If they were on the Survivor, they would have died.” Jameka says, “No, there would be murder!”

Pretty quiet otherwise while folks prepare and eat lunch.

4:00 pm
Jameka, Amber and Dani try to guess what the trip might be. Elsewhere, Dick and Jen also talk about where Amber and Dani might be going.

Dani talks to Zach. She says her dad is getting on her nerves,” He’s never been the father type and now all of a sudden he’s trying to act like a father, telling her to take her vitamins, etc”. She’s tired of him telling her what to do. She starts to tell him about her bad childhood, that it was always her dad’s side, her mom’s side, her grandparents. They were always going to court for visitation (to get back at each other) but it wasn’t about the kids. Zach says from what Dick told him it sounds like he tried to make her and Vincent’s childhood the best he could. Dani said, “Yeah right. He didn’t do nearly what he likes to tell people he did. He tries to act like he was such a good dad.”

6:00 pm
Eric, Jess, Jen and Jameka are playing ‘True or False’ in the small bedroom.
Dick and Zach are playing beer pong in the kitchen.

Amber is alone in the hammock talking to god. She’s not mad at him for not letting her win the POV. She’s thankful for the trip. She doesn’t know what to do if Dani approaches her with a deal…needs his help. She’s learning so much there. She says she has a really pretty face and could easily be a model. She hopes someone will discover her. It does not escape us that the BB cameras pan up to the sky as Amber talks and then comes back down to her again.
Dick goes over to check on Amber. Amber says it’s hard. Dick says he knows, he thought HE was going last week. He tells her she has a 50/50 shot of staying. Anything can happen.

The bedroom group are chatting and still playing the true/false game. Zach joins them and wrestles around with Eric.

7:00 pm
Zach joins Dick for a game of beer pong in the dining area.

Amber and Jameka have a very quiet conversation in bed. Amber says that Dick told her the same advice he gave her week one when she was nominated and it’s still good advice; not to isolate herself. She thinks Dick really likes her. They are talking about various deals Amber could make with Dani to use the Veto.

A “Feast” has arrived. BB has told them that everyone is allowed to partake. Jen is very excited. Everyone sits down to eat and they have some happy time.

8:00 pm
Eric, Jess, and Jen talk about ‘the wedding’ after the show; joking about getting CBS to pay for it and getting their own spin off show.

Amber and Jameka talk in the hammock, going back and forth about whether they should talk to Dani. Jameka keeps encouraging Amber to talk to Dani and make a deal of some kind, but Jameka doesn’t seem to want to talk to Dani herself. Amber suggests they both talk to Dani together, but Jameka rejects that idea. Amber says, “I don’t know if I should make a deal or not. I mean, if God has it all worked out, just leave it be.”

Dick joins Jen, Jess and Eric in the hot tub.

9:00 pm
Amber and Jameka continue their chat. Amber says, “Have you ever been asked about me being an inspirational speaker?” Then FOTH. Amber REALLY thinks she and Jameka will stay this week. Jameka sees free education but not modeling in Amber’s future. They both think Amber will have sponsors for Amber’s nursing education.

Zach goes up to HOH with Daniele. He asks what kind of car she drives. She says a 2000 Eclipse, pearly white. It isn’t working right and she had to have it jump started. She’s only cleaned it twice since she got it for graduation. She informed him of the LNC meeting in the HOH where she got angry w/Amber and didn’t want to vote Nick out, but agreed to go with the group. She was so mad, she had to leave and cry in the bathroom. Then she went to the DR and cried for another 2 1/2 hours.

10:00 pm
Most everyone is playing Quarters in the Dining area. Dani wonders what’s being shown on ShoToo right now; the Quarters or Jameka and Amber. They group talked about POV questions, specifically the one about “America do you think it is tough in the BB house?” Eric said “Is cursing allowed on Showtime?”, then jokingly yells “F**K YOU AMERICA!” and raises his glass like it was a toast. Jen tells everyone she was a ring girl one time. She didn’t like it. They ask why. She says because she had to walk around in a bikini in front of thousands of people. (ed. I don’t think I want to be around when she finally sees the opening sequence of the show that all of America sees. If you don’t understand, just watch the show tonight and you’ll see what I mean).

Jameka and Amber are still in the hammock talking about how Dustin didn’t shake everyone’s hand. Jameka says it’s wrong that Dustin left and didn’t even know it was coming.

11:00 pm
Zach joins Dick outside. Zach tells Dick about Jen’s thoughts on being a ring girl and says, “What does she think THIS is?!” He says she is starting to annoy him. She’s like a mosquito in his ear. Daniele joins them until she lets out a blood curdling scream and jumps up. There was a spider on her. She goes inside.

A while later, Dick goes up to the HOH to check on Daniele. He can tell something’s bothering her. She finally comes out with it, including that she’s tired of him trying to parent her. He says he’ll give her her space. He is visibly annoyed as he gets up. She says, “You asked”. He flings the door open and leaves.

Dick is in the back yard alone and upset with Daniele. At one point he says, “Vincent if you’re watching, I miss you, man. Your sister’s being a pain in the ass”.

Dick and Eric in the kitchen discuss the game. Dick says. “I can’t wait to see her (Jen’s) face when Dani uses it (Veto).” Eric responds “Well, because as soon as she goes up, she’ll know she’s going home.” Eric also says, “Amber thinks she’s leaving for sure”.

1:00 am
Eric, Jameka, and Dick discuss past seasons. Dick says that for years people will refer to Dustin volunteering to be the pawn and getting voted out as “pulling a Dustin”.

Dick and Eric continue talking. Dick saying there will be big drama on Monday and Eric says “Of course there will be, there always is”. Dick is laughing and smiling and says “The (stuff) I said to Dustin was pretty bad. I got a few warnings”. Eric is surprised, “Really, for talking?” Dick says, “Yes, the sexually violent comments”.

Dick announced he is going to bed.

Jameka and Jessica are on the hammock giving each other encouragement, until we hear Jameka say “You farted again Jess and it stinks!” She calls over to Eric to tell him and he says he just ignores them. All three are laughing, especially Jameka. Eric says they sound like trumpets and Jessica cracks up.

Eric joins them. They talk about Nick’s letter to Daniele. Jameka thinks there were ‘hints’ in it. Eric does not like that a letter from a previous houseguest was allowed. Jameka talks about a ‘date’ with Zach coming up this Thursday and Amber has one with him Wednesday.

2:00 am
Jameka, Eric and Jessica continue chatting. Jessica and Eric have moved to the big lounger. As they chat, Jessica smacks Eric’s butt several times, very hard. He doesn’t react. Jameka says Jess is getting her second wind.

Jess has gone in for a food run. Jameka tells Eric, “It is obvious that you have an alliance (with Dick).” She understands it is game play. Jessica comes back out and they discuss options of who might go up if Dani uses the Veto. Eric appears to be ‘burping’ Jessica.

Jameka asks, “Jen and Daniele in the final two, who would you give it to?” They all say Jen, though Eric says he would kill himself if that were the scenario. They think that Jameka will stay if Jen goes up. Jameka wants Eric to suggest it to Dani.

Jess and Eric have been getting playful on the lounger. Jameka says that the sick thing about this whole set up is that I am beginning to transform to medieval times, being the old mother who is making sure that Eric behaves. Jess giggles and Jameka says she doesn’t like the view of Jess’ wiggling butt; she’s is going to bed to give them their ‘puppy time’.

3:00 am
Jameka has gone inside and is cleaning up in the kitchen. Eric and Jessica are talking different game scenarios. Eric says “I am not making decisions until Wednesday evenings any more. Jessica responds “Whatever!”

Eric says when the time comes that he needs to win a competition he will win a competition.

Jess and Eric begin fighting over what Amber said about Dustin/Jen/Eric being aligned last week.

4:00 am
Jess says, “This was our first fight”. Eric says, “This is going to be a long 80 year marriage”. They claim if it weren’t for the game stuff, they would be married already.

Jess says she has a tendency to get jealous in relationships. Eric gives different scenarios and asks how she would react.

5:00 am
Dicks wakes up and goes in the backyard with Jess and Eric. He is saying how excited he is for Jen to go on the block today. He goes back to bed.

Eric and Jess kidding around talking about “if” they were dating, what would make them mad at each other outside house. Eric poses, “If he brought her home the wrong order from a fast food place.” It is all light and fun and silly stuff.

7:00 am
Eric tried using Jess’s shoulder for a pillow, but it was too “boney”. Jess didn’t seem to be amused. She tells him there was a ‘Hate Jessica’ club in high school, started by her ex-boyfriend. They are lying very close, but Jess is afraid of “x-ray” cameras, so there is no hanky panky under the striped towels. Close up looks like Jess has her head on Eric’s shoulder. Eric is resting his head on Jess’s head. Lots of MMMMs, trying to go to sleep, but keep talking.

They think they are the focal point of the show; cross dressing, jumping jacks, aligning with enemies and their “relationship”.

Eric asks “Do you do laundry ever or would I have to do that?” Jess says her mom still does her laundry, but she does know how to do it.

Eric asks, “What part of you should I be excited to get?” Jess responds, “All of me!”

Eric says, “We are way better than Daniele and Nick ever were”. He says the note that Nick sent to Dani was “gay gay gay” and that she will never get anything “that queer” from him in “30 years of marriage”.

Eric ponders, “Do you think anyone has spent the last 5 hours watching us? To those who have watched us for the last 5 hours, we appreciated it. Look for our spin off show and nuptials.” They go to bed just before 8:00 am.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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