[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap Day 48 (08/21/07)

Morning –
ED is the first one up, brushing teeth, messin with his hair, puts on his mic, then heads to the backyard. As he heads out to smoke, he requests “Crazy Bitch” by Buck Cherry as the wake up song. ED amuses himself about Jen’s meltdown last night, says if we missed it, it was the greatest meltdown ever, and she’s an f’in bitch crazy. ED heads into the kitchen to make himself some pancakes and change his batteries in the SR. ED gets some food and heads to the kitchen to cook. Looks like he is cooking bacon. He tosses the food in the pan and says to the camera “See that? A great day!”. ED seems to be in a very good mood today. He makes himself an omelet and seems very pleased with his efforts. He takes it out to the BY to eat and comments on it being hot, but good. He wonders aloud what Dani is doing now.

Jen is up. ED makes comments under his breath each time Jen passes by him. He says that Amber and Mike clean, everyone else are just cleaning posers. At around 11am BB makes a wake up call and plays music, not the song ED requested. ED comes downstairs and says “Good morning sunshine” to Jess and “Good morning crazy bitch” to Jen. Eric and Zach are up, talking with ED about rules as Jen eats grapes and cottage cheese. They feel since she has breeched the PoV punishments thing that Jameka should get her HoH chances back. Trivia. They all feel the penalty on Jen should be harsher. Eric comments to ED that when Zach put on the bunny suit, he got a personality. There is a temp LD out back while BB fixes the SR door.

Eric comments that the girls in the house got ripped off in the eye candy department. They got ED, Zach, Mike, two gay guys, Nick who fell in love within the first 18 hours and that leaves just him. Right after LD, Jen is called to the DR. Jess plays a joke on everyone and yells to them from inside the house that Jen’s pic on the memory wall is grey, they all come running and she laughs. Trivia. A quick blip of Eric saying CBS doesn’t want to mess with the integrity of the show. Apparently a meeting occurred while the trivia was up, about Jen. When feeds come back, Jen tells Zach, Eric and Jess she will not vote for any of them, she will vote for ED or Dani cause they have played them all this summer. Eric tells her they don’t care, do whatever she wants and shut up.

Afternoon –

Jen seems to be eating all the time now. More talk between hgs about rules and Jen and her eating. Jameka is praying in the BY. She is clearly upset by all this. Jess and ED are talking, ED says the only difference after their earlier meeting is now Jen will be voted out 6-0 instead of 5-0. [This is apparently where Jen’s penalty nom was changed to a penalty vote]. Everyone seems to agree the penalty vote is more fair because it doesn’t adversely influence the vote this week or actions next week. Zach keeps saying how much he hates cheaters, he is in the pool, Jess joins him. Zach also commented that BB will not debrief Amber and Dani, they have to do because they want the reactions on camera and such. Eric and ED join the pool party. Jameka declines because she just did her hair but says she will watch and be the lifeguard. Eric gets in the HT and ED closes the cover over him while Eric is underwater, they are surprised BB did not yell at them. ED says “how cool would it be to be really high right now?”

Jen is looking through the fridge and then in the SR for something else to eat. The rest of the hgs are in the BY, tanning, chatting, playing in the pool. Jen finds a box of raisin bran, takes it outside, grabs and towel and goes to the hammock with her cereal. ED says the open pack of smokes he had is missing, he goes up to HoH to get another. He says he will have to carry his smokes with him all the time for next two days. Eric and Jess talking about jobs, Eric thinks he might like to work in reality tv after this. They decide the Thursday show will be packed given all that has happened since the Tuesday show. Around 4pm it seems everyone is bored and tired and ready for napping. There are a few calls to the DR but mostly people napping for a while.

Evening –

Zach is doing his laundry. He tells Jameka that he will be voting to keep her in the house because he doesn’t like cheaters. He doesn’t respect people who break the rules. Zach talks about being a gamer to the end, that Jameka needs to be as well. Trying to cheer her up, it seems. Jameka talks about this being her third week on slop. Zach trying to decide what he wants to cook on the nice clean grill. Around 6pm everyone is up from their naps. ED is called to the DR and Zach going on about cheaters again. Jen is eating again. ED and Jameka talk about Jen, how she had the rulebook out looking for a loophole. ED thinks it was good they changed it to a penalty vote but thinks it should be more punishment. They don’t care if Jen leaves sequester, they don’t like how she was threatening people with her vote in the end, etc. They agree there will be no hinky votes this week because Dustin is gone.

At this point, Tuesday night’s episode aired which you can check out a recap from Richard Mauntah.

Night –

Jess washes her hair in the HoH bathroom while ED makes the bed and stuff before Dani comes back. Jen, Zach and Jameka are in the BY watching a spider build a web. [family pride on Jen’s part? Oh that was mean.] Jen was going to make some pasta, but ED dumped her water out into the sink and took the bag of pasta outside with him. He is out in the BY smoking. Eric is fixing spaghetti and meatballs for everyone. They try to guess where Amber and Dani might have gone. They eat dinner and then Eric talks about his friend Steve and feed goes to wormhole. Jess and Eric does up the dishes while ED smokes outside. ED and Eric are playing Chinese football on the countertop. They all laugh about how boring they are and how people are probably watching Zach sleep over them. Jameka says hello to the Showtime viewers. Talk turns to Jen, Eric mentions that she told him she tried to make friends with an ant in the motel before the show started.

They all agree they might not have handled it as well if she had gotten in their faces like she did with ED last night. They talk about Punk’d, the Justin Timberlake episode, the Alpha Dog movie with him and a Seth Green movie. A lot of general chit chat, Jess says her boobies are smarter than Holly was. ED, Eric, Jess and Jameka make up acrostic poems for each of the hgs names. Eric pours some more wine for Jess, Zach comments on trying to get her drunk, Jess says yes, she wants to get drunk. They talk about Amber and Dani not being back yet. Wonder again where they went. Zach and Eric wedge Jen’s BR door shut so she cannot get out. BB told them “stop that!”. Eric defaces the halfway cake with the images on it, all the pics but his own. Jess tells him she wants to see his nerdy pics, but not if they have his ex girlfriend in them. Eric and Jess playing a game where you slap the other persons hand…. they are being more playful about it than serious. Zach and Eric play the same game but are actually hurting each other. Jameka mentions the girls coming back and Zach turns to look, thus ending the game because he removed his hand.

Jen comes out to the kitchen to get more food. Everyone ignores her. She sees the icing pic of her stuck to the front of the fridge and wipes it off and throws it in the trash. Zach calls BS on Eric and the woobie, saying it was Eric’s and he saw him pull it out of a bag. Eric using the lint roller all over Jess. ED and Zach in the BY, ED commenting on Jen and her lack of makeup. Zach says Eric and Jess are in with them for a final five. ED chuckles as he thinks about the Thursday show and what Julie will say. He says they should give America a vote and it will be 7-0 to evict Jen. Dani and Amber can be heard coming in through the DR. They tell the hgs they had to wear sunglasses and headphones when they got out of the limo. They tell them they flew to NY on a private jet but that they cannot reveal what they did there yet, in a couple days. They mention hearing that Michael Vick did something bad but not sure what.

They decide to all head out to the BY so Amber and Dani can be debriefed on what has happened while they were gone. Jen joins them, despite ED saying they don’t want her there. Eric does a quick summary, lit herself on fire, hid her clothes, stole and destroyed cigs, ate food and now has a penalty vote. Jen is trying to excuse her behavior because she hates smokes and that’s why she destroyed the cigs, but ED and Eric keep interrupting her. Eric tells Jen she made a mockery of herself and a mockery of the show. Jen says they will have to offer her a lot [not just money] if they want her to go to sequester. Amber telling Jen “I’m sorry Jen, but that’s so rude of you”, Jen tries to explain but they keep interrupting her. Amber asks why did she eat? Jen claims she had never heard of BB before. Jen says she thought it would be more America’s Choice or Luxury Competitions, she wanted to experience all of BB. Eric tells her that jury is part of the BB experience. She says she wanted to be in the final five. Eric says “So what? we are supposed to let you get to the final two so you can have the experience?”.

Jen claims the producers begged her to be on the show, and they shouldn’t have. She tells Jameka she [Jameka] has an easy week. Jameka in the SR saying “I am not that person anymore, thank you, thank you, mmmmhmmmmm”. Amber goes off on Jen. Jen says to Jess that she didn’t realize anyone would take it to heart that she was eating. She doesn’t understand why it upsets anyone else. Eric tells her she violated the contract and that BB could sue the shit out of her. Jen says she didn’t want to come there and lie, but Jess well to be honest, you have to lie. Eric tells Amber the situation last night was unprovoked, just a tantrum on Jen’s part because she was being backdoored. Eric comes outside to Jen and Jess, Jen says she felt like everyone was avoiding her and Eric says “I have no f’ing clue what you are talking about”. Eric says he has supported her being in the house and she says he has not.

Dani says that what Jen did ruins the integrity of the game, they all agree. Dani let’s it slip that the Showtime thing is doing great. Jen continues to talk about how BB begged her to do the show. Jen claims she didn’t apply, she didn’t want to be there, etc. Eric calls BS and when Jen says they shouldn’t talk about it anymore, he tells her to STFU. Jess tells Jen what she did affected Jameka and the rest of the house. Eric says to Jen “so what, you just phantomly appeared on the show without ever agreeing to anything?” Jen says “pretty much” and he calls BS again because she had all those shirts made up. Dani tells ED in the kitchen that she thinks they are portraying all of them pretty accurately. Amber asks Jen if she knew she wasn’t voted out in the first six weeks she knew she would have to go to sequester…. Jen says “sitting on a beach in Mexico for six weeks? I don’t have time for that” and goes on about how many things she has missed to be there.

Eric apologizes for interrupting Jess’ conversation with Jen. Jess says it probably looked like she [Jess] was trying to justify Jen’s actions but that is not the case. Eric apologizes again and asks if Jess is going to go finish her talk and Jess says no, everyone just wants to tear into her and she is not like that. Jen and Amber talking. Jen says she will say hi to Dustin if they make her go to sequester but she doesn’t know what they could do to make her. Jen says she needs to speak to her agent to see if he gives her the okay to go to sequester. Jen talks about how amazing her life is and that people are probably wondering why she would leave it to be tortured by ED. She starts to cry. Jess and Jameka talking about Jen, Jess thinks Jen was not thinking about anyone else and how what she did would affect them. They try to figure Jen out and realize that might be impossible.

Jen cries and says she hopes this hasn’t ruined her life, being trashed by ED, leaving her life and responsibilities. She talks about living on a big estate in Beverly Hills. Jen tells Amber she needs to watch out for these people. Jen says she told D&D she wouldn’t play with ED and that is why she is going home. Jen says she, Amber and Jameka are the most honest and forthcoming in the game. Jen says Jess is so fake. Amber asks if she should watch out for Eric and Jen says yes. Jen asks Amber about the trip, if Dani tried to talk game to Amber. Amber says they were not allowed to talk game or BB at all. They were in separate hotel rooms and focused on something else. Jen asks if Amber thinks BB is popular and Amber says yes. Jen said she has the impression it is bigger than other years but that she had never heard of BB so she [Jen] had no idea what she was getting into.

Eric pulls Jameka aside to tell her he has her vote to stay and that she should not worry. ED joins them and they talk about the show, who is hated or highly regarded etc. Jameka says Jen is like sweet 16 and wonders how Jen can just say that. ED asks “would you hire her as a nanny” they all agree no, they would not. Eric doesn’t want to even be around Jen. ED says smoking is like Jen repellent with rules. ED thinks Jen just lives in a fantasy world. Jameka admits she was worried when Jen got aggressive that ED would as well, ED says he was worried about getting tossed out. ED says Jen talks about her mansion, her maids, her gardener, etc, not realizing she is just hired help like the maids. He wonders if the Nanny job is just made up as a cover for being a stripper or something. They talk about Amber and Dani, speculating they might have been on a talk show, not Oprah cause that is in Chicago, but maybe Ellen. ED comments on Amber having a really long DR session.

Dani asks ED to take Jen’s stuff out of the HoH. It was to much to come home to. She doesn’t want to be in the middle of it with Jen bugging her about her stuff. Dani wants the stuff out now…. ED is trying to get her to let him keep the stuff up there till tomorrow. Jess, Eric and ED talk about Zach, how Zach has been telling ED how to act with Dani. They talk about Zach not knowing what it is like to be on the block, when Zach goes on the block, he needs to go home. ED says he will take Jen’s stuff out tomorrow and hide it in the BY. Dani talks about her HoH Blog, so much to write about and not sure what she will be allowed to write about. Dani wants to go to bed, she is exhausted, only two hours sleep during the trek outside the house. ED asks her not to take any pics of Jen.

Jess heads to bed, Eric follows her. He says he hopes she is not mad about his interrupting her conversation in the BY, he wanted to rescue her. Jess is not mad at all, just worried how what she said [Jess] came across. Amber and Jameka talking in the bathroom. Amber says if she gets HoH next week, she has to make a bold move, nom ED and Eric and if one of them gets off, nom Dani and that would be a problem. Amber tells Jameka that Dani said she wished she could have gone on the trip with Jess, which shows they are in an alliance. Amber shares some of what Jen told her, Jameka asks how she can trust Jen and Amber says she just knows Jen is telling the truth. Now Amber says she will nom Jess and Eric and if one of them wins PoV she will put up ED and ED will go home. Eric and Jess sharing pillow talk, about them having each other and woobie. Amber heads to the kitchen.

Amber and ED talk in BY about family, Dani pissing of ED when he tries so hard to be good to her. Dani missing out on a lot of family stuff because of herself. Lots of late night chatter about not much at all. Eric and Jess whisper in bed, Amber and Jameka whisper in the bathroom, ED roams the house. Amber is pissed at Eric again about Dustin leaving, at Jess for the same thing. Amber says Eric has to go. Jameka and Amber talk more game and strategy. ED comes in and says he cannot believe they are both awake still. Amber says she is going to bed. Jameka tells Amber if she [Amber] does not get HoH, she [Jameka] will be going home. Jameka and Amber head off to bed around 5:30am.

Credit: Joker’s Updates