Transformers Review: Japanese store exclusive Noise Effect

Transformers Japanese exclusive microns: Noise Effect
Size: Minicon
MSRP: 0-100$ (depending on how much money you NEED to waste)
A TF review written exclusively for Inside Pulse by Rikkomba


The summer got a little less magic, lately. First, my holidays are OVER, that means: work, exams, projects and so on. And my collection has to eat, too! I don’t know how that happened… I mean, my checklist was made of 15 figures and now it became over 80 figures long! Does anyone have a good explanation? And don’ try to call me “TF-addicted”, because that’s already how “Rikkomba” is read in reverse!

It’s always like that. I try to rest for some weeks, and Japanese store exclusives pop out. In 3 weeks of holidays I got 14 new microns, that’s just unfair! Of course, I got all of them already, but not for free. But… hey, what would an exclusive TF be without an offensive price? You’d lose half its taste!

Noise Effect. What’s next, BACKITCHING?

Noise Effect is a straight repaint of Classic Clear Skies Team’s Thunderwing. Please note there has never been any Japanese equivalent of the Classic toyline, so they never got the original American release.


This exclusive micron, whose name makes me heeehehehehHEEHBWHAHAHAHApleeeasehehehe, ahem, was given in Japan at Ito Yokado retail stores since July 20 with the purchase of any Transformers Movie toy (thanks to:
Because of its nature, this item comes with no price, just scalpering value. And don’t get me started of those who at this year’s BotCon happily got 4 or 5 sets to resell them, because a store exclusive is much different than some exclusive item made by fans for fans. Shame on them.

Naah, maybe something more like BOOMBOT. I know I need that.

Being a straight repaint of Classic Thunderwing, Noise EffehehehehehHEEEHBWHAHAHHApleaasehehehe is a Tomcat-like airplane as well.

Its gray and blue colors make it more realistic and more boring at the same time. On the wings’ upper side there are still the same logos you could find on the original version, this time they are painted blue.

It’s the Cybertron Defense Team’s logo, if you remember. Because gray doesn’t mean “metal” or “realistic” that much to me (Movie Megatron anyone?) I consider this color scheme more boring than the previous one.

Maybe Cool Coolness? Naah, too bright.

Thunderwing’s experimental and unconventional transformation got no changes, so you still get the cockpit’s 2 halves as arms, with some detail on them that should convince us we are actually getting arms.


Legs are unarticulated, but who cares? If I wanted articulation I’d get myself a gymnast girlfriend, not an exclusive micron. Ehr.

I also found a weapon mode for this mold, at least it makes more sense when I display it.


Torque Gain comes next. So, do you still feel like complaining about BOOMBOT now?

Of the hundreds of microns I own, Noise EffeheeeeeeeeeeeeehehehehHEEEEEEEEEHBWHAHAHAHAHAHHApleeeeeeeeaaaseheeheeheeis one of my least favourites. You should get one only if you are a completist. Though, I like the mold enough to give Noise EffeheeeeeeeeeeeeehehehehHEEEEEEEEEHBWHAHAHAHAHAHHApleeeeeeeeaaaseheeheehee a positive grade. Just don’t pay yours more than 20$, or you’ll regret it.

On Elohim’s Energon scale, I give Noise Effect 6 out of 10 cubheeehehehehHEEEHBWHAHAHAHAHAHHApleeeeeeeeaaaseheeheehee,OH MY.

Take care,


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