Ultimate Marvel Handbook #210

Hello all and welcome to another edition of the Marvel Handbook. I‘m Jim of course and my partner as normal is Daron but he’s off this week. So I get to work with Manolis. Hey Manny old bud how are you

I’m great, old-timer! Feeling ‘green’, apparently. Typing this with one hand and applying glitter with the other: getting ready for Manchester Gay Pride weekend! I still couldn’t pass up the chance to contribute in my first column as an editor for the site, could I? What about you?

I‘m good. Running a bit late here but I‘m ready to go even with like 2 emails. But I know you Manny you can help a lot with information and more

I just hope my Marvel Trivia is still up to snuff! Cue in the column logo!

Say, Jim? Could I interrupt? Erm… How come you never use the logo I designed for you inside the column? You know, this one:

I actually do quite often but I don’think about it for doing the spaces.

I’m having a ‘sad smilie’ moment here.

Sylvain emails

Greetings gentlemen,

I remember actually owning Marvel Two-in-One annual #7 as a youth and, if I may, your summary is a bit off.

The Champion challenged a few of Earth’s most physically powerful heroes to an inter-galactical boxing match where each one would be given a chance to face him (but _not_ each other).

The dumbfounded doctors (Samson and Sasquatch) had no experience in the ring and neither fared too well (Samson was beaten by a training machine!).

Hulk and Thor were promptly disqualified during their respective bouts (Hulk SMASH…ed his gloves and Thor used his hammer). Namor was being prissy illegitimate female child about the whole thing as always, getting sent home early.

Wonder Man impressed no one and while Colossus had heart, he couldn’t cut It (came close though).

This brings us to the Rocky of the story – the prototypical symbol of good ol’ American fighting spirit (and all that stuff that made me sear off of comics for a long time) – the Thing.

The Champion declared himself sufficiently impressed by Grimm’s fortitude and skill (his refusal to give up and hitting the Champ a few times) that he would happily leave. Ben was left a bloody and battered mess by the Champion – possibly barely alive – yet he stood up and accepted the alien’s accolade. Pretty powerful stuff when you’re 8 years old, but a bit cheesy when you’re older (sums up my feelings on a lot of things Marvel…).

That‘s very accurate to the events of the issue in fact. Well done.

Admit it, Jim, you’ve never read this issue, have you? You were just making up a story, just by looking at that cover. Which, admittedly, wasn’t an uncommon practice for most Marvel writers of that time. Good going!

I have so read this issue. Been awhile since I’ve read it of course. I mean I have to pull out a box of Marvel Two-In-Ones to get to it.

I never realised that before, but you DO have a box of Marvel Two-In-Ones in your house, don’t? And a box of every other Marvel title, ever! Can you post a photo of your comics closet/ basement/ appartment/ silo next week please?

Cory emails

Cory’s in the Hizzzouse! Greetings J& D…away we go:

Hey Cory.

That’s J& M! D is off sipping Mohitos, while we’re still here, an S short of a career in Marvel Comics. Um, ‘hey’ back at you! (Do I talk too much? I Talk too much. Sorry!)

1. What has the relationship between Siryn & Deadpool been like as of late? I think they should get together, I mean every beast needs a beauty. Siryn has become the voice of reason and sanity in Deadpool’s ear, attempting to sway him to the side of good. It’s kinda worked since teaming with Cable.

We haven‘t seen sign of it in a while. I‘m not sure it‘s even been touched on since Cable/Deadpool started and even X-Factor started. I know it‘s odd but I do agree I miss it and want them back together

Yeah, ‘poor lonely Deadpool’… More like poor ‘demented psychopath mercenary kidnaps-old-ladies Deadpool’! While undoubtedly Siryn would be a good influence to Wade, shouldn’t we be thinking about the poor Irish lassie’s (that’s Irish for girl, right? Or is it ‘boy’?) well-being as well? She’s been a teetotaller for years now, but Deadpool could drive anyone to a drunken stupor, let alone a recovering Alcoholic.

That said, if we should take into account her recent fascination with bondage/hostage situations, maybe Deadpool isn’t such a bad fit for her!

Now that was one scary rant Manolis.

2. If the Punisher has killed over 2,000 people…just a ballpark figure…how many people have Wolverine killed?

I‘ll give Wolverine 7,000. He‘s been around longer. Was in more then 1 World War and had a past of violence that‘s worse then even Frank

He’s killed 7,000 ninjas in the last year alone! You gotta shoot higher than that.

70,000? 7,000,000? I mean Wolverine’s numbers have to be really high Manolis.

Seven… BILLION! (ninjas)!

3. Ali Larter as Copycat, and Ryan Reynolds as Agent X is NICE! So my Heroes for Hire casting call: Misty Knight- Kerri Washington Colleen Wing- Maggie Q Black Cat- Natassia Malthe Tarantula- Dania Ramirez Shang Chi- Dustin Nguyen Paladin- Jeffrey Donovan(with blonde dyed hair) Humbug- Neil Patrick Harris?

Hmmmm not that bad. I actually like this casting a lot

Thumbs up from me as well. Couldn’t we squeeze Ryan Reynolds in here as well, though? He should be in every superhero movie!

Heroes For Hire guest staring Deadpool. Coming to a theatre near you!

4. About my X-men relations question: I meant out of ALL the members who have dated who, etc? (ex. Cyclops- Jean, Emma or Jean- Wolverine, Cyclops)

OHHHHH I thought you meant current. This should be fun. Only using X-characters of all the teams

Archangel: Psylocke, Husk, amd Jean,
Banshee: Emma, and Moira
Beast: Dazzler and Trish Tilby (X-Man during the Phalanx thing)
Bishop: closest he got is Deathbird
Blink: Mimic
Cable: Domino and Storm
Caliban: Kitty
Callisto: Archangel, and Colossus
Cannonball: Meltdown, Lila Cheney and Magma
Captain Britain: Meggan
Cerise: Nightcrawler
Chamber: Husk
Colossus: Kitty, Callisto, Rogue, Meggan
Copycat: Deadpool and Cable
Cyclops: Jean, Emma, Madelyne Pryor and Psylocke and Lee Tyler, Colleen Wing!)
Cypher: Psylocke, Kitty and Wolfsbahne
Dazzler: Longshot, Juggernaut and Beast
Deadpool: Copycat and Siryn and Typhoid Mary
Domino: Cable, Wolverine
Douglock: Wolfsbane
Elixir: Wolfsbane
Emma: Cyclops and Iceman, Banshee
Empath: Magma
Forge: Storm and Mystique
Gambit: Storm, Rogue, Marrow
Havok: Polaris and Madelyne Pryor and Nurse Annie
Hepzibah: Corsair and Warpath
Husk: Chamber and Archangel
Iceman: Mystique, Polaris, Emma
Jean: Wolverine, Cyclops, Archangel
Joseph: Rogue
Jubilee: Synch, Skin
Juggernaut: Dazzler and She-Hulk
Kitty: Colossus, Caliban, Cypher, Wisdom
M: Synch, Madrox
Madelyne Pryor: Cyclops, Havok
Magik II (Amanda): Nightcrawler
Madrox: M, Siryn
Magma: Cannonball and Empath
Magneto: Rogue and Lee Tyler
Marrow: Gambit
Marvel Girl (Rachel): Rory Campbell, Franklin Richards and Alistaire Stuart
Meggan: Cap Britain, Nightcrawler, Colossus
Meltdown: Cannonball, Sunspot, Rictor and Sabretooth… kinda
Ms Marvel: Wolverine
Mystique: Forge, Iceman, Wolverine, Destiny, Sabretooth
Nightcrawler: Cerise, Amanda Sefton, Meggan and Storm
Nocturne: Juggernaut, Thunderbird (Exiles)
Polaris: Havok, Iceman
Prof X: Jean, Amelia Voght, Lilandra
Psylocke: Archangel, Cyclops, Cypher, Thunderbird III
Random: Polaris
Rictor: Wolfsbane, Strong Guy (where?), Meltdown and Shatterstar!
Rogue: Colossus, Gambit, Joseph, Magneto
Rusty: Skids
Sabretooth: Mystique and Meltdown
Siryn: X-Man, Deadpool, Madrox, Warpath
Skids: Rusty
Skin: Jubilee and Monet (prom)
Slipstream: Storm
Stacy X: Wolverine, Archangel and Nightcrawler (bedroom scene)
Storm: Forge, Cable, Wolverine, Gambit, Slipstreamand Nightcrawler
Strong Guy: Wolfsbane
Sunspot: Meltdown
Synch: Jubilee, M
Thunderbird III: Psylocke
Warpath: Hepzibah, Moonstar, Siryn
Wisdom: Kitty and Sage
Wolfsbane: Elixir, Cannonball, Strong Guy, Rictor, Cypher, Havok, Douglock
Wolverine: Jean, Mystique, Domino, Stacy X, Storm, Ms Marvel
X-Man: Siryn (AOA version), Madelyne Pryor

I think that’s all of them. Someone can try to help with ones I missed

I pitched in as much as I could. Wolfsbahne seems to be the most flirtatious of the lot!

I missed on the Strong Guy spot a bit there lol

5. How bout that same question, but with the Avenger’s members?

Aleta: Starhawk
Ant-Man II: Jessica Jones
Arachne: Shroud
Black Knight: Crystal, Sersi
Black Widow: Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Daredevil
Cap: Wanda
Crystal: Quicksilver
Deathcry: Vision
Dr. Druid: Ravonna
Firebird: Pym
Firestar: Justice
Hank Pym: Wasp, Tigra, Firebird
Hawkeye: Mockingbird, Black Widow, She-Hulk
Invisible Woman: Mr. Fantastic, Namor, Spidey
Iron Man: Wasp, Ms Marvel, She-Hulk, Masque and Misty Knight?
Justice: Firestar
Luke Cage: Jessice Jones and Colleen Wing
Magdalene: Swordsman II
Mantis: Swordsman I
Marrina: Namor
Masque: Iron Man
Mockingbird: Hawkeye
Moondragon: Thor, Marlo Jones, Quasar (Phylla-Vell)
Mr. Fantastic: Invisible Woman
Ms Marvel: Iron Man, Wolverine
Namor: Invisible Woman, Marrina
Quicksilver: Crystal
Scarlet Witch: Vision Wonder Man, Cap
Sersi: Black Knight
She-Hulk: Iron Man, Hawkeye, Starfox
Shroud: Arachne
Spider-Man: Invisible Woman
Starfox: She-Hulk
Starhawk: Aleta
Swordsman I: Mantis
Swordsman II: Magdalene
Tigra: Pym, , Iron-Man, Graviton, Wonder-Man…
Vision: Wanda, Deathcry
Wasp: Pym, Iron Man
Wolverine: Ms Marvel
Wonder Man: Wanda

Colleen Wing and Misty Knight where not Avengers.

They’re as much an Avenger as Ravonna or Jessica Jones! They’ve dated one 😉

6. What is up with all this “One More Day” and Spider-man marriage crap? He’s losing Aunt May and Mary Jane? I have no problem with the marriage except for that fact that since his identity is outed, she’s a target or a “unwanted” celebrity. I don’t see her holding him back other than that. I mean she knows of his history, his powers, and his responsibility as a hero.

I know May is gone but I have a sneaky hunch the MJ thing may stay in tact. I don‘t know why or how I just think they will finally resolve they are staying together and that‘s it. I just don‘t think the marriage will end

Don’t count May out as of yet! As for the wedding, I do think JQ is overplaying the drama with his announcements and those covers. If he was really doing away with the marriage, he wouldn’t be shouting it so much, since it would ruin the story ending. Smells like misdirection.

That said, from the way things have been teased lately, I could guess that something tragic happens, forcing Spider-man to strike a deal with Mephisto to erase MJ’s memory from the world, and MJ’s memory of Spider-man. Somehow this backfires and MJ ends up with super-powers of her own, turning her into Jackpot!

Now that idea with MJ could work. We know the Jackpot idea comes from some where

7. How many problems must a team have??? Ever since New Avengers#1, my fave team have had way too problems, especially that haven’t been solved yet. 1-The breakout of villains itself. 2- Losing members to Civil War (Iron Man & Sentry), 3- Cap’s death, 4- Spider-Woman’s hidden agenda, 5- The Skrull factor, 6- The Savage Land-Sauron connection, 7- The Hand, 8- The Collective, 9-WWHulk, 10- Iron Man after them. Is there any end in sight?

For the problems or the New Avengers? The problems will likely continue for a bit longer. After all it‘s making great reading and you never know what‘s coming. All that‘s happening is why you like this series

From my viewpoint, Bendis got too excited about Avengers and threw too many ideas on the table. With time, he got more excited about some of them, and forgot about others, leading to the current confusion. I’m still hoping his reign of terror ends soon and we get someone like Dwayne McDuffie or Matt Fraction/Joe Casey on the books!

8- Another thing I noticed is the fact that all members work better solo (Wolverine) or as a duo (Iron Fist & Luke Cage). I HONESTLY believe that most of the mistrust is the Skrull factor to an extent, but is mostly the after effect of no Cap. No Cap to lead them, motivate them, or guide them. Wolverine sums up why everybody could be a Skrull: Hawkeye’s resurrection is suspect. Spider-Woman and Echo’s loyalties have long been questionable due to Spider-Woman’s initial status as a HYDRA agent and Echo being trained by the Kingpin. Luke Cage has gone from a street-tough hero to a family man leading the team he swore he’d never join. Iron Fist has ‘suddenly’ acquired a jet and become far more well-connected. Spider-Man unmasked in public after years of concealing his identity, further escalating the Civil War. Finally, both Wolverine and Doctor Strange were suspiciously absent for most of the Civil War. But isn’t there obviously an invasion of sorts? The is more than one Skrull…The Elektra Skrull, the Cage baby, and possibly a New Avengers member?

Jessica Jones *wink* sorry she‘s likely a Skrull. But I do agree with your point for the most part. I mean this team is sort of together more because of the situation at hand. Think about it. They are fighting Cap‘s fight still. They are together by convenience and they need to be together for that reason for now. How long it last. Well that might change

Bendis’ take on the characters is what makes everyone so suspect of ‘Skrulliness’, since almost everyone is acting out of their usual characterisation. The way these characters have been shoehorned into unsuitable roles/interpretations to suit the overall event and series plot, I would only be satisfied if they were ALL revealed to be Skrulls, hiding from each other…

9- So it’s official. Ray Stevenson (from the show Rome) is the new actor slated to play Frank Castle in the sequel, The Punisher: Welcome Back Frank. What do you guys think? I hear Jigsaw, Det. Martin Soap, and Microchip will also be included. Since the Thomas jane adaptation wasn’t bad, what can be done to make this movie great? NYC setting, more violence, more gore…what?

Well I loved the first one myself. I‘m just hoping this one lives up to that. Jigsaw will help a ton and of course Microchip. New York of course will help as well. More violence is always good

I haven’t even watched the previous Punisher movie yet, or Rome!

With as many times as Punisher’s been on say FX and other cable channels I’m shocked. Are you not a big Punisher guy?

10- Without being biased, who’s gonna win at the box office in the “Top comics bachelors movie”? Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne? (If Batman does it will be for 2 reasons: the Joker and the fact that this is a sequel where IM is an introductory film).

Likely Batman. Joker factor in play and the fact Batman is the more popular character helps out that movie

Batman will top the Box Office, no question about it. But Iron Man’s still the better bachelor; for Batman, the playboy persona is only an act, but for Tony Stark it’s who he is!

11- In January 2007, Dylan Baker, who portrays Dr. Curt Connors, expressed interest in portraying the character’s villainous alter-ego, the Lizard, as has Raimi. Producer Grant Curtis is also a fan of the character, and has also expressed interest in Kraven the Hunter. The Lizard was in an early draft of the second film’s script. Raimi said that if he returned to direct, he would take advantage of the established character of Dr. Curt Connors to introduce the Lizard. Raimi also expressed interest in setting up the Sinister Six with introductions to the Vulture and Electro. Sony plans to release Spider-Man 4 in the summer of 2010. In addition, Avi Arad confirmed that a Venom spin-off movie was in the works in a one-on-one interview. Since there will obviously be a total of 6 movies, what would you guys like to see in the future of the franchise? I say more Bruce campbell cameos!

More Bruce is always good. Doing Sinister Six should be good. I‘m hoping they do it justice. The fifth I do Carnage if I‘m them. Have Spidey team with Venom to fight Carnage. The 6th will be the revelation Norman is alive. Set up a lot of the events and of course try to defeat Spidey with a massive super villain army.

None of these sound good to me. The main reason for the audience’s complaints during the last movie was the huge number of plots and villains running through the movie. Jamming in SIX villains is only bound to make things worse. I’d prefer to see one villain per movie. The Carnage idea does sound good though. But would it still be kid-friendly? I remember how terrified I was when Carnage first showed up in comics and shoved a raver through a wall.

Well it is going to be hard making Carnage kid friendly but it can be done. Kids have seen Carnage in the old cartoons in the 90s. He’s a scary villain but can be done

12- Though Dr. Doom is Dr. Doom, and Red Skull is a major bastard, can The Hood really become a major villian within their ranks? (Brian Michael Bendis has stated that Parker Robbins will be getting similar treatment to Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part II. His gradual rise to becoming “the ‘Godfather’ of all supervillains”, will mostly be due to the fact that Marvel’s Civil War event prevented any heroes from stopping him)

Hmm it‘s possible to make him more into a class with Ultron, Mandarin, and the like just below a Doom and Red Skull. That‘s a lot simpler then most think if you have great writing

He still isn’t visually impressive enough to hold the position in the eyes of the fans. I could see him working in Bendis books, especially with the dark artwork, but he will never reach the crossover potential of someone like Wilson Fisk.

13- I know I asked about Unus the Untouchable last week, but the last name “Unuscione”? Is he related to the new Marauders member with the same name?

Yes she is related. She‘s his daughter

Real Name: Carmella Unuscione
Nicknames: None known
Former Aliases: None known
Other Current Aliases: None known
Occupation: Terrorist
Legal Status: Legal status unknown
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Single
Group Affiliation: Formerly Acolytes
Base of Operations: Mobile, formerly Avalon (Asteroid M)
Carmella is a mutant.
Place of Birth: Unknown, presumably somewhere in Italy
Place of Death: Possibly Genosha (see notes)
Known Relatives: Angelo Unuscione (“Unus the Untouchable”, believed to be father), Jared Corbo (Radius, possible brother), Adrien Corbo (Flex, possible brother)
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #298 (1993)

Psionic Exoskeleton: Unuscione is mutant with the ability to project a field composed of psionic energy around herself. This “exoskeleton”, as she calls it, acts as a highly effective body armour, protecting her from most physical damage. She is able to shape her exoskeleton into rudimentary forms, such as a clawed hand or a hammer-like bludgeon with which she can grip or strike with considerable force. It is not known exactly how much damage Unuscione’s psionic field can withstand, or how much physical force she can exert, but she has sufficient strength to shield herself and several others in a small escape pod from the heat and friction of reentry into Earth’s atmosphere, or to squeeze the air out of a superhumanly strong being’s lungs, causing them to fall unconscious.
Bioelectric Charges: Unuscione is also able to generate bioelectric energy charges through her exoskeleton that cause intense pain and a temporary disruption of a living being’s neurosynaptic impulses, resulting in a loss of autonomic body function.
Limitations: Unuscione is vulnerable to any force great enough to overcome or destroy her exoskeleton while it is active. Should this happen, the psionic backlash leaves her either stunned or unconscious.
Known Abilities: None.
Strength Level: Normal human female with moderate regular exercise.

14- Is it me, or are we all just waiting for either Mr. Sinister or Apocalypse to find Victor Creed’s body, genetically alter him, and resurrect him?

I can see Sinister doing that but not fast. Maybe a year or whenever the Wolverine movie comes out. Till then Dekken takes over with Wild Child

Sabretooth is a classic Marvel villain, and a famous one outside comics as well, thanks to the movie and all the cartoons. He won’t stay buried for long.

Well until Sir Anthony Hopkins plays the Red Skull in the Captain America upcoming movie, that’s it for me this week guys. Thanks a mil, Make Mine Marvel, and See ya in 7!

Nice choice for Red Skull. See you next week Cory

Wolverine history continued

Wolverine: Origins #2: In Quang Ngai province, South Vietnam, 1968, Logan, acting as a ‘Soviet advisor’ to the Viet Cong, tortures Frank Simpson (the same Frank Simpson Logan arranged, under orders, to orphan in 1953). After carving an American flag into his face and programming him to react violently to the words, “No V.C.”, Logan departs and changes into U.S. Army gear. Frank, while under additional torture by the Viet Cong, finally snaps and kills all of his captors. When he arrives at a nearby village of Lai Chi, the villagers yell, “No V.C.” (meaning we are not Viet Cong), Frank goes ballistic and wipes out the village. From afar, Logan watches and applauds the slaughter. As Logan later admits, “At first, I was just their attack dog. But as the years went on, they found a better use for me: Dog handler. I implanted triggers. I stripped away men’s humanity. I wound’em up so tight that they’d act without thinking… without questioning.” Logan later acknowledges, “I wasn’t in control of my own mind most of the time.”

Wolverine: Origins #4: Logan explains to Captain America that Frank Simpson was an attempt to duplicate what Logan was at the time, an ultimate weapon under the control of his superiors.

Wolverine: Origins #1: It is strongly suggested that the Secretary of State of the United States, a black woman very similar to Condoleezza Rice is part of the Weapon X conspiracy.

House of M #8: After the reality-changing events of “House of M” come to a close, Logan finds that he remembers his entire past.

House of M #2: Logan remembers being submerged in the medicinal liquids at the Experiment X facilities.

House of M #3: Logan specifically remembers, while being submerged in the medicinal liquids at the Experiment X facilities, Dr. Cornelius asking Hines about Logan’s medical profile and history.

Wolverine (Vol. 2) #38: Wolverine, having regained his memories after the events of House of M, enters the Department K facilities in Canada. It seems that the Experiment X facility has been taken over by Department K, a Canadian military research group focused on Experiment X. Wolverine begins to have flashes of memories of his time at Experiment X, including his escape. As Wolverine examines the grounds, he comes to the shocking conclusion that he had help escaping Experiment X. It is strongly suggested that the help came from the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes.

Wolverine (Vol. 2) #36: Emma Frost reveals to Dum-Dum Dugan, acting head of SHIELD, that Wolverine has recovered all of his memories in the aftermath of the House of M storyline. This precipitates the destruction of all evidence of the Weapon X program by the United States, Canadian, Russian, and British militaries, suggesting that these governments were aware of and possibly complicit in Experiment X.

House of M #8: After the reality-changing events of “House of M” come to a close, Logan finds that he remembers his entire past.

House of M #2: Logan specifically remembers facing a host of guards at the Experiment X facility as he tried to escape.

New Avengers: Illuminati #1 (May 2006): In a secret meeting with Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner; Charles Xavier; Reed Richards; Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Black Bolt (King of the Inhumans), and the Black Panther, Namor cites a rumor about “a mutant assassin working for Canadian Secret Services.” Later in the meeting, Xavier asks to talk about Krakoa, an island in the South Pacific. This would suggest that it was Namor who first brings Logan to Xavier’s attention prior to the recruitment of the new X-Men.

Initiative update

Iron Man #21: Two Initiative heroes investigate a location in Omaha only to find Graviton who defeats the heroes. Tony has a dream involving Cap and knows who’s behind everything happening. He goes to Koonig about Mandarin and tells him what he thinks only to find out Maya is believed dead. Omaha: Tony gets reports on Paragon and Gadget and the Graviton attack from Hill and Dugan before going to see Captain Ultra who was leading the group and also visit Paragon. Tony heads off to talk to Hill and have Graviton tranfered to SHIELD. Hansen is shown alive working with Mandarin still.

Order #2: Becky Ryan talks to the recruit for the Order as we see bits of her past. The team (Anthem, Aralune, Calamity, Heavy, Mulholland, Supernaut, Veda) battle the Soviet Super Soldiers as Pepper talks to them in the battle. They are the reason for the Infernal Man attacks we learn. (later: the PR agent meets with Henry and Pepper about the battle) Gargoyle takes out Heavy in the battle Calamity goes to Drenkove Island and finds a small army of Infernal Men. He can’t kill them so Supernaut takes over. Crimson Dynamo explodes only to have Aralune save the team. Afterwards Henry talks to Becky and the PR agent goes to a bar to get model shots of Becky off a man

I understood that was an amateur sex video, in the end scene. It’s further pushing the Becky/Paris/Britney analogies!

Thunderbolts #116: TV reports open the issue on a Cap Memorial being broken up, Yellowjacket shown to have found a way to detect super powered beings, American Eagle let go because his heritage and Osborn giving a press conference where we learn Penance is off the team for now and Songbird is leading again. Norman and Moonstone discuss the situation and we learn Doc Samson is being brought in. Penance is lead to his cell only to have Hellrazor anger him and cause Penance to take out Hellrazor and a bunch of guards before Moonstone shows up and takes him out. The Thunderbolts capture Caprice with ease as she surrenders. Songbird has it out with Venom on the trip home. We see an ad for a reality show for the new Cap. Mindwave attacks a police station asking for the Thunderbolts to be brought in at the end.

Endangered Species Update

X-Men #201: Cannonball and Iceman discuss the events to lead to where they are now. Tempo slows time to allow the Marauders to search the mansion. They find Blindfold dead and find Destiny’s diaries supposedly blank. Iceman and Cannonball interrogate Sunfire for information. Time starts again at the mansion. The New X-Men and Colossus are defeated by the Marauders in battle as Exodus questions Kitty on the books knowing her mind is being protected by a telepath. Exodus takes out a Sentinel pilot who is about to deal with the Marauders. We see Emma and the Astonishing team alive digging out and in contact with Sam and Bobby. The New X-Men talk after the Marauders leave as David explains why Blindfold did what she did. Exodus reports back to Sinister with no success so Sinister plans to use Cerebro to find the books

Genosha: Beast and Dark Beast look threw the various former mutants and Beast notices that even though they lose their powers at points some still continue to have their mutations when looking at a mutant with wings. Beast and Dark Beast argue over the matter. Beast in the end mentions MGH and that he has a friend who might help in Bishop

Annihilation Conquest synopsis

Starlord #2: Starlord and Crew attack a Herla plant getting past Phalanx drones. The Phalanx detect the attack in the end. During the battle Captain Universe kills a drone which Deathcry wanted to angering her. Ravenous crew shows up at the plant as Starlord’s group are battling more drones joining forces in the fight. Captain Universe angers Deathcry again causing her to go feral and Captain Universe kills her. Groot sacrifices himself battling drones so the team could go on with the mission

Back in Black synopsis.

Amazing Spider-Man #543: Pete talks to May who’s still in a coma before finding out his blood didn’t help any. The police start an investigation on May’s shooting. The cop on the job goes to talk to nurse who gives her opinion on the events before he goes to talk to MJ. Pete shows up and stops him from arresting MJ as the lights go out. Pete goes off to steal an ambulance and MJ buys Pete time as he moves her to another hospital

Sensational Spider-Man #40: We start in the past of Pete’s life with his uncle and Aunt. His past with Flash and Liz leading to him becoming Spider-Man and Gwen’s death as well. We see Pete with May as MJ enters and Pete goes off to beat a dumpster meeting God in the end. They talk and for a last gift Pete is shown a possible future married and old with two children with MJ

Mystic Arcana Synopsis

Scarlet Watch: Ian gives us an update on the events that have happened. Past: Pietro and Wanda run from a wolf in the woods who turns out to be Gregor and he is greeted by Maria and thay talk about Wanda who will soon meet Lelia as Margali shows up to talk to the two. We go back to Wanda who meets Lelia who guards the book of Cagliostro. They head to the castle. Damballah and Taboo meet about stopping Wanda from joining the Coven because Wanda belongs to Chthon. We learn Lelia also holds the Serpent Crown which Taboo wants for himself. As the Coven meet with Wanda Taboo shows up with Damballah. The crown itself is controlled by Chthon warning all those present not to touch Wanda.

Present: Ian goes into the seas for the Serpent Crown and battles Nagala for it. In the end giving her a petal from the Rose for the Crown.

WWH Synopsis

Gamma Corps #2: The Gamma Corps train battling a Hulk robot. Mess goes AWOL only to have Ryker stop her. We see the origins to why the group wants to take down the Hulk. Mess lost her child in a car accident caused by Hulk, Prodigy’s wife was almost attacked while pregnant, Griffin was attacked by the Enforcers, Mr Gideon is shown to be Jim Wilson’s father. We see Ryker recruit each of them. Ryker contacts Hulk and attacks the Hulk’s vessal with a missle.

I tell you it was a bad week of emails but hopefully our readers will help us out with that more next week. So let’s sign off .

This has been a blast! I’d love to fill in for Daron, if you all will have me again. Get cracking with those online petitions now, kids!

I’ll have you back any time Manolis bud. This has been a ton of fun.

1. Digital comics Comics you can read online

2. Marvel is in the process of adding new bios and added a ton of new ones. Check them out here

3. As always your opinions on anything in the article or out on the shelves is welcome. After all you never know what type of response you will get.

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