Richly Deserved: Big Brother 8 Episode 23

Jen is evicted and there’s still a lingering question about the final words she told Amber as she was leaving the house. Eric was put off by the speech. Dick was happy Jen was gone while Amber was happy that Jameka stayed.

Eric is overjoyed by Jessica’s HOH. Dick said it’s a great day. Jameka, Amber, and Zach also seem happy. Jessica believes she’ll put Amber up. Amber feels Dick and Danielle still have to be targeted with Danielle going because there’s bound to be another endurance HOH.

Eric and Jessica continue to flirt. Eric says he doesn’t have much ‘game’ (as in ability to pick up women, and judging by this weekend, neither do I), but with Dick and Zach the only other guys in the house, he’s the best option.

Time to see the HOH room. The usual snacks, CD’s, a pic of Jessica in an awful dance team uniform, and a t-shirt that says, wait for it, BOO YAH (which is her father’s favourite saying so you know where that comes from).

So what was Jen referring to? Amber tells Jessica it is that Eric has a girlfriend named Cheryl back home. Jessica says she doesn’t like cheats. Amber tells Eric and he says “what a bitch’.

Eric talks to Amber. He’s worried about not crossing lines with either Cheryl or Jessica. Apparently the relationship with Cheryl isn’t necessarily that strong. He wants to talk to Jessica about the situation so he goes to the HOH room. He says Jen just wanted to exit the house with a cheap shot.

Things aren’t so good with Dick and Danielle either. He’s just being too, uh, fatherly? He talks to her about her eating, her bug bites, her vitamins. She tells Zach it’s getting on her nerves. They talk in the HOH room and Danielle tells him after several seconds of prodding that she’s sick of his farting, his rude comments and his parenting. Then she leaves. He tries to communicate with her again in the kitchen and the blowup begins. Jessica hears the argument but Eric thinks it’s fake. It was not fake. I think the progress they made the first few weeks is backfiring and whether you like these two or not, it’s sad to see.

Jameka suggest to Jessica that she put up Dick and Danielle. Jessica tells Jameka that she won’t put her up.

Time for the first luxury competition of the season. The teams are guys vs. girls and they change into jumpsuits. Then they go outside to two areas where foam is streaming out. The reward is a shopping spree so the houseguests can get some new clothes. But the price, they have to get naked. Danielle and Amber are really upset about this. The letters they have to use to unscramble three words (Unitard, Toga, and Bunny Suits) are in the jumpsuits and they have to hang the letters on a board. After a few minutes of seeing bare backs and fully-blurred-out breasts, not to mention a lot of foam covering them, the girls put on an organized effort while the guys just seemed lost on every word. The girls win and Jameka thought the stripping was rather liberating.

The girls then had two minutes to put on as many clothes as they could grab. Danielle had the right idea and took as much as she could. Jessica and Jameka also did well. Amber, who’s a bit more plus-sized than the others, nonetheless was grateful for the new clothes.

Jameka and Amber talk about Amber possibly getting into modelling. May I digress for a second?


And the funny part is, Amber is! They were even talking about her going on America’s Next Top Model (though not by name because, of course, that show is not on CBS). My goodness.

Time for Zach to talk to Eric and Danielle. He hopes he’s in the clear. He too makes a pitch for Dick and Danielle to go up. Has there ever been a quieter road to the final 7 than Zach has taken in the show’s history?

Time for the dumdums on the internet to tell Eric what to do. Fortunately they target Amber. That should be easy. So Eric talks to Jessica about that very thing saying Amber “is so done with us” and that she’s not trustworthy.

The next America’s Player task is revealed. Who should Eric kiss? I say Dick. On another note, Amber and Danielle’s appearance on Power of 10 will be shown on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Finally, nominations. Everyone is on edge. The ceremony begins. The keys come out. Eric’s first, then Danielle’s, Jameka’s and Dick’s. Zach and Amber are up. Jessica tells them both that she doesn’t talk strategy with them as much. Zach vows to work hard to stay in the house while Amber cries and prays.

What happens from here? We’ll talk again after Tuesday’s episode.