Smackdown Spoilers for August 31, 2007

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Following are quick Smackdown taping results from Albany, NY. If you attended the event and want to send more detailed spoilers, including any post-ECW dark match, you can do so by clicking the feedback button below…

– In a dark match, Johnny Jeter pinned Kenny Dykstra after a spinning heel kick off the top rope.
– In another dark match, Jesse and Festus Dalton beat Dave Taylor and Paul Burchill.
– The Great Khali and Runjin Singh are in the ring to start, with Teddy Long saying that the new #1 contender will be determined in a four-man tournament: Finlay vs. Kane and Batista vs. Mysterio.
– Finlay beat Kane in the first tournament match, after Hornswaggle distracted Kane from getting the pin after a chokeslam, and Finlay hits Kane with a second shillelagh (the first was tossed away by Kane) when the ref isn’t looking.
– Matt Hardy and Montel Vontavious Porter beat Deuce & Domino to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions. Lots of typical foes-who-are-forced-to-team tomfoolery, with MVP stealing the pin from Matt after the twist of fate. Porter takes both belts with him to the back.
– Vince tells Batista that he spent a lot of time in Washington, DC, but then takes back the suggestion that he may be his son when Batista claims he had no money growing up and threatens to beat Vince down for being a deadbeat dad.
– Eugene gets beat up by Mark Henry after shooting t-shirts to the fans from the ring, and then Henry does yet another Undertaker promo. The video that plays ends with Taker’s hand coming out from the sand in a desert.
– Rey Mysterio beat Dave Batista by DQ to move on in the tournament after Batista shoves the ref. Finlay had a chair but Batista grabbed it, and that’s when the ref got involved. Rey and Dave hugged pre-match.
– A video is shown promoting Ashley on Survivor.
– Vince and the Coach come out to the ring, and to counter the HHH/Carlito segment from RAW, they bring out a bunch of hot women, claiming Vince slept with all of them. They make some jokes then remind everyone that his family will be on RAW Monday with their lawyers to confront Vince.
– Chuck Palumbo vs. Chris Masters in a Masterlock Challenge ends in a no contest when Masters started a brawl that he got the worst end of, then left the ring and went to the back.
– Reminder: Teddy and Kristal get married in TWO WEEKS. Woo!
– The Daltons do a back to school promo.
– Jamie Noble and Shannon Moore talk about Noble’s title shot vs. Hornswaggle next week, and of course it ends with Noble and an “I love lebrechauns” sign on his back.
– Rey Mysterio became #1 contender by pinning Fit Finlay after the 619 and springboard sunset flip. Khali and Rey have a “face to face” staredown to end the show. Ha!

UPDATE: Thanks to Rich Eagle for sending in the following on a post-ECW dark match:

Kali vs. Batista after the ECW taping and a ring of worms cleaned out. Lasts approx. 5 minutes. No offense from Batista. Kali got in a chop, a boot then attempted a vice grip to Batistas head while he was kneeling. Kane ran in for the save. Kali out of the ring. Kane and Batista shake hands. Kane leaves the ring, Batista poses (I boo heavily) and we get the goodnight from the ring announcers.

Credit:, PWInsider

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