[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 58 (8/31/07)

Big Brother woke everyone up at 10:15 am then had them all be in a lockdown at 11:30 in the HOH room. Everyone got up and went up to the HOH and went back to sleep. The lockdown lasted about an hour.

At noon Jessica gets her phone call for three minutes with her brother and his best friend. Her brother is home on leave from Iraq and Jessica was thrilled that it was from him. HE told her that her Booyah T-Shirts were being auctioned off to help a sick little girl.

Zach and Dick have their first of many conversations. Zach stated he wanted Jameka out and will probably put up Jameka and Jess. Dick of course agrees to this and thinks it is a good move. Dick tells him that Jameka wanted him gone and that she has not contributed anything to the game. That the POV she was won was handed to her by Dustin. Zach asked Dick if Eric told him (Dick) that Zach wanted Jess to nominate Dani and he last wee, Dick said yes. Zach said that Eric told him that Dick just put two and two together! Zach then said for his own safety he might have to nominate Jess and Eric together so one will be sure to go.

Dani and Zach have a conversation and Dani said to Zach that Eric will be talking to him to be assured that Jameka is going up and not him and Jess. Zach said that Eric will do everything in his power to get Jess off the block. Zach said several times that he like the idea of Eric being scared! Zach offered Dani the other half of his HOH bed! Dani then tells Zach that if either Jess or Eric does not go home this week then Zach will be nominated for sure next week. She then pointed out that Jameka can’t play for HOH so she can’t harm him! (Looks like Dani is ditching the LJC alliance). Dani then said she was next to Eric in the HOH competition and does not even think that Eric was trying. Dani said that he can’t tell anyone about this conversation because they would target her next week and get her out!

Eric finds Zach in the HOH room and talks to him. Eric kept pushing for Jameka to be nominated. Zach kept hinting saying he wanted a deal and Eric didn’t offer him one. Zach tells Eric that he really wants Jameka out. Eric reminds Zach that he voted to keep him and that they made a deal in the weight room yesterday before the eviction and he hoped that he would honor his part since he had not voted against Zach. Zach said he wants reassurance that if he puts up Jameka that she will leave 100%. Eric guarantees that if Jameka is up she wile leave. Eric points out that if Jameka made it to the final two she would win because she has the votes in the jury house.

Zach THEN confronted Eric about discussing private conversations he had with him and Jess to Dick & Dani Eric says they came to him and told him Zach had the same conversation with them. Zach says he doesn’t find the trust with Eric and Jess and he doesn’t find it with Dick and Dani. He’s in a hard spot trying to figure out which side to lean on. Eric says well then go after Jameka. Eric then said please don’t put me and Jess up against each other, Zach responded that it sucks but it is an option. Eric then again said that Zach came to him for a deal yesterday and he gave it to him! Zach responded that it is a game and he needed to do what was best for him. Zach said that he has had a pretty good relationship with Dick and Dani since the beginning of the game and not on day 40 so that is why he is not targeting them. Zach said that he thinks he ahs a good chance of winning it if he is sitting next to Dick or Eric at the end. That he is not targeting Eric this week. Eric then points out that by sending Jameka home he would not be picking sides and his hands would be clean. Zach kept pushing for a deal, finally Eric gave in and said he would give him a deal but he was not throwing Dick and Dani under the bus. He said he is not suggesting putting up Dick and Dani that he just wants Jameka up,.

Once Eric leaves Zach asked Dick to come back to HOH. Dick said that he didn’t’ think ti was a good idea to put Eric and Jess up together, That if Jameka won POV she would remove Jess and Dani or him would go up. Zach told Dick that Eric was squirming like a rat and that Zack loved watching him squirm, Zach then said he was thinking of putting up Jameka and Jess. Zach said if those nominations stick that voting out Jess would be the better move because Jameka can’t play for HOH. Then Zach said that Eric wanted him to put up either him or Dani (lie). Dick got mad over this. Zach then said that he was going to put up Jameka and give her a chance to win POV and remove herself. Then he would put up Eric. Then Zach said that Eric mad a deal with him not to put him up next week. Zach then said he loves seeing Eric act like a sniveling little rat! Zach then lied again to Dick and said he kicked Eric out of the HOH telling him others wanted to talk to him,. Dani joins in this conversation and Zach again calls Eric a scared sniveling rat. Dani then starts telling Zach that Eric had to go.

Jess went into the room and told Jameka and Jess that it looked like two of the three were going up. They figured as much! Eric then whispered to Jess that if it was her and Jameka that Jameka would go. He was sure of it.

Once the feeds return from the blue swirl we learn Jess and Jameka are nominated. Zach and Dani were shown in the HOH talking about Jess. Zach said that Jess never came and talked to him about not nominating her so he did not feel bad. Dani who was all smiles started ripping apart Eric and how he does all the dirty work. Dani then said that Eric set up Nick in the game and he is still there and can’t be trusted. Zach again said that Dick and Eric have some kind of understanding. Dani then explained that it was because of Eric voting Dustin out and keeping Dick that Dick and he have a cover your back agreement. Dani basically told Zach everything! Zach then said that Eric never even said “Thank you” for not nominating him.

Jess and Jameka were talking and discussing how Zach didn’t even look at them during the nomination ceremony and how he thinks he has so much power. Eric feels bad thinking it is his fault for Jess’s nomination because he didn’t win HOH and he convinced her to send Amber home. Eric also told Jess that if he wins POV he will remove her but still believes they should send Jameka home. Jess does not agree.

Eric told Jameka that he feels responsible for Jess and Jameka being on the block this week. He said that Jess wasn’t happy about the putting Amber and Zach up.

He is blaming himself and says he is not taking things easy. Jameka said. It’s done. What can you do? Eric saying sometimes it seems so unbearable. Like he almost wishes they would send him home. He would sit at the Jury house by the pool. He is saying that you can’t please everyone and it seems no matter what you do, it’s wrong. He is saying that his speech when he was on the block is so far out the window now. He thinks he is going to have a nervous breakdown. He can’t take the fact that he is disappointing people as a player and as a person. Jameka tells him he has gone too far not to go for the win and he should still keep trying. Eric then said he thought he would play better then this that he watched every season and can’t stand the way he is playing. He then tells her how much he truly cares for Jess and will do anything for her even if it means he goes next to sequester! He said he feels real guilty that someone else could leave because of choices he made.

The house guests go on a long lockdown and Dick said that eh POV was going to be held at midnight! He said the DR told him this.

After the feeds finally return at 3:30am we see that Dani won POV and a very upset Jess. Jess and Eric talking in bed, seems Dani said she would not use the POV. It was like the morphine contest last year, we heard Jess talk about Dustin’s smile. Jameka comes in the room and Eric leaves, Jameka then said that the only way that one of them can stay this week is to make a deal with the Donato’s because that is how they work.

Dick, Dani and Zach had a conversation in the weight room. Zach was pushing to vote out Jess so that there will be only three people going for HOH next week and then they can target Jameka. Zach kept saying it would be huge. Dick reminded Zach that Eric is good with questions and might be the next HOH.

Janelle hosted the POV competition and the houseguests talked about her comments to them. Seems Janelle told Dick he was “hot”, told Dani she loved her, was cheering Zach along and made it clear that she hates Eric! Dani said it was the best day ever (she is always so happy when she wins and so down when she loses).

Eric talks with Jameka and Jess about how bad he is at competitions and how he tries so hard and gets nowhere. Eric feels that he can’t try harder and feels bad that he keeps losing. Jess just keeps mmmm him. Eric is very frustrated. He feels Jess could leave because of him.

Dani and Dick join Eric, Jameka and Jess in the bedroom for late night banter. Dani sure did rub it into Eric about Janelle loving her and hating him.

Everyone seems to be in bed at 5:45 am!

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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