Random Reality : Big Brother 8 – Episode 26

Amber was the 8th person evicted from the house on Thursday. We get that recap to start off with. Dick is glad Amber is gone from the house. Jessica wanted to Amber to stay, but Eric had his orders and wanted her to stay. Daniele says that Amber told her to beware of Eric as she left. Jameka is sad that Amber is gone. She is going to try and make her proud. Zach said it was “huge” for him to not go home this week. Eric wanted Amber gone.

The HOH competition started on Thursday, but didn’t finish because of how long it would take for it to finish. Daniele, Dick, Eric, and Zach all compete and they have to transport little cups of tea into a GIANT bowl to get their ball up to the top. This took hours and we pick up where we last left on Thursday night. Eric slips and slides down the course. The others do too. Dick feels old and out of shape. Zach tries to soak up the butter with his clothes, but it doesn’t work. It’s basically Daniele, Dick, and Eric vs. Zach. Zach hasn’t won anything yet. Eric keeps falling and Jessica laughs at him. Jameka is left out of the HOH competition because of an earlier decision.

After a hour, they get a second option. They can fill up a small beaker to get a phone call from home. They have to decide what is more important. Eric decides he sucks in the actual competition, so he fills up the smaller beaker and wins the phone call from home. Around 2 hours, they have the option of using two bigger cups. If they do that, though, everyone in the house must use nothing but cold water. They all decide to do it and it’s 8 days of cold water for the house. Dick says his waiter skills are helping him here. Zach is picking up the pace and fighting with Dick for the lead. Dick is worried about Zach winning, since he yelled at Zach before the last eviction.

It’s a close finish now. But in the end Zach wins HOH! Dick is pissed since he knows Amber would have no shot at winning this competition if she would have stuck around another week. Eric is not happy either. He now has to decide if he wants to keep the call for himself or give it to someone else. Eric eventually gives it to Jessica. Eric and Jameka are the only ones that haven’t had any contact from home. But decides to give it to his “lover” instead.

Dick and Daniele discuss who Zach might put up. Daniele is sure it will be Jessica and Jameka. Apparently he said that is what he said he would do. But then he would target Eric to leave. Eric and Jessica wonder if that will hold up or will he put up Dick and Daniele. Eric thinks he or Jessica are going home, so he hopes to suck up to him.

Zach gets the key to his HOH room and no one cares! Everyone does see it, but they don’t like it at all. He gets pictures of his family and notes rom them as well. No one really is excited about any of Zach’s stuff. This is complete with “I’m bored” music. Everyone leaves except Daniele and Zach. Daniele makes her case to him. She says she is on her own and not with Dick. It’s all about her. Zach has no idea who he is putting up right now.

Time for some night vision action. Eric and Jessica chat in the dark about what they have learned in the house. Eric tells Jessica the truth and tells her that he cast the “phantom” votes and the whole mustard thing. He doesn’t tell her why he did all of those things, though. He makes up other reasons why he did it other than he is “America’s Choice”.

Jessica gets her phone call from home and it’s from her little brother who just got back from Iraq. She starts to cry, but holds it together a LOT better than Amber would. They talk about the show and life, etc. Short and sweet. Jessica is inspired by him. She can’t make it through this house, if he could make it through war. She hugs and thanks Eric for the call.

Time for the next “America’s Choice” question and answer for Eric. America wants Eric to try and get Jameka put for eviction this week. Another fairly easy choice for Eric. Eric is confident he can get that done.

Eric goes up to the HOH room and talks to Zach about his thoughts on who to nominate. Eric says his ideal situation would be for Jameka to get nominated and go home. Zach says that Jameka is not a threat in the game, though. Eric makes a strong case.

Daniele and Dick talk now. They think they can get rid of Eric or Jessica and not get blamed for it. Zach would be enemy and the one to blame then. Not them. So Daniele makes her case for that to happen to Zach. She says Zach is a target for Jessica and Eric. Dick joins in and tries to form a new alliance.

We get the next question for America. Eric is going to mimic another houseguest to show everyone how annoying they can be. “which houseguest should Eric mimic?” A tough one, but I think Dick would be the best. But Daniele, Zach, or Jameka would work as well.

Time for the “nomination ceremony”! Daniele is not worried about being nominated since she hasn’t done anything wrong to him. Eric hopes it is not him or Jessica. Jessica is positive she will be nominated since she hasn’t been nominated yet. Zach says this is a toss up. He can go with his gut or go with what other people think he should go with. Jameka doesn’t think she is a target, but says anything can happen. Zach is going to take out the biggest threats to him. Zach pulls the first key and it belongs to Dick. Dick pulls Daniele. Daniele finally pulls Eric. So that means Jessica and Jameka are going up for eviction this week! So no real surprise here.

Zach says he nominated Jameka not for personal reasons. He feels like it is difficult to make a personal relationship with her so that is why she is up. He put up Jessica because he fears her in the final two. He is not mad that she put him up earlier. Jessica and Jameka both say Zach took the easy way out. He didn’t want to put up Dick or Daniele, so there you go. Zach has no remorse for his nominations. He feels he has a better chance of winning this game with these nominatins. Daniele is happy. She feels that she is friends with Zach. Eric is upset since Jessica is now nominated and it’s all his fault and Jessica probably thinks it is his fault as well. Once again, the POV will probably change everything because these houseguests don’t know any better. Tune in Tuesday for that and a special guest named Big Brother All-Star JANELLE!!

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