Heat/WWE.com Recap for August 24, 2007

The Expert’s Heat Report
By Michael Nash

Match 1
Val Venis vs. Charlie Haas

Match begins with a tie up/shoving match. Haas gains the early advantage, tries to score the early pin after a fireman’s carry. Val swings the momentum with a hip toss and shoulder block. Venis begins working on Haas’s left shoulder. A little back and forth action after Venis is forced to break his rear armlock. Venis nails Haas with a side Russian leg sweep. Haas finally counters and works on Val Venis in the corner. He then continues his offense with a belly to belly suplex. Haas then applies a rear chinlock on Val. Venis gets the crowd behind him and breaks the hold. Haas quiets the crowd with a clothesline and suplex, then reapplies a resthold. Venis breaks the hold and hits a swing out slam. Venis goes for the money shot, Haas gets up from the mat and tries to fight Venis down. Venis punches Haas to the mat, nails the Money Shot for the pin.
Winner: Val Venis

Match 2
The Highlanders vs. David Owen and Brad Allen

Rory gains the early advantage on Owen, tags in Robbie. Robbie works on Owen, Owen kicks Robbie and tags in Allen. Rory is tagged in and begins headbutting Allen. Robbie is tagged in and Allen continues to get worked on in the corner. Allen tags in Owen. Owen begins stomping away at Robbie, then bodyslams him. Owen applies a resthold, but Robbie breaks out and. Allen is tagged in, as is Rory. Rory gains the advantage, tags in Robbie. Rory and Robbie nail the Double Hotscot Slingshot as Robbie gets the 123 on Brad Allen.
Winners: The Highlanders

Match 3
Super Crazy vs. Jay Bradley

Jay Bradley immediately begins overpowering Super Crazy. Super Crazy uses his quickness to go for the early win with a rollup pin. Super Crazy gets whipped into the corner but nails the cross body on Bradley. Bradley still continues to dominate and applies a chokehold. Super Crazy breaks the hold and begins to go on the offensive, which is immediately ended with a powerslam by Bradley. Super Crazy goes back on the offensive with a mule kick, followed by successive drop kicks. Super Crazy hits the moonsault for the win.
Winner: Super Crazy

Match 4
Daivari vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Daivari begins stomping on Hacksaw as Duggan enters the ring. Hacksaw eventually gets on the offensive amidst chants of USA. Hacksaw nails an atomic drop followed by a bodyslam. Hacksaw begins to work on Daivari who is on the apron outside of the ring. Daivari counters by hitting a jawbreaker on Hacksaw into the ropes. Daivari goes on the offensive and mostly stomps away at Duggan. Daivari applies a resthold on Duggan. Hacksaw breaks the hold with some elbows and right hands. Hits the back body drop on Daivari. Daivari grabs Hacksaw’s 2×4 while Hacksaw was setting up for his 3 point stance. Duggan grabs the 2×4 from Daivari. The ref then attempts to snag the 2×4 from Duggan. While Hacksaw has his back turned, Daivari rolls up Hacksaw and grabs the tights to score the pinfall
Winner: Daivari


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