Hitting Shelves This Week…

September 4, 2007

30 Rock Season 1

Liz Lemon is doing everything she can to deal with the stress of being the head writer on a new show called “The Girlie Show.” But things are made even harder once a new Vice President shows up and adds a crazed new actor that changes any and everything about the show.

DVD Features: All 21 episodes from the first season

The Black Donnellys The Complete Series

Follow along with the lives of four Irish-American brothers living in the organized crime world of New York’s Hell’s Kitchen as it is told by their incarcerated friend Joey Ice Cream.

DVD Features: All 13 episodes from the series

Bobby Z

Ted Kearney is offered freedom from prison by a DEA Agent as long as Kearney impersonates a deceased drug dealer named Bobby Z. But with the fantastic possibilities comes great trouble as things don’t go as planned and Kearney ends up on the run with the real Bobby Z’s son going along for the ride.

DVD Features: Behind the scenes

Bosom Buddies Season 2

Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari are back again impersonating women and hoping they don’t get busted so they can have a nice place to live for cheap rent. As if it wasn’t hard enough for them having to masquerade as women, everything else never seems to come easily.

DVD Features: All 19 episodes from the second and final season

Cheech And Chong’s Up In Smoke: High-Larious Edition

Cheech and Chong star in their debut film together and keep their spirits “high” by unknowingly becoming involved in a marijuana smuggling operation while hilariously trying to get to Los Angeles for their music gig.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, theatrical trailers, additional/deleted scenes, music videos

Delta Farce

Three moronic Army reservists sent to Iraq mistakenly end up in Mexico. Due to not being the smartest guys in the world, they also don’t realize the difference. But they still have a mission ahead of them stopping a group of bad guys from taking over a small village.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, “Hacienda Confidential” featurette, “All The Way To L.A.” featurette, “The Queen Of Mean Gets The Last Word” featurette, “The Man Behind Carlos Santana” featurette

Desperate Housewives Season 3

All of the drama, betrayal, and hilarity of Wisteria Lane is back again as the beautiful women in the neighborhood take part in any backstabbing, undercutting, and shameless flaunting of their bodies to get what they want. The Emmy award winning show is back for a third season full of shocking twists.

DVD Features: All 23 episodes from the third season, behind the scenes, deleted scenes, “Amas De Casas Desperadas” featurette, Marc Cherry’s favorite scenes

Georgia Rule

A story about family that tells of a young rebellious teenager needs to be taught a lesson; her mother takes her to live with her grandmother and learns the secrets of family and respect the hard way.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, gag reel, making of, theatrical trailer, “On The Set With Gary Marshall” featurette, “The Woman Of Georgia Rule” featurette

I Dream Of Jeannie Season 4

United States astronaut Tony Nelson is back for another season of possessing his very own genie in a bottle that happens to be named Jeannie. The hi-jinks and hilarity ensues though because Tony must keep his secret from others due to his top secret work with the space program and Jeannie’s not so great understanding of the world outside her bottle.

DVD Features: All 26 episodes from the fourth season

Nip/Tuck Season 4

Sean McNamara and Christian Troy are two Miami Beach plastic surgeons with two different frames of mind. Sean is married and doesn’t always approve of what he does in his work while Christian will do whatever necessary to sleep with the women he works on. Their alternating views make for a partnership filled with stress and trouble.

DVD Features: All 15 episodes from the fourth season, deleted/additional scenes, gag reel, “Clever Casting” featurette, “The Sexuality Of Nip/Tuck” featurette, “The Cutting Edge” featurette

The Office Season 3

Boss Michael Scott and his entire office full of miscreants are back as he somehow further alienates himself from his employees. The third season is full of great and hilarious episodes including one scripted by the creators of the original British comedy of the same name.

DVD Features: All 24 episodes from the third season, audio commentaries, deleted scenes, music videos, making of, highlights from primetime specials, numerous featurettes

Prison Break Season 2

Michael Scofield, brother Lincoln Burrows, and a gang of convicts got out of prison at the end of season one and continue on their run from the law led by an FBI agent. Michael and Lincoln are not only hoping to keep their freedom, but are set on finding out why the government is in a conspiracy to see Lincoln’s death sentence carried out.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the second season, audio commentary, behind the scenes, “Reinvention Of A Series” featurette

Robot Chicken Season 2

The incredibly odd and hilarious action figure sketch comedy creation of Seth Green and Matthew Senreich is back in its entire second season including such greats as “Attack Of The Giant Midget,” “Dance Dance Revolution In Cuba, “Golden Girls In The City.”

DVD Features: All 20 episodes from the second season

Wind Chill

Two college kids are simply trying to make their way home for the holidays. But when their car breaks down along a deserted stretch, weird things begin to happen. That includes the ghosts of those who have died there coming to haunt them.

DVD Features: None