Missing Links on Hulk Hogan, Cryme Tyme, Booker, UFC, Lance Storm & More

Hulk Hogan finally spoke about his son Nick’s accident on Entertainment Tonight, and Debbie Graziano, the mother of Nick’s friend John, told the St. Petersburg Times that the entire Bollea family has been there for her family since the accident.

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– The wrestler that PWInsider mentioned is rumored to have given notice seems to be Booker T, but of course no one’s saying that (a) this rumor is confirmed, (b) he actually gave notice or (c) that Booker was even suspended.

– UFC head Dana White talks about Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar (as well as other topics) in an interview at Sportsline.com. On talks with Lesnar, he says that he’s confident he can come to a deal with him, since he likes him and his management team. He said nothing but good things about him in the interview. On Angle, he says he never felt Kurt was taking MMA seriously.

– On his MySpace, Ring of Honor star Bryan Danielson wrote that, “My eye is healing well, although my vision is still blurry and I still need to wear my eye patch (aaaaarrrrr matey!).” He also posted a pic of himself with his dog Asparagus wearing matching eyepatches.

– On her MySpace blog, Torrie Wilson wrote that, “I am officially opening up a men’s and women’s boutique in Texas called Jaded!! We are launching the online store right now; this will give everybody a chance to buy all of our clothes online!! You can visit the site at www.officiallyjaded.com.”

– On HIS MySpace blog, recently-released WWE superstar Shad Gaspard wrote:

Hi every one this is my first BLOG so bear with me, I’m not a computer guy. I figured this was the best whey to answer everyone’s questions and give credible answers to the situation involving me and J. First I want to say thank you to WWE and all the talent in & out of the ring (Superstars, Divas, Agents, Production, Creative, Referees, Office, OVW, and more) for giving me the opportunity to follow my dreams and helping to mold and guide me in the right directions. I also would like to apologize to anyone I have hurt or disrespected. I am truly sorry.

Being a WWE wrestler has been a dream of mine since I was 5 years old and wrestling for WWE is the greatest job in the world. Unfortunately due to certain actions and events that I will NOT discuss J and I were released. WWE is not an evil greedy corporation, it is a family, and in my heart I know I will some day be a WWE Super star again and part of that family. But until then I will continue to learn my craft and become the best that I can be. God has shut a door in my life, but he is opening a window.

So with that being said, special thanks to my Family & Friends for their love and support, OVW & Danny Davis, my former co-workers and still friends, also thank you to anyone that has ever cheered for me I love you all, and last but not least, a special thank you goes out to all the people who screwed, booed, and cheated me throughout my life & career. You have made me stronger and better in what I am doing. You made me appreciate even more the people who demonstrated the true meaning of loyalty and trust. You taught me the value of friendship; that trust has to be earned, not given. You taught me not to trust someone just because they go to church, because all of you did.

I will keep everyone posted as best I can.

Thank you & God bless

Shad J Gaspard

– In a really great commentary (surprise, surprise) on his Web site (EDIT: later clarified here), Lance Storm writes:

If anyone was questioning the authenticity of WWE’s Wellness program, I think those questions have once and for all been put to rest. With pressure mounting from the media and the pending congressional hearings into steroid use in pro-wrestling, WWE is not only enforcing the Wellness policy with a vengeance, but also expanding it. Even WWE’s staunchest critics are going to have to admit that WWE is serious about their Wellness program.

– Jim Ross’ comments on the recent Internet pharmacy-related suspensions have been posted on his blog.

– Matt Hardy’s latest MySpace blog entry talks about him and his brother both holding WWE gold.

– Chrisy Hemme’s latest column on TNAWrestling.com comes from Sturgis.

– Finally, Christy’s fellow WWE Diva Search winner Layla El is featured at FHM Online.

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