Q: Hey bill grut, In hip hop music there’s always a raging discussion of who is the top 5 greatest dead or alive, so I was wondering who would be your top 5 wrestlers of all time dead or alive??? Mine would be triple h, kurt angle, bret hart, rob van dam, and chris beniot. — Thanks for your time, Andrew A.

A: Wow. I never thought this day would come when I would have to pick five wrestlers as my favorites of all time. Before I begin let me start by applauding your decision to over look his recent run in with the law and put Chris Benoit on your list Andrew. I bet Chris is looking down from Child Killer Heaven and smiling to know he still has a special place in your heart. If he traded it all, if he gave it all away for one thing, just for one thing, it would be a spot in your top five.

But who are my top five living or dead? As you probably know if you’ve been reading me for years, I am a terribly lonely and ugly person who masturbates constantly. Therefore my five favorite wrestlers are Layla from Extreme Expose, Mickie James and Trish (cause of the lesbian stuff), Torrie (because of the brief lesbian stuff with Sable who’s tits looked too fake to make the list) and the one dead person on the list, Sunny. RIP Tammy.

I hope that answers your question Andrew. I hope that answers your f*cking question you piece of shit.


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