Richly Deserved: Big Brother 8 Episode 27

Day 63 in the house and Zach sees himself as the dreamcrusher while Jameka said the nomination ceremony was BS. Eric blames himself for putting Jessica in this situation. They both hated Zach’s speech. They also both believe Eric has to win the veto. Jameka is hungry to get to the end.

Danielle and Zach discuss Jessica’s evil smile at the nomination ceremony. For them, Eric winning is the worst-case scenario.

Eric tells Jameka he feels a lot of responsibility for the nominations. He’s also starting to think beyond the game. He’s very upset because he fears losing Jessica. He says in the DR that he did what he had to do as America’s Player but feels he may have hurt Jessica in the process.

Jessica is joking at the dinner table. But when Jessica made a joke about being a waitress and Dick chimed it, Danielle, a waitress, didn’t like the comments. So Dick had to go and talk to her. Danielle gives him silent treatment and attitude. So the father-daughter healing process takes yet another step back.

Eric and Jessica say the best-case scenario is for Eric to win. Eric tells her she’s the only one he trusts. Eric also tells her that regardless, they have to get Dick and Danielle’s vote. Then they share a quiet moment.

Back from commercial and here comes JANELLE!!!!!

Time for the veto competition and everyone is awoken. Everyone plays. They head outside and see a pink chair, bed, rose petals. Eric “I think we might be at our wedding.”

Suddenly, Janelle appears to wild applause. Danielle is excited as was Jessica. Danielle sees Janelle as an inspiration. Janelle reminds us she won seven POVs.

Everyone will spin in the pink chair then head to the puzzle and identify the two houseguests pictured on Janelleavision.

Danielle goes first and no worse for wear she goes and identifies the mixed-up, spinning pictures of houseguests. Jameka is next. Janelle cheers them on. She has a bit more trouble than Danielle early on but gets the hang of it eventually.

Janelle thinks Dick is hot and Dick is happy he’s seeing someone he can flirt with (speaking of which, Janelle is the highest-ranking member of my Reality TV Honor Roll (#5) that I have yet to meet). Dick gets a few right. Zach said Dick was like a 16-year-old getting ready for a prom except that he’s 44 years old.

Eric is next and he’s pushing hard. But he ran into some trouble mid way.

Zach is next. He thought he had a bit of an advantage being a graphic designer. And he did get a few right.

Jessica is last. She did well.

Results: Dick got four right. Zach got six. Eric got three (He is dejected). Jameka got two. Danielle got seven right. Jessica got four right. Danielle gets the veto from the Veto Queen. Thanks for coming, Jedi Janie!

So Janelle says goodbye. Danielle is pumped. She goes to Zach’s room to celebrate. She is an awesome player. I have to give her that. Zach tries to convince her that since Jameka can’t compete for HOH, all she and Dick have to do is compete against Eric.

Dick is really falling for Janelle, saying “what a hot piece of ass”. He’s obsessing over her. Danielle thinks it’s all ridiculous. He thinks it wasn’t just all him, it was back and forth.

Eric talks to Dick in the pool and tries to convince him to send Jameka home. Dick feels Eric is being rather overconfident and that he and Danielle have the power to send home who they want.

Eric tells Jessica that Zach knows that if Jameka goes, it doesn’t upset anyone but if Jessica goes, he’ll be upset. We go to commercial seeing them share another kiss. Awwwww.

Time for Eric’s assignment. He has to mimic Dick. Eric says it should be fun. Eric, cigarette in hand, starts imitating him. Dick is freaked out but says imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Eric feels this could also strengthen the bond between the two. It wasn’t fun to see them blowing snot rockets though. Finally, Eric and Dick have fun with cereal to Zach’s amusement. Eric’s getting a lot of cereal in his face. Task completed, and the funniest segment this year.

Dick talks to himself in the backyard. Danielle joins him. He’s definitely an early riser. Danielle is wondering what she should do with the veto. They say they’ve played a strategic competitive game while Eric has played a manipulative, deceiptful game (I can’t wait for the finale and the looks of the players when he reveals himself as “America’s Player”).

Time for the veto meeting. Jessica would rather Eric being up than her. Eric said Danielle would make a mistake using the veto. Jameka still wants Zach to put up Dick.

Jameka is excited to still be there. Jessica said it would be nice if she used the veto on her. Danielle decides she won’t use the veto. Jameka still wants to be there and will fight. Jessica says her fate is in Dick and Danielle’s fate.

Who will go? Then who else will go? It’s Double Eviction Thursday. Have fun.


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