[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 60 (9/2/07)

7 AM 10 AM
Apparently, Dick has decided to stay up tonight/today. He is all over the place and is cleaning like a mad man. He has cleaned the sink and mirror in the bathroom, taken out the trash, done the laundry, cleaned the pool, cleaned the grill inside and out, and the sliding glass door. He wrapped a sheet around one of the outside topiaries like a toga. He is really worked up and discusses the POV game with himself. He yells at Zach (who is sleeping) for not cleaning the grill, BB to turn on the pool, and a bug that is at the wrong place at the wrong time. This all goes on for a long time.

10 AM 12:20 PM
More insanity from Dick. Dick has finally finished obsessively cleaning the grill and takes a smoke break. Danielle gets up to use bathroom, and goes back to bed. He says he hates Jameka and doesn’t want her there anymore. To cool off, Dick gets in the pool, but he keeps getting out to check on the clothes, all the while cussing at the washing machine. He is ranting on and on about Jen and wants BB to play the song Crazy Bitch in her honor. He realizes that it is the first day of football and asks how the Jets are doing. Dick moves from the pool to the hot tub. He is still like a someone on speed. He is going from one thing to the other, all while talking to himself. He takes a shower outside, dries off and goes inside.

12:30 PM 2 PM
Danielle is up now. Dick tells her everything that he has done this morning and she tells him that he woke her up a few times. He asked her why she didn’t say hello. Father and daughter brush their teeth. Dick is contemplating taking a nap. Danielle puts on her bathing suit. Eric is up briefly and they exchange good mornings; then Eric is back in bed. Danielle goes out to the backyard, where she is tanning.

Zach is up by 1:30 PM and enters in typical Zach style, announcing that he is awake and jumping in the pool. Danielle and Zach exchange random chit-chat in the kitchen. They talk about how everyone doesn’t get up until 4 PM, and roommates they have had in the past. They talk about Eric and the body paint from earlier. The people behind the walls could be heard laughing, because Jessica made Eric’s nipples bleed when she ripped it off of him. Zach and Danielle move back to the back yard. Nothing exciting going on, just more chit chat.

2 PM 3 PM
Zach and Danielle talk strategy in the back yard. Zach is trying to talk her into voting Jessica out, but she isn’t so sure. She is afraid that if she does that then Eric will put her up next week. Zach seems to think that Eric and Jessica are coming after him, but Danielle tells him he needs to remember that he can’t play for HOH next week. Zach says he wants to be in the final three with Dick and Danielle. Danielle discusses the jury vote. If she votes against Jessica then there would be a minimum of four votes against her. She says that everyone is playing the game personally. Zach gets a little mad a Danielle because she keeps interrupting him and telling him what he should do. After awhile, Danielle is done tanning complaining about it being to hot. Zach is swimming and tanning and Danielle is working out in socks. Everyone else is still asleep. Jameka wakes up and goes into the Workout Room with Danielle. Zach gives up trying to cool off and joins Danielle in the Workout Room. They discuss the stair stepper.

3 PM 4 PM
BB gives the house a wake up call. Zach tries to get Danielle to tell him what 153 means, but she isn’t giving the information up. Jessica is up and cutting up cantaloupe in the kitchen with Dick. Dick is telling her about his exciting morning. Eric and Jameka talk about how the game is so different than they thought it would be. Danielle is still on the treadmill. Zach seems to be concerned about the amount of exercise that Danielle has been doing lately.

Eric, Dick, and Jessica move to the backyard. Dick and Eric exchange small talk while Jessica sun bathes. Eric joins Jessica and they talk about a dream he had where he had special powers. Then he picked on her for trying to rip his nipple off. Jessica is really quiet and seems a little testy this morning. Eric keeps reassuring Jessica that he is trying to keep here in the house and is upset at the thought of her going home. Dick warns both of them to be careful what they say around Zach. Jessica is still upset about nominating Amber (and sending her home).Eric keeps apologizing and taking the blame for Amber’s demise. He says he had no idea that Zach would win HOH and put her up [umm it had to have been a possibility at this point since there aren’t many people left]. Jessica is mad at Dick for telling her what she can and can’t say. Eric is trying to console her, but she is snappy and says he can’t. She thinks that she is Zach’s target since Jameka still can’t compete for HOH. She is suspicious of Dick and thinks that he is considering voting her out. Eric says she needs to confront Dick. Jessica says that she will nominate Dick and Danielle if she stays and gets the next HOH.

Zach and Danielle are in the kitchen cooking. Zach asked Jessica and Eric is they wanted him to cook something for them and Jessica tells him to go to hell. Zach noticed the sparkling grill. Danielle is talking with Dick and they agree that Jessica needs to go home. Zach, Danielle, and Dick are chit chat about food. Jameka is in the HOH room listening to Zach’s techno/dance music.

4 PM 6 PM
Jessica and Eric come inside. Jessica is still being very quiet. Zach asked Jessica is Eric went into the Diary Room when he was painted with the latex paint and she said no. Zach talks about his hair. Eric asks Jessica to pick out his clothes, but she crawls back in bed and tries to go back to sleep. Everyone is complaining about how hot it is. Jameka is sitting on the couch outside of the HOH room reading her Bible. Zach, Danielle, and Dick are complaining about her always sitting there listening to their conversations.

Zach, Danielle, and Dick go back outside. They talk about BB All-Stars and past seasons of Survivor. Eric puts on a pair of shorts and his mike and re-joins Jessica. They talk about what they used to do to waste time in the house. Eric is trying desperately to cheer her up. After a short time, Eric gives up on Jessica and joins the others in the backyard where the conversation of Survivor continues. Dick asks Eric why Jessica is being so snappy, and he says it’s because of her period and her being on the block. Danielle admits to Jameka that she is the Snicker’s bandit. Zach, Eric, Dick, and Danielle talk about how it was obvious that Janelle hates Eric.

Jessica gets up and goes to the kitchen where she is joined by Jameka. Jessica eats a sandwich with chips and Jameka is boiling water for tea. They discuss how the game is stressful and how the next few weeks could go strategy wise. They decide to join everyone else in the backyard and get into the Jacuzzi.

Danielle works out on the treadmill again, and Zach joins her. They talk about random things and are pacing each other. Everyone else is hanging out in the back yard. They talk about different game shows. Jameka thinks that they are rigged. Eric is trying his best to cheer Jessica and Jameka up. Dick joins them in the back yard and they talk about a bat that swooped down on them last night. Dick tells them a story about his sexual exploitations with a Swedish woman.

6 PM – 8 PM
Dick continues to tell stories to a captive audience in the back yard. Everyone is there except for Danielle. Dick then goes on to talk about Vincent. He says he misses him a lot and would love to get a letter from him, but would have to take a letter from Janelle over him. Danielle gets some watermelon from the Storage Room and goes outside. She asked Jameka if they have discussed what’s for dinner yet. The house guests are listless and are going back and forth from house to back yard. Conversations are only general in nature. Danielle points out that there are a lot of flies. She has been getting bit a lot lately.

Zach and Dick discuss the HOH room. Zach likes to be there by himself. Talk then turns to sports. Dick yells at the camera to give him the score to the Jets game again.

Eric comes out of the storage room with a bunch of different things to eat. They decide they are going to have a buffet of pizza; tacos, quesadillas, Eric, Danielle, and Jessica are talking in the kitchen. Dick and Zach are still in the back yard. No game talk, just random things about evicted house guests and general house things like POV ceremony and America’s perception of them.
Zach and Dick join them and dinner is served at 7:45. Danielle gets called to the Diary Room just as they are getting ready to eat.

8 PM 9 PM
Everyone is eating and engaging in table talk. Eric confides that he frequently tans. They talk about Amber and Danielle’s trip out of the house and wonder who the new host of The Price is Right. Jessica says that if there was an intruder at her house that her Dad would drag them in the house to shoot them since it is legal to shoot an intruder inside your home in Kansas. All the conversations are really random.

Eric gets called into the Diary Room. Jessica and Jameka do the dishes and talk about why Dick and Danielle don’t get along. Jameka thinks it is because Dick is always degrading women. Dick and Danielle get into a squabble in the backyard. Dick asked Danielle if she would move so he could smoke. She said she would move, but there was a bog spider web and she didn’t want to sit underneath it. The argument ends with Danielle leaving.

After Danielle leaves, Zach joins Dick in the backyard. Dick tells Zach that no matter what he does with Danielle he can’t win. Zach seems to think that will change in a few years. They talk about random things like rock bands and house guests phrases. Dick hopes that Janelle is at the wrap party; he wants to have a drink with her and see if she rips Eric a new one for what he said about her.

9 PM 10 PM
Zach and Danielle are in the Workout Room again. Danielle says she feels like she is going to barf. They make fun of Jessica as she gets called to the Diary Room.

Eric and Dick talk in the kitchen about evicted house guests. They still think there is something they don’t know about Kail and they agree that Carol would have turned into a bitch if she would have stayed in the house.

Jameka goes into the Workout Room to pluck her eyebrows as Danielle and Zach finish up. Danielle and Zach join Dick and Eric in the kitchen where they join in on the Jen bashing.

Jessica returns from the Diary Room and gets into an argument with Eric. She accuses him of exaggerating a story and making her look like a mad woman. Jessica and Jameka go out to the backyard and talk. They both say they are ready for something exciting in the house and wonder if the late night veto is the start of a week of late night events. They also talk about the sequester house being more fun than the BB house. Jameka has figured out that she has to win two POV’s and a HOH to stay in the game. Jessica says it would kill her to vote for one of them if Dick and Danielle made it to the end together. She would rather it be Jameka and Eric or Danielle and Eric/Jameka. They are trying to figure out a way to talk Danielle into using the POV so that Zach will put Dick up as replacement nominee and have blood on his hands.

Dick and Zach are playing Pente with nerds on the kitchen table, while Danielle is making pictures out of skittles. They try to get Danielle to join, but she isn’t interested.

10 PM 11 PM
Eric and Danielle are on the couches inside. Danielle says it is too hot to be outside. They talk about nominee syndrome and how everyone in the house is in a bad mood. Zach joins them on the couches.

Jameka is still working on what Jessica should say to Danielle. She wants Jessica to point out that she will have no votes in the jury house for her if her Dad isn’t there. Jessica tells Jameka that Eric is inside kissing butt so that he isn’t nominated tomorrow.

Dick is outside filing his nails and wondering why they don’t get beer tonight. Eric leaves to get some medicine and then joins Jameka in the backyard. They talk about what their life will be like when they get out of the house. Dick and Zach move into the house and have a stimulating conversation about electricity. They return the discussion back to football and are just talking and relaxing.

Eric is trying to suck up to Jessica and Jameka. He is talking about being frustrated with the way he has played the game. They all talk about what it will be like to go home and watch the show.

Zach announced that they have beer/wine. He wants to play Frisbee, but no one is volunteering to play with him so he plays by himself. Dick says it is too hot to play Frisbee. Jessica perks up for the first time all day. Eric and Jessica talk and make up.

11 PM 12 AM
Zach called Jessica a nasty name to Danielle. Dick is in the back yard smoking. Zach is trying to get someone to play with him, but he has no takers. He tells Dick that he will play something with him and then heads of to the HOH room to drink his beer and think. Zach then comes back down and is watching Eric and Jessica playing quarters. He and Danielle talk about going to raves and Dick’s attitude. Everyone is playing quarters and it is taking a long time to get the last quarter in the cup. At midnight, Zach sinks the final quarter and the game is over.

12 AM 3 AM
The drinking games continue. They are out of beer and start playing with wine. Everyone is getting along and having a good time. Jameka, Jessica, and Eric are drunk and being silly. They are singing Whitney Houston songs which cause a lot of FOTH. Danielle is cutting up some more melon. Jessica is talking about getting the next HOH and wants a Shakira CD. Jameka suggested getting in the hot tub. Eric, Jessica, and Jameka go out to the backyard. Jessica and Jameka talk strategy in the back yard. They both come to the conclusion that they are powerless at the moment and it sucks. Jessica is worried that Danielle heard her tell Eric that she wanted to nominate Dick and Danielle next week. Eric and Jameka assure her that Danielle couldn’t have heard them over the running water.

Eric and Dick talk in the back yard. Eric is bashing on Janelle and calling her fat and ugly. Dick defends Janelle before Eric is called to the Diary Room.

Jameka goes to the bathroom and Dick uses the alone time to talk to Jessica. Jessica tells him that Jameka thinks she is safe this week and that she thinks Danielle is planning to use the veto and backdoor Eric. Dick denies that it was ever said. Jessica said that she hasn’t said anything to Danielle because she doesn’t want to draw attention to her alliance with them and that she can’t wait to get rid of Zach next week. Just then Jameka returns.

Eric is out of the Diary Room at 1:40 AM and re-joins Dick, Jameka, and Jessica in the backyard. He is making fun of Dick and mocking everything that he says. They think he is doing it because he is drunk. Jessica thinks it is weird because it is just all of the sudden.

Eric and Jessica get in the hot tub. Jameka and Dick are on the couch in the back yard. Dick says he is disturbed by Eric’s imitation and asks him if it is a dare from the Diary Room. Eric answers with a maybe. Jessica is still weirded out by it too. Eric and Jessica start talking about their firsts. Eric’s first sexual experience was with a girl he had dated for a year. They continue the sexual questions for awhile. Jessica tells Eric that he is throwing competitions and he better save her this week. Eric tells her he had a really good conversation with Dick and she has nothing to worry about. He tells her that he will do anything to keep her safe. Jessica says she feels somewhat secure because Dick and Danielle talked Zach into putting up both of them (Jessica & Eric) this week. He says that they know that if they break the alliance that one of them isn’t making the final four. Eric realizes that if Dick and Danielle are going to make a move it is going to be now.

Dick and Danielle head inside. They use M&M’s to devise a plan. Jameka is Brown, Zach is Red, and Jessica is Yellow. Danielle wants to make a deal with Jameka and get Jessica out. Dick wants to give her the ultimate ultimatum- guarantee our safety by swearing to God or we are voting you out. Danielle says that everyone has lied in this game and that if they keep worrying about jury votes then they will not be in the house for it to matter. They both discuss how Eric will be affected with Jessica leaving. They know that he will be mad, but he will be reeling since he won’t know what hit him. They are confident that they will win this week’s HOH and Danielle wants Eric out next week. Danielle doesn’t want to let Zach know that they will be voting out Jessica until Thursday. Dick throws out the possibility of using the POV and back- ring Eric, but Danielle doesn’t want to do that because Jessica is a stronger competitor than Eric. They both agree that they need to make Jessica feel safe and not disclose what they really want to do in the Diary Room. They think that they (producers) leak information in the Diary Room. Danielle feels terrible for breaking their alliance.

3 AM 4 AM
Eric goes back to imitating Dick. Eric claims that he is doing it to get back at Dick for all the pranks he has done to Eric. Danielle states that this is the gayest thing she has ever seen after Eric walks in his own spit. Eric, Jessica, Danielle. And Dick goes on to talk about Amber, her boyfriend, and how she thought she was a hot mom. Dick said the only way Amber would be hot is if she was on fire. They are all bashing her. Eric says he can’t imagine a day in the life of Amber. They then start in on the other evicted houseguests.

Jessica asks them for advice about what to say during her speech. They all talk about Zach’s speech and make fun of him. Jessica is going to tell them if they don’t keep her she won’t vote for the mf’ers. Eric gets up to change into his PJ’s and Dick and Danielle take the opportunity to strike. They try to convince Jessica that Eric and Jameka may be working together. When Eric returns Jessica tells them that Jameka thinks that she is safe this week since she can’t compete for HOH.

Dick pulls Eric’s shorts down in front of Jessica and says “That’s for imitating me b*!ch!”. Eric tries to cover up and seems to be embarrassed. Jessica laughs and says she has seen it before and that it was a set up. Eric and Jessica go back into the house and Eric seems to be a little upset by it. Eric and Jessica smack each others butts and walk hand in hand to the bedroom where they continue joking and flirting with each other.

4 AM 6 AM
Dick is in the kitchen doing dishes. The Dick At Night Show is on and Dick is revealing his evil plan. After Danielle doesn’t use the POV, he is going to tell her she is going home and try to keep her separated from Jessica. She will pack her bags and think she is going home until Dick offers her a last minute deal. Then Jessica is gone.

Eric and Jessica are in the bed. Jessica asks Eric to wake her up in the morning so that she can see if he will be a good boyfriend outside the house. Jessica again asks Eric if he really thinks she is safe this week. She apologizes for being b!tchy and Eric asks if she will always be like this because he felt like he couldn’t do anything right by her. She says it’s because she is on the block. Talk goes back to flirting as Jessica pinches his sore nipple. Jessica asks him if he is gay, and he has no response and then says he is gay for her.

Dick finishes his late night talk show, brushes his teeth and is off to bed.

6 AM 9 AM
Eric and Jessica make out. Everyone else is asleep. They continue to flirt, kiss, and tell each other funny stories until they finally go to separate beds at 8:40 AM. Shortly thereafter, the cameraman catches Eric just after he has finished pleasuring himself. They capture a sock and tissue that Eric dropped out from under the covers.

By 8:53 AM all House Guests are asleep.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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