Benoit, Rock, Danielson, Shelley, Hall News


Bryan Danielson’s eye injury at the 25th August ROH show in Manhattan was thought to have come from a stiff forearm by Morishima.

Alex Shelley appeared at the Battle of Los Angeles show being promoted by Pro Wrestling Guerilla. This is one of the promotions that TNA workers are not meant to compete for, which could mean that he does not plan on renewing his soon-to-expire TNA contract.

TNA have sent feelers out about bringing in Scott Hall now that he is back in shape.

The attorneys for Michael Benoit, father of Chris, are arguing that Chris was suffering from diminished capacity when he killed Nancy and Daniel. This is an attempt to bypass Georgia’s so-called ‘slayer statute’, which would prevent the killer’s family from being able to profit from the murders – either via the estate or from books, movies, et cetera.

The Rock’s next movie is a big summer Disney family film, a remake of the 1975 film Escape To Witch Mountain. He has called it by far the biggest move he’s ever starred in and Disney are already planning a potential franchise for it. The 1975 film was adapted from the sci-fi novel of the same name by Alexander Hay, in which two orphaned siblings with paranormal abilities learn the truth about their origins after being placed in a juvenile detention centre. The 2008 film will be directed by Andy Fickman, who also directed the upcoming Game Plan, also a Disney movie starring The Rock.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 05 September 2007 (click here for subscription information)