Pulse Wrestling Ring of Honor Rankings: September 7, 2007

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Here are the second ever Ring of Honor rankings as done by Pulse Wrestling. This will regularly appear on the first Friday of each month. We now have previous rankings to go by considering this is the second time around. Previous rankings will be noted in parentheses. While the top of the rankings were difficult to place, there are some surprising switches.

Anyway, on with the Rankings

Singles Wrestlers

Ring of Honor World Champion – Takeshi Morishima

1. Austin Aries – (9)He has proven a solid leader of the Resilience and won the Generation Next triple threat match. He has no world title shots on the horizon, though.

2. “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson – (2)Dragon holds steady since his only loss is in an absolute classic against the champion. His injury will probably cause him to drop next month, though.

3. Roderick Strong – (NR, FIP Champ)The FIP title has not been defended in ages, so he joins the regular rankings. He won a cage match against Evans and is always a contender.

4. Kevin Steen – (NR)Steen has the next guaranteed title shot in Boston. He was also dominant over the Briscoes in singles action before losing three straight falls in Hartford and New York.

5. Jack Evans – (4)His only head to head loss is against Roderick in a cage, and he was not involved in the finish of the Generation Next three-way. He has started a new stable with Julius Smokes and Ruckus.

6. Claudio Castagnoli – (1)He lost in two chances against the champ, but did score a victory over Brent Albright in the three-way. He also beat Chris Hero in an awesome match, but his losses drop him five spots.

7. Erick Stevens – (10) Stevens rises despite not having any high profile singles wins last month. He was dominant in tag team action, and has a shot at getting a title match in Detroit.

8. Chris Hero – (NR)He beat Nigel and Hallowicked in singles competition and won a tag match against Claudio and Nigel, but lost his singles match against Herr Castagnoli.

9. Matt Cross – (NR)Won a big time six man mayhem in Boston and has shocked audiences in tag team matches the rest of the way.

10. El Generico – (3)He won his singles match against Mark Briscoe, but lost two of the three falls in tag team action against the Briscoes.

Honorable Mentions: Davey Richards, Rocky Romero, Brent Albright

Tag Teams

Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions – Jay and Mark Briscoe

1. Austin Aries and Matt Cross – (NR)They have a tag team title shot in Detroit against the Briscoes.

2. Kevin Steen and El Generico – (1)While they lost the best of five series against the Briscoes, they are still in the hunt and have what must be their last shot in a ladder match at the third Pay per View taping in Chicago

3. Erick Stevens and Matt Cross – (3)The are undefeated in the last month as a team.

4. Austin Aries and Erick Stevens – (NR)Man, it sure seems like the Resilience has been doing well in the tag ranks.

5. Chris Hero and Jigsaw – (NR)They have a tag win over Claudio Castagnoli and Nigel McGuinness. The tag team scene is still pretty thin in RoH.

Honorable Mentions: The No Remorse Corps, Young, Rich and Ready (YRR), Jigsaw and Mike Quackenbush, Jack Evans and Ruckus

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