What's Playing 09/07/07

Wide Release

3:10 To Yuma – Starring Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, and Gretchen Mol in what is said to be one of the best westerns in years. A rancher struggles to support his family and keep his ranch during a horrible drought. Looking for money, he takes the job of transporting a notorious felon for the law. But during transport, the felon offers the rancher much more money in exchange for his freedom and a decision must be made.

Shoot Em Up – Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti, and Monica Bellucci star in this action-packed story full of bullets and more bullets. A mysterious loner by the name of Mr. Smith (Owen) takes it upon himself to protect a woman and her newborn baby from a determined criminal (Giamatti) that is hunting them throughout the city.

IP’s own Scott “Kubryk” Sawitz got into a sneak peek. See what he has to say about the film here.

The Brothers Solomon – Will Forte and Will Arnett are the Solomon brothers who are trying to grant their dad’s dying wish to see a grandchild before he goes. The problem is that the boys are rather clueless and socially idiotic in the ways of women.

Limited Release

Hatchet – Kane Hodder stars in the film that is being toted as presenting the next horror icon. A group of people are taking a tour of a “haunted swamp” hoping to get a few scares, but they end up getting a lot more then they paid for. One of the local legends proves to be true and they look to get out of the swamp alive and fully intact.

The Hunting Party – Starring Richard Gere, Terrence Howard, Goran Kostic, Jesse Eisenberg, and more star in a great search based on a true story. It has been five years since the end of the war and three journalists have returned to Bosnia in search of the most wanted war criminal.

Fierce People – Diane Lane, Chris Evans, Kristen Stewart, Donald Sutherland, and Elizabeth Perkins star in the perfect tale of a dysfunctional family. Sixteen year old Finn is busted buying cocaine for his junkie mother, Liz. So his summer plans of spending time out of New York and his father studying in a jungle are done for. Liz takes Finn to spend the summer in her sugar daddy’s cottage and the experience changes Finn’s life completely.

In The Shadow Of The Moon – Join the surviving crew members of every single Apollo mission that flew to the moon between 1968 and 1972, and the men who stepped foot on the moon. For the first time ever together, they share their tales first-hand of what it was like to stand on a totally different world.

I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With – Starring Richard Kind, Sarah Silverman, Bonnie Hunt and more. Follow the story of a humorous man in the search for his soul mate. James is an unappreciated actor in Chicago living with his mother. He wants three things only: to lose weight, get a great acting gig, and for someone to love him. So far, nothing seems to be working for him at all. Opened Wednesday, September 4.

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